Ratios And Proportion

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Information about Ratios And Proportion

Published on November 16, 2008

Author: keithpeter

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Ratios illustrated: dividing in a ratio and calculating the value of one part (or the whole) given the value of another part. GCSE Maths and Level 2 Maths.

Ratios and proportion


3:2 3 parts water

3:2 2 parts orange juice 3 parts water

3:2 2 parts orange juice 3 parts water 3 + 2 = 5 equal parts…

Find value of one share if you know the value of the whole amount…

£350 £??

£350 £?? How did you work it out?

£350 £70 350 ÷ 5 = 70

£350 £70 £70 £70

£350 £70 £70 £70 3  70 = 210

£350 £210

£350 £210 £??

Find value of one share if you know the value of the other share…


£20 ??

£20 £30

£20 £30 How did you work it out?

Try these problems, some in pictures and some in words…

Jim’s Jemima’s Write down the ratio using the colon notation…

£800 Jim’s Jemima’s Find the value of Jim and Jemima’s shares…

£?? £280 Find the value of the whole amount and the missing share… £??

Write down the ratio using the smallest whole numbers you can…

How much cous-cous and water do you need for two servings?

Write the ratio of (dry) cous-cous to water in its lowest terms

Algernon wants to make 800g of cooked cous-cous. How much dry cous-cous does he need? And how much water in ml?

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