Rationalizing the Denominator

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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: joannemarierosacrooks

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Changing the denominator of a fraction so it does not contain a radical. Rationalizing the denominator. Stating the conjugate and using the conjugate to rationalize.

lesson 2 1st March 07, 2014 Lesson 2 - Division and Radicals I. Review A. 35 C. 5 7 B. 35 D. 7 5 A. 150 C. 25 6 B. 6 25 D. 5 6 A. 49 C. 7 B. 7 7 D. 7 A. 64 C. 8 8 B. 8 D. 8 II. Rationalizing Denominators Just like when we solve 5x = 11 and we get where we must solve: for x, it will happen we will get This answer is correct, but it is considered bad etiquette to leave a radical in the denominator. So how can we change a number's "look" without changing its value? Multiply by the number 1! But we will use a "magic" number 1 to do this!

lesson 2 1st March 07, 2014 Examples: 1. 2. 3. 4. 6. 5.

lesson 2 1st March 07, 2014 8. 7. 9. III. Conjugates Def: A conjugate is when you change the middle sign of a binomial Ex. The conjugate of a + b is a - b State the conjugates of: a. h + k b. c. d.

lesson 2 1st March 07, 2014 What happens if we multply something by its conjugate? or not? Pick two, what happens if you multiply a binomial times itself? Times its conjugate? a. h + k b. c. d. Examples: 1. 2.

lesson 2 1st March 07, 2014 3. IV. Quadratic Formula Review At times, we would get answers when doing the quadratic formula, as below, let's practice simplifying them to proper forms: Think - 1. Simplify Radical 1. 2. Find a GCF 2. 3. Reduce

lesson 2 1st March 07, 2014 3. Solve using the quadratic formula

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