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Published on January 1, 2008

Author: Gourmet

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Slide2:  Improve efficiency in the industrial water sector in Italy G. Boeri, M.G. Farrace National Environmental Protection Agency and Technical Services Slide3:  Withdrawals for industrial sector per year (m3/year) in 1998 According to the Italian Committee for the Vigilance on the Use of the Water Resources (COVIRI) the forecast for 2015 is of about 13,3*109 m3/year Source: IRSA-CNR 1999 Slide4:  Policy for implementing efficiency in the industrial water sector Tools Purposes Jurisdictions Slide5:   Priority water management objectives        Conservation or replenishment of water resources to fulfil productive, environmental and recreational functions Economic sustainability of water pricing to finance infrastructure development, taking social conditions into account. Purposes from Environmental Action Strategy for Sustainable Development (2001) By the following operational objectives Slide6:  Operational objectives Reducing leakage in water supply systems, reducing water consumption and re-using treated waste water, particularly in agriculture; Implementation of full cost recovery, particularly for sewage and waste water treatment; moving towards a more socially targeted pricing of water; amortization of investment over long term; and ensuring that household water prices are independently regulated and that other types of water use are compatible with sectorial policy objectives. Slide7:  Knowledge Monitoring programmes for water bodies and for waste water discharges; Pilot projects; BAT. Measures Some legislative and financial actions as the “Galli” act; the legislative decree of 1999 n. 152; Ministry decree June 12th 2003 n. 185 (which establishes the technical requirement for treated wastewater reuse); guidelines; management plans. Best practices; Voluntary measures. Tools Slide8:  Jurisdictions Optimal management areas River Basin Authorities Slide9:  The“Optimal management areas” (ATO) responsible for the “Integrated Water Service” (integrated management from the withdrawal to the discharge), covering the totality of the national territory, where water is managed with an industrial approach aiming at improving the technical and economic efficiency of the service itself. The River Basin Authorities, which play an active role in the planning exercise, define the water balance by evaluating water supply and water demand, the minimum flow supporting dependent ecosystems (DMV), drafting risk and hazard maps and preparing the Hydro - Geological Configuration Plan (PAI). Slide10:  Some Italian outputs on the industrial water sector efficiency Regional distribution of waste water treatment plants according to the law n.185/2003, that will be used for industrial reuse, either immediately or after adaptation, Slide12:  Water demand & re-use in the industrial sector If no measures are taken water demand increases while volume and quality of available water resources decrease; Availability of water from the national network of wastewater treatment plants could provide significant quantities of secondary effluents to be used when very high quality water is not needed; In most Mediterranean countries the exploitation index of renewable water resources is too high. Slide13:  Challenge in Mediterranean Countries Water re-use seems the most suitable technical response. The practice of reused water from secondary effluents is expanding in Southern European countries where it provides a good remedy to local conditions of scarcity or even of desertification. The main use of water is in agriculture (around 70% of abstracted waters) but also in some industrial sectors like textiles where water demand is very high. Secondary effluents re-use can represent a risk, but the Industrial reuse does not require stringent water quality and safety standards. Slide14:  Quality standards for water reuse (Ministerial Decree June 12th 2003 n. 185) Slide15:  Water consuming and polluting; Wastewater need a very efficient removal process for COD, nitrogen compounds, toxic molecules; Main pollutants represented by: surfactants, cleaners, organic solvents, fats, oils, dyes, heavy metals (mainly non ionic) and salts; Wastewater composition largely variable because of the very numerous different processes used. Best practice example in textile industries Slide16:  Textile Prato Discrict Area of 150 ha: one of the most large private agglomeration of small-medium industries in Italy; 350 sites, 30 of which run a wet cycle process; Industrial settlement is nearby the big Baciacavallo wastewater treatment plant; Main water source for the area is groundwater!!!!!! Slide17:  Reuse scheme Bleaching & Flocculation STORAGE REUSE Chlorine Bisenzio River Oxygen Activated Carbon Filter Sand & Carbon Multilayer Filter Sand & Coal Baciacavallo WW treatment plant (100 Liter/sec Slide18:  Recovered water increases its salt content which can become not suitable for the wastewater treatment plant, but by the integration with fresh water from the Bisenzio river and from about 15 wells drilled on the river catchments the recycled water is now collected by a 35 km industrial pipe providing up to 7.000.000 m3/y of water; Almost half part of the water resource from the Bisenzio river and from the wells, after the dilution process, is returned to the environment; Recovered volume cover the industrial need of the first area served by the process; Volume saved for potable uses: needs of 1/3 of the local population. Water balance Slide19:  Improvement of the wastewater treatment plant through the use of ozone and phytodepuration will increase the availability of the recovered water to 10 million m3/y which correspond to the potable needs of half the population of Prato. The experience of the first industrial area served by the recycling scheme will be repeated to a second area covering over 250 ha. Industrial cost of recovered water is much higher than for natural freshwater, however due to the financially supported tariffs, promoted by the Ministerial Decree n.185, for the industrial use of the recovered water, an economic balance can be achieved. Next steps Slide20:  Thanks for your attention!!!

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