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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: sandip543

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Ramadan Starting a fast: Ramadan Starting a fast By: Ramadan2014s.com PowerPoint Presentation: Ramadan is the 9 th month of the Islamic calendar. Muhammad received revelation from Allah in the month of Ramadan, thus Ramadan month is said to be the holy month of the year. PowerPoint Presentation: Ramadan month starts when the crescent new moon is seen. Every year Ramadan month starts at different date. Fasting: Fasting PowerPoint Presentation: During the month of Ramadan, all Muslim adults are supposed to fast, only pregnant women’s, breastfeeding women’s, travelers, diabetic and females in their menses are exempted during from fasting. PowerPoint Presentation: Fasting hr starts from sunrise and ends at sunrise. During fasting hrs they are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke, enjoy sex or use abusive language, if anyone breaks these rules then it is considered as crime. Prayers and reciting of Quran: Prayers and reciting of Quran PowerPoint Presentation: Ramadan month is the holy month and thus they are required to offer more prayers and also required to read Quran for more times than they do in their regular life. PowerPoint Presentation: Besides that they also send each other click here to wish them good luck and wealth. Ramadan is basically the month to give more time to Allah. PowerPoint Presentation: During the month there are special prayers held at Mosque which helps the people to complete the reading of Full Quran during the Ramadan month . These prayers are known as Tarawih, this prayer includes reading of 1 section of Quran daily. Charity: Charity PowerPoint Presentation: All Muslims fall under the law of Zakat , which means they have to offer some amount of their total earning to the poop people. During the month of Ramadan they can also do voluntary charity, which is known as Sadaqah. PowerPoint Presentation: For more information on this you can follow Ramadan 2014 . It is said that if someone give food to the poop people during Ramadan to break their fast, the person who offered food gets high rewards on the Judgment day. End of fasting: End of fasting PowerPoint Presentation: Ramadan month ends when the crescent new moon is seen and the Shawwal month starts. The first day of the Shawwal month is celebrated as Eid al Fitre. PowerPoint Presentation: If the crescent new moon is not visible due to weather condition then after 30 days of the start , Eid al Fitre is celebrated, also known as breaking of fast festival. THANK YOU: THANK YOU CREDIT: Ramadan2014s.com

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