Rational Choice Theory & Health Communication. An Overview

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Information about Rational Choice Theory & Health Communication. An Overview

Published on May 9, 2009

Author: marcobardus

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Lecture presented at the Rational Choice Theory in Communication Research seminar, Lugano, May 7, 2009.

HealthCommunication& RationalDecisionMaking. An Overview RationalChoiceTheory in CommunicationResearch Lugano, May 7, 2009 Marco Bardus Institute of Communication and Health Faculty of Communication Sciences UniversitàdellaSvizzeraitaliana marco.bardus@lu.unisi.ch ICH

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How are youtoday? HOW DO YOUFEEL? ICH Slide:5 data:7-05-2009 http://flickr.com/photos/ufosightings/3269808057/

What is Health? “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well- beingand notmerely the absenceofdisease or infirmity.” (World HealthAssembly, 1948) “a resourceforeveryday life, not the objectiveof living. Healthis a and personal positive conceptemphasizingsocial resources, aswellasphysicalcapacities.” (World HealthOrganization, 1986) ICH Slide:6 data:7-05-2009

What is Health Communication? Healthcommunicationencompasses the study and useofcommunicationstrategiestoinformand influenceindividual and community decisionsthatenhancehealth. […] Healthcommunication can contributetoallaspectsofdiseaseprevention and health promotion and isrelevant in a numberofcontexts, including relations, (1) healthprofessional-patient individuals’ exposureto, searchfor, and useofhealth information, (2) individuals’ adherencetoclinicalrecommendationsand regimens, (3) the constructionofpublic healthmessages and campaigns, (4) the disseminationofindividual and populationhealthrisk information, thatis, (5) riskcommunication, imagesofhealth in the mass media and the culture at large, (6) the educationofconsumersabouthowtogainaccessto the public health and health (7) care systems, and (8) the developmentoftelehealthapplications. (US Office ofDiseasePrevention and Health Promotion) ICH Slide:7 data:7-05-2009

LiteratureSearch Databaseses ISI Web ofKnowledge, Jstor, ScienceDirect, SpringerLink, PsycINFO, EBSCOhost (Communication& Mass Media complete), CSA Illumina (Medline) and Scholar Google. Keywords1 “rationalchoice”, “rationalchoicetheory”, “rationaldecisionmaking”, “informeddecisionmaking” + “health”, “healthbehavio*”, “self-management”, “medicalcompliance” or “medicaladherence”, “treatment adherence” or “treatment compliance” = +1000 entries. Keywords2 “rationalchoicetheory” or “rationalchoicemodel” + “healthbehav*” or “healthdecisionmaking” = 70 entries ICH Slide:8 data:7-05-2009

In a Nutshell Health topics Risk and Sexual behavior: HIV-AIDS prevention (Bell et al., 1998; Eifler, 2004; Eskridge&Weimer, 1994; Reyna&Farley, 2006; Takyi, 2000) Addictive behaviors (Monterosso &Ainslie, 2007; Suranovic, Goldfarb& Leonard, 1999) Prenatal diagnosis (Bekker, Hewison& Thornton, 2004) Diabetesself-management (Baker, 2006) Health Care Professional’sperspective (Freemantle, 1996; Friedman, 1965) ICH Slide:9 data:7-05-2009

Open Questions&Limitations Rational Decision Making (Broadstock&Michie, 2000) => Naturalistic approach is preferable; it does not work for all health issues; HIV Epidemics does not work (Eskridge& Weimer, 1994) TPB & TRA (Armitage, Conner& Norman, 1999) => applies to some extent and to some behaviors: mood influences performance Habit vs. Rational Choice (Lindbladh&Lyttkens, 2002) =>non-reflective and repetitivebehaviors (applytolower social positions) HealthLifestyleTheory (Cockerham, 2005): Abandon the individualisticparadigm in favourof a agency and structureapproach => Social DeterminantsofHealthbehaviors (Chinet al., 2000) =>QoL (Ormelet al., 1997): ICH Slide:10 data:7-05-2009

