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Published on January 2, 2008

Author: Mudki

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Rain Barrel Workshop May 3, 2003 Financial and other support for this project has been provided by the Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts, Inc. and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Chesapeake Bay Program Slide2:  What is a Rain Barrel? A rain barrel or cistern is a rainwater collection system that stores rooftop runoff to be used later for activities such as lawn and garden watering, car washing, and even window cleaning:  A rain barrel or cistern is a rainwater collection system that stores rooftop runoff to be used later for activities such as lawn and garden watering, car washing, and even window cleaning Saving for a SUNNY day!!!:  Saving for a SUNNY day!!! Slide5:  A New and Innovative Technology? Slide6:  What’s old is new again Slide7:  The Benefits Clean, Pure Water Conservation of Our Resources Reduce Stormwater Runoff Slide8:  Clean, Pure Water Your plants will love it. Rain Barrels provide rainwater that has no added chemicals. Slide9:  Conservation of Our Resources Rain Barrels help promote infiltration of water into the groundwater. Water that would otherwise be lost to stormwater runoff. Slide10:  Reduce Stormwater Runoff What is Stormwater? Stormwater is the water that is shed from impervious surfaces. Slide12:  Stormwater Runoff has detrimental effects on our streams. Stormwater causes accelerated erosion, contributing to increased sedimentation in our streams. Slide14:  Chesapeake Bay Watershed Slide15:  Chesapeake Bay Watershed Slide16:  Chesapeake Bay Watershed Slide17:  Adams County and Municipalities Slide18:  Susquehanna River Basin Slide19:  Potomac River Basin Slide20:  Major Streams in Adams County Slide21:  On September 18, 2002, the Adams County Commissioners approved a Stormwater Management Plan for the Monocacy River Watershed, which covers nineteen municipalities in Adams and Franklin Counties. The Plan includes model ordinance provisions to be adopted by the municipalities within the watershed. Slide22:  Monocacy River Basin Slide23:  The Stormwater Management Plan for the Monocacy River Watershed provides guidelines for structural Best Management Practices (BMPs). The plan also promotes nonstructural BMPs like Better Site and Low Impact Design. The plan contains standards for both water quantity and water quality. Slide24:  Stormwater affects quantity. Slide25:  Stormwater affects the quality of the water flows across the roads, sidewalks, and driveways. Stormwater contributes to Nonpoint Source (NPS) pollution of our streams and waterways Slide26:  NPS pollution occurs when rainfall, snowmelt, or irrigation runs over land or through the ground, picks up pollutants, and deposits them into rivers, lakes, and coastal waters or introduces them into ground water. Slide27:  Any pollutant it picked up during a storm can become part of the NPS problem. NPS pollution is widespread because it can occur any time activities disturb the land or water. Slide28:  Agriculture, forestry, grazing, septic systems, recreational boating, urban runoff, construction, physical changes to stream channels, and habitat degradation are potential sources of NPS pollution. Slide29:  Nonpoint Source (NPS) pollution remains the Nation's largest source of water quality problems. Slide37:  How much water actually runs off your roof? Slide38:  35 ft x 60 ft = 2100 sq ft Slide39:  One inch of rain that falls over 1 square feet of impervious surface creates .6 gallons of water. Slide40:  So a roof of 2100 square feet would produce 1260 gallons of water per 1 inch storm 2100 x .6 gallons = 1260 gallons!!!

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