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Published on May 15, 2007

Author: TSBaG



Sterling keeps a raccoon he finds in the woods as a pet. :  Sterling keeps a raccoon he finds in the woods as a pet. Sterling keeps Rascal as a pet and they share many adventures together. Rascal gets into a lot of trouble. Jessica and Theo try to get Sterling and their father to get a housekeeper. Sterling’s father goes away on business a lot, leaving Sterling and his animals by themselves. There was a war going on in France. Sterling goes to Lake Superior with his dad and Rascal. Slide3:  Sometimes we have to let go of the people we love the most, because that’s usually what’s best for them. Some animals are better off and belong in the wild. Slide4:  Sterling adopts a stray raccoon that soon becomes his new best friend. Sterling, his father, and Rascal go to see whippoorwills. Theo and Jessica come and tell Sterling and his father to get a housekeeper. Sterling, his father, and Rascal go to Lake Superior. Sterling let’s Rascal go. Slide5:  The setting most of the time takes place at Sterling’s house. He has a big backyard. He has a cage outside for Rascal. With all the pets that Sterling has it can get sort of messy though. The living room was very messy when Sterling made his canoe. Sterling’s house Slide6:  Sterling has short brown hair and brown eyes. Sterling is a caring person who wouldn’t want to hurt anyone and instead of keeping Rascal he let him go. Sterling is the main character and the story is mostly about the adventures Rascal and him share. Sterling Rascal has a black mask and long whiskers with a wet black nose and white in parts of his face. He is a clever, smart, and mischievous raccoon. He was Sterling’s pet raccoon. Rascal Sterling’s dad has short gray hair and brown eyes. He is very outgoing, smart and sweet. He is Sterling’s father. Sterling’s dad Words That I Didn’t Know Before the Story:  Words That I Didn’t Know Before the Story A." Well, all right,” I agreed reluctantly, knowing that Rascal could come back in any time he pleased. B. Unwilling”; disinclined, C. struggling in opposition A. “Don’t be impertinent,” Theo said, reassuming her dignity. B. intrusive or presumptuous, as persons of their actions; insolently rude; uncivil C. not pertinent or relevant; irrelevant A. His little hands examined gleaming axes, peavey hooks, and entrancing fly reels B. To fill with wonder delight or enchantment. C. To put in a trace A. Several creeks entered shallow bays where great blue herons waded stealthily, striking as swiftly as a water snake to seize and swallow small fish and frogs. B. done, characterized, or acting by stealth; furtive. C. Marked or acting with quiet caution and secrecy intended to avoid notice. A. It was on promontory some twenty feet above one of the deepest and most beautiful trout pools I have ever seen, carved from the rock at a curve in the Brule. B. a high point of land or rock projecting into the sea or other water beyond the line of coast; a headland. C. a bluff, or part of a plateau, overlooking a lowland. Slide8:  World War I took place in Europe between 1914 and 1918. A lot of the fighting took place along the Western Front. It caused the disintegration of four empires. What happened in World War I would be important factors in the development of World War II. Millions of people lost their lives fighting. Slide9:  Alliterations Silly Sterling swam towards shore. Rascal rapidly races funny Raymond. Metaphors Rascal is a raccoon. Theo is a cat. Similes Sterling is like a cloud. Slammy Stillman is as tough as a rock. Slide11:  I think that the author, Sterling North, feels that it’s great to have a pet, just maybe not a raccoon. Some animals prefer to stay in the wild though. A dog, cat, and many other animals make great pets. Raccoons and other wild creatures are happier in the wild. Rascal got himself into a lot of trouble and probably would have been better off in the wild where he could’ve roamed free.

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