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Published on October 15, 2008

Author: mmetcalfe

Source: slideshare.net


Slides for staff training session, Tools for Knowledge Work - looking at Ravensbourne and external resources

Tools for Knowledge Work Miles Metcalfe, 2008-10-15

Knowledge work • Coined by management theorist Peter Drucker 50 years ago • People are employed for what’s in their head rather than for manual labour, or following someone’s process • Supposed to be more empowered when self-managing

Epistemology • Empiricism (observe the facts) • Rationalism (think things through) • Constructivism (formulate new ideas)

Key Ravensbourne tools • search.rave.ac.uk • intranet.rave.ac.uk • confluence.rave.ac.uk • learn.rave.ac.uk • forums.rave.ac.uk • survey.rave.ac.uk

Search • First port of call for finding out information • Use the search box • Use Google • Search shortcuts

Search demo

Creating content • Intranet: Contribute. Formal workflow. • Others (Forums, Confluence, Learn) are web-form based. Less formal.

Content demo

Everyday tools • On the web: • Search • Restricting by site • CC search • Bookmarking


Everyday tools • In email: • Filters • Priorities • Tags


Everyday tools • Microsoft Office: • Document properties • Microsoft Word: • Outline view • Headings and Tables of Contents • Styles


RSS – internet your way • RSS: really simple syndication • Subscribe to “web feeds” • Stay up to date • Lots of other cool stuff


Social bookmarking • Save your bookmarks on line • Access from any browser • Share with co-workers • Mine knowledge other people have saved and commented • Subscribe via RSS!


Tools to get • Social bookmarking • iGoogle • Google Reader – get started with RSS • Doodle – easier scheduling?

Badger ICT for... • An RSS reader • Firefox • Thunderbird • Pidgin/Adium


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