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Health & Medicine

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: RestyRejanoRosales



AIM Global is the number 1 MLM company in Asia. Now expanding rapidly globally. This presentation documents is for official use by the Rapid AIMfire Global. To avoid confusions on what is and who is AIM Global. The best mlm business opportunity now all over the world.

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Ask Yourself This…. What I am most happy or excited about in my life today? Do my children or my family enjoying the life that they have today? Am I giving them comfort and pleasures that they should be enjoying right now? Am I contented with our situation right now? http://rapidsponsoring

Ask Yourself This …… What I have done before that makes my life today? Am I doing the same thing? Have I done enough to make things better or I just sit down and watch TV or relax, not thinking about my family’s future? What if I will be gone right now? What will happen to their future? What would you like to improve or change in your health and life? http://rapidsponsoring

It’s not about you? It’s about their future!... And you have Only two choice to make… 1. Do the same thing, It’s better like this… I have steady source of income. I am Employed. What if you lose your job now? ………… http://rapidsponsoring



To the Team that could Help You Change your Life and Future http://rapidsponsoring

What Would You Change? Making the World Healthier If you could change anything in your life and your health- What would you change? Problems Today! The World is Getting More and More Unhealthy • Fast Food • Too many carbohydrates • Processed and instant Food • Air and Sea Pollution • Stressful Life • Fertilizers and Pesticides • Instant food brings us instant free-radicals.

What if we could show you how to earn extra money aside from your Making the World job now? Healthier If you could change anything in your life, your success and your health- would you like try find it out now? Would it be ok if you can share few minutes of your time to show this to you? Or, You would just let this go and hope there’s another opportunity that might come to you again. Maybe you’ll like most people that just want to relax and watch TV, surfing the net and don’t care of your family’s future.

Change...For The Better!! As a Positive Powered Coach we can help to show you: Your thoughts effect every part of your life. And that habits of thought, action, and belief CAN be changed…For the better!

What Do They Have In Common? What do Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump & David Beckham have in common? They all use coaches and mentors in order to achieve and maintain their success

Where Do We Start? Remember a Positive Powered Coach Provides: 1. Information to Wealth and Success 2. Coaching and Inspiration 3. Personalized Training Programs 4. Guide you until you can guide others. To do this we offer a step by step method And most importantly we start with….. Your health!

What would you want to Making the World change in your health? Healthier 7 out of 10 Doctor visits are diet related •Headaches •Insomnia •Nervousness •Diabetes •Depression •Cardiovascular problems •Blood Pressure •Anemia •Weight Loss •Digestive Problems •Certain Types of Cancer •Allergies •Skin Problems •Psoriasis •Osteoporosis •Arthritis •Weight Gain

Doctors Agree!! Doctors agree, more lean muscle and less body fat leads to greater health and vitality What Is The First Step? Healthy Nutrition Nutrition helps the: •Body •Brain/Moods/Thinking •Vitality All at the same time!

Power of Protein! The muscles in our body and brain are made up of the same basic material… This material is Protein! What Our Brain & Body Needs 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Water Protein Vitamins and Minerals (especially iron, zink, celenium etc) Oils (unsaturated fats) Fiber Herbs

These Are Vital! People generally don’t get these vital nutrients in their diets because: •They don’t eat right •They eat processed foods •Most live in a modern stress filled city not a farm •If nutrients and minerals are NOT in the land how can they be in our food? So What do we need to be protected?

Detoxification We also needs to detoxify! What do you smoke, eat drink, and breath? These toxins are poison and stay in our bodies until we get them out! Toxins: •Cause disease •Stop the body from absorbing nutrition •Age you and make you look old •Are generally disgusting!

We need to eat at least 5 kinds of Fruits & Vegetables Daily

Vida! Cardio-Ceutical Drinks is a Heart Friendly juice drinks that promotes healthy heart. It is made up of LycoVera Nutra-blend, a specialized combination formula of two DSM Nutritional Main Ingredients: QUALITY 100mg Carotenoid Lycopene + 90mg resVida in a refreshing functional beverage! --> Actilease for better absorption.

Next Step to Success is to Do Different Way to earn aside from what you are DOING now. Allow me to show you this simple but great way of doing business… http://rapidsponsoring

* Why I Want to Do this? * Why I Need to Do this? your answer to this will make your way to succeed in this line of business or job if you want. http://rapidsponsoring

Product Worth : 7,000.00

Product Worth: 42,000.00 1 year Supply No Selling Required, No Maintenance, NO Recruiting ( Just need 8 Investors) 1 U DRB = 1,000.00 MSB= 46,500.00 2 U DRB = 1,000.00 MSB= 22,500.00 3 U DRB = 1,000.00 MSB= 22,500.00 4 U DRB = MSB= 5 U DRB = MSB= 6 U DRB = MSB= 7 U DRB = MSB= Total 1,000.00 10,500.00 1,000.00 10,500.00 1,000.00 10,500.00 1,000.00 10,500.00 = 140,500.00

Comparative Analysis Investment Income per month Less: Expenses = 60,000.00 = 3,000.00 (1,000.00) ----------2,000.00/ month Total Income per year = 24,000.00 Investment = Income @ 5% per Annum Less: Monthly Interest (0.1%) 60,000.00 = 3,000.00 (720.00) ----------2,280.00 Total Income per year = 2,280.00

Comparative Analysis Investment = Total Income per year = Investment 60,000.00 24,000.00 = Total Income per year = 60,000.00 2,280.00 3. > AIM GLOBAL BUSINESS Investment = 60,000.00 Outright Payback on 7 Accounts = 10, 500.00 Get 8 New Investors (in 6 Months) 130,000.00 Help, find 8 for each ( in a year) 1,000,000.00 out of Tax Total Income per year = 1,000,000.00

* They Think on Positive and Creative Way * Don’t Let an Opportunity goes by without trying to Do IT. Do it Now.. Now is the Time for you to Change your Future http://rapidsponsoring

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