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Information about Rasputin

Published on February 24, 2008

Author: lawson

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Who does this Russian cartoon, published in the early 1900s depict? What is the artist trying to say?  starter activity Was Rasputin a sex maniac or a holy man?:  Was Rasputin a sex maniac or a holy man? Lesson overview:  Lesson overview Who was Rasputin What was he like? Why was he so popular? Why was he so unpopular? Your task How reliable is this photo of Rasputin with Russian ladies? Who was Rasputin?:  Who was Rasputin? Grigory Efimovitch aka Rasputin (name means ‘disreputable one’) Staret (holy man) & suspected member of Kylysty sect (religious fulfilment through sexual experiences) Rasputin. Why did so many people have such respect for Rasputin? What was he like?:  What was he like? Eyewitness reports refer to transfixing gaze Lack of hygiene Insatiable sexual appetite (involving actresses & prostitutes) Why are historians sceptical about some of the comments on Rasputin’s character & appearance? Why was he so popular?:  Why was he so popular? Healing powers Tsarina thought Rasputin could cure Alexis of haemophilia 1907 Rasputin first helped Alexis to recover from bout of illness 1912 ‘cured’ Alexis via telegram from outside St Petersburg Alexis Why was he so unpopular?:  Why was he so unpopular? Immorality shocked conservatives Professional jealousy amongst senior ministers, e.g. Stolypin Resentment over his influence over Tsarina, especially during WWI Tsar censored critical reports in the Press Chief Minister, Stolypin. Why was he among Rasputin’s harshest critics?  Your task:   Your task Read the sources in your bundle. If you were going to write a biographical account of Rasputin’s life how trustworthy are the sources? Complete your notes in a table similar to the one below. Sources How did Rasputin die?:  How did Rasputin die? Read the account below of his death and compare it to the clip from the film Rasputin, Mad Monk. How are they different? Why are there so many different versions of events in Rasputin’s life? Click here for account of Rasputin’s death  Your task:   Your task Imagine you are a journalist working for a tabloid newspaper in December 1916. Write about the death of Rasputin from a critical perspective. Include the following points: The last moments of his life His background The controversy surrounding his life The comments of contemporaries

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