Healthbehaviordecisionmaking: isthatrational? CRITICISMS AND LIMITATIONS. WHAT DO YOUTHINK? ICH Slide:11 data:7-05-2009

YOU THANK FOR THE ATTENTION! Marco Bardus marco.bardus@gmail.com marco.bardus@lu.unisi.ch ICH Slide:12 data:7-05-2009

References - 1 Glanz, K., Rimer, B. K., & Marcus Lewis, F. (2002). Healthbehavior and healtheducation: Theory, research, and practice San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Montano, D.E., &Kasprzyk, D. (2002). The TheoryofReasonedAction and the TheoryofPlannedBehavior. In Glanz, K., Rimer, B. K., & Lewis, F. M. (Eds.). Healthbehavior and healtheducation: Theory, research, and practice San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Armitage, C. J., Conner, M., & Norman, P. (1999). Differentialeffectsof mood on information processing: Evidencefrom the theoriesofreasonedaction and plannedbehavior. European Journal of Social Psychology, 29, 419-433. Baker, R. M. (2006). Economicrationality and health and lifestylechoicesfor people withdiabetes. Social Science & Medicine, 63(9), 2341-2353. Bekker, H. L., Hewison, J., & Thornton, J. G. (2004). Applyingdecisionanalysisto facilitate informeddecisionmakingaboutprenataldiagnosisfor down syndrome: A randomisedcontrolled trial. Prenatal Diagnosis, 24, 265-275. Bell, D. C., Richard, A. J., Montoya, I. D., Elwood, W. N., Goush, S. N., & Matta, B., N. (1998). Social network utility and the economicsofrisk: The case of HIV. Journal ofEconomicBehavior&Organization, 33, 195-205. Broadstock, M., &Michie, S. (2000). Processesofpatientdecisionmaking: Theoretical and methodologicalissues. Psychology and Health, 15, 191-204. Chin, N. P., Monroe, A., & Fiscella, K. (2000). Social determinantsof (un)healthybehaviors. EducationforHealth, 13(3), 317- 328. Cockerham, W. C. (2005). Healthlifestyletheory and the convergenceofagency and structure. Journal ofHealth and Social Behavior, 46(1), 51-67. Eifler, S. (2004). Rationalchoice, personality and HIV-preventivebehavior in the presenceofopportunities. Journal ofApplied Social Psychology, 34(6), 1251-1280. ICH Slide:13 data:7-05-2009

References - 2 Eskridge, W. N., &Weimer, B. D. (1994). The economicsepidemic in an AIDS perspective. The Universityof Chicago LawReview, 61(2), 733-774. Freemantle, N. (1996). Are decisionstakenbyhealth care professionalsrational? A non systematicreviewofexperimental and quasi experimentalliterature. Health Policy, 38, 71-81. Friedman, J. F. (1965). The valueof free choice in health care. Medical Care, 3(2), 121-127. Lindbladh, E., &Lyttkens, C. H. (2002). Habit versus choice: The processofdecision-making in health-relatedbehaviour. Social Science & Medicine, 55, 451-465. Monterosso, J., &Ainslie, G. (2007). The behavioraleconomicsofwill in recoveryfromaddiction. Drug and AlcoholDependence, 90S, 100-111. Ormel, J., Lindenberg, S., Steverink, N., &Vonkorff, M. (1997). Qualityof life and social production functions: A frameworkforunderstandinghealtheffects. Social Science & Medicine, 45(7), 1051-1063. Reyna, V. F., &Farley, F. (2006). Risk and rationality in adolescentdecisionmaking. implicationsfortheory, practice and public policy. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 7(1), 1-44. Suranovic, S. M., Goldfarb, R. S., & Leonard, T. C. (1999). An economictheoryofcigaretteaddiction. Journal ofHealthEconomics, 18, 1-29. Takyi, B. K. (2000). AIDS-relatedknowledge and risks and contraceptivepractices in ghana: The early 1990s. African Journal ofReproductiveHealth / La Revue Africane De La SantéReproductive, 4(1), 13-27. ICH Slide:14 data:7-05-2009

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