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Published on February 14, 2014

Author: RainInternational



http://pureseedwellness Build your RAIN International business with confidence when you follow the company's proven step-by-step process outlined in their Rain Cycle Booklet.

Rain is all about SEEDS. They are not only the foundