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Published on May 30, 2014

Author: pthomp

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PowerPoint Presentation: Risk Assessment and Safety Management HAZARD AND RISK Dr Pauline Thompson PowerPoint Presentation: The words HAZARD and RISK These two words are often used interchangeably: H&S@WA uses risk in a very general way Many people use the word hazard for the same meaning It is better to try and keep them separate: HAZARD = the potential, within a system, for harm. RISK = chance or probability of a particular kind of harm Which leads to: CRUCIAL EVENT is an event which may lead to harm. HAZARDOUS SYSTEM - a system that potentially includes a crucial event. HAZARDOUS FACTOR - a factor within a hazardous system. PowerPoint Presentation: Crucial event Diagram of a crucial event: (relates to Bow-Tie analysis) PowerPoint Presentation: Prevention and protection Prevention and protection in relation to a crucial event: Linked to fault trees and event trees PowerPoint Presentation: Fault trees Prior to the crucial event OR = one of the two inputs required for the event to happen AND = both inputs required for the event to happen PowerPoint Presentation: Event trees After the crucial event PowerPoint Presentation: Summary Hazard and Risk: Definitions and distinction Crucial events Prevention and Protection Fault trees lead to crucial event Event trees show the consequences after a crucial event PowerPoint Presentation: Discussion Questions Now we recommend: Read through these sections in the notes Tackle the discussion the questions at the end Work with your fellow students on the discussion boards PowerPoint Presentation: Any Questions ? If so – post them in the discussion boards

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