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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: LBSL

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Mr. Jayasekara youngest Son of the Village ‘Arachchi’. He married young and is father to 4 children. His parents left him in charge of family property and lands. While his siblings are well educated living in different parts of the country.

Even though Mr. Jayasekara is in his 70s, he looks after his paddy fields and grows vegetables and fruits during leisure time.

His home is located in the middle of a picturesque surrounding far from the main roads. Only 20-30 families live in the entire neighbourhood. The area is so tranquil and full of life. Villagers lead very simple lifestyles with most living off their paddy fields and farms.

The family house was built in 1800’s. It’s still in good conditions and well looked after.

There are 7rooms in the house which could occupy 20+ people. ‘Sinhala New Year’ (Avurudu) is the only time where the whole family gets together. Mr. Jayasekara & his wife like to spend time at their children’s houses therefore they’re planning to sell this house if they meet a prospective buyer.

This well is very shallow but the water is very clean. They collect water for drinking purposes from this well.

Family photograph of ‘Arachchi’ in the early 1900s with his entire family

Govirala – One of the oldest farmers in the village. Gammuladani – Is retired now but his role was to keep peace and police the village.

Firewood is used for cooking and boiling of water. all ingredients used at the kitchen are 100% natural.

Rice from their own paddy fields, potatoes, polos, jackfruit, fish curry, mukunuwenna and kochchi sambol is an everyday meal.

Traditional sweets made of green gram flour and treacle (honey) and fresh plantains. These are made not just during Avudrudu but to celebrate an important occasion or treat important visitors.

Mangoes and other fruits are kept inside this wicker basket (to be ripen).

Mobile phone is often used to contact his children and relatives. (Connection- Dialog)

Radio is usually played through out the day, specifically to listen to ‘Pirith’ (Buddhist preachings) in the morning and evening.

The refrigerator is used as a storage option.

TV is rarely watched. They watch particular programmes in the night (one such was ‘Sujatha Diyani’ on Rupavahini)

Land phone (CDMA) is rarely used

The personal directory is a contact book and every visitor enters contact details

The architecture of the house had both British and Dutch influences, with many rare pieces of furniture.

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