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Published on January 16, 2009

Author: jojococker

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Cyberhomes Real Estate Advertising Network : Cyberhomes Real Estate Advertising Network January 2009 What is a Vertical Advertising Network (VAN)? : What is a Vertical Advertising Network (VAN)? The provider of the VAN creates a network of websites (publishers) that share a common focus (i.e. real estate & home) and display content to a specific consumer set The provider of the VAN contracts with advertisers who want to reach a specific consumer set (such has homeowners interested in buying or selling) The provider of the VAN manages a technology platform to deliver advertisers’ ad campaigns to publishers’ websites What does the Cyberhomes Ad Network do for me? : What does the Cyberhomes Ad Network do for me? Allows you to create a new revenue stream for your real estate business by leveraging the investment you have made in your website Gives you the ability to manage the advertisements – from national advertisers that we bring or from local advertisers engaged via your own direct relationships –that appear on your website Lets you implement with no investment in infrastructure, no contractual term, no fees and with no risk! Who Are the Advertisers? : Who Are the Advertisers? National Advertisers Current Cyberhomes advertisers (see www.cyberhomes.com) Additional national advertisers will be added over time, and their campaigns offered to you Publisher Direct Advertisers Online advertising is sold to your local partners, and they are included in the mix of advertisers on your site. E.g. mortgage brokers, contractors, pest control etc How Much Money Can I Make? : How Much Money Can I Make? National Advertisers Your revenue depends on: The number of ad spaces you create per page Your Website traffic (i.e. the number of page views) The Ad campaigns you select to run A 50/50 revenue share with Cyberhomes How Much Money Can I Make? : By way of example, a website with 100,000 page views per month and 2 ads per page could typically generate a revenue share payment of $100 per month with a $1.00 CPM. How Much Money Can I Make? How Much Money Can I Make? : Publisher Direct Advertisers You set the price and terms (we can provide recommendations) If you sell the advertising, Cyberhomes will manage fulfillment and ad delivery for a quarterly campaign management fee of $50.00 USD per ad contract How Much Money Can I Make? Optimal Ad Units : Optimal Ad Units 160x600 728x90 300x250 Live Examples : Live Examples Hometown Realty – utilizes optimal ad placement by adding 2 728x90 leaderboards, serving 2 impressions on search results page. Live Examples : Live Examples Southern California MLS – utilizing optimal ad unit sizes: 160x600 within the left rail and a 728x90 leaderboard within the footer of the page. *Serving two impressions Getting Started : Getting Started Set Up Very simple process. Publishers are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will give you an online demonstration of our ad serving system and set up your secure Cyberhomes Ad Network account. Cost $0.00 - No cost, no minimum term. Publishers sign a short form agreement. Consultation Your Account Manager will work with you to select the optimum ad unit sizes and placement for your websites, and to establish your advertiser block lists. Implementation Requires very little technical skills. Ad unit “tags” are created using your Cyberhomes Ad Network account and incorporated into your website. Day to Day Management - Our Account Managers are available to fully manage and optimize your account. Your level of involvement is completely at your discretion. Contact : Contact Elma Pong Account Manager – Cyberhomes Real Estate Ad Network elma.pong@cyberhomes.com

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