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Published on May 30, 2014

Author: pthomp

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PowerPoint Presentation: Risk Assessment and Safety Management DECISION-MAKING METHODOLOGIES Dr Pauline Thompson PowerPoint Presentation: Spectrum from HARD to SOFT No one way of making decisions ‘Hard’ Methodologies More fixed and deterministic Good if well defined, clear assumptions and little uncertainty All agree on objectives with no clashes of values/interests ‘Soft’ Methodologies Emphasis on early stage rather than later ones Iteration and feedback to early stages Allows different points of view Models are not ‘of’ the system but may shed light on it PowerPoint Presentation: HARD methodology Good for e.g. design of telephone system Typical hard methodology might be: Formulate the problem, Construct a model, Derive a solution, Test the solution, Implement the solution PowerPoint Presentation: SOFT methodology Good for e.g. choosing a range of options that will suit different people, or working with poorly defined problems Typical soft methodology might be: The problem situation: “display the situation so that a range of possible and, hopefully, relevant choices can be revealed”, Root definitions of relevant systems, Making and testing conceptual models, Comparing conceptual models with reality, Implementing ‘feasible and desirable’ changes . Including feedback loops at all stages PowerPoint Presentation: Intermediate methodology A typical intermediate methodology: Hardness/Softness depends how each part is done, how strictly it is applies A classic hard method would not include a feedback loop This example could be relatively hard PowerPoint Presentation: Intermediate methodology A softer version of an intermediate methodology PowerPoint Presentation: Reducing Risks, Protecting People R2P2 – written to show how HSE handles decision making Deciding whether the issue is one for HSC/E Defining and characterising the issue Examining the options available and their merits Adopting decisions Implementing the decisions Evaluating the effectiveness of action taken PowerPoint Presentation: Summary Decision-making Methodologies: Hard methodologies = more strict structure appropriate to clearly defined problems/little uncertainty Soft methodologies = loose flexible structure appropriate to soft systems with human/procedural factors when uncertainty in the nature of the problem if wide range of view points to take into account. Intermediate methodologies “ hardness” depends on decision is that is being considered many feedback loops and iterations. One commonly used methodology – HSE, R2P2 (2001). PowerPoint Presentation: Discussion Questions Now we recommend: Read through these sections in the notes Tackle the discussion the questions at the end Work with your fellow students on the discussion boards PowerPoint Presentation: Any Questions ? If so – post them in the discussion boards

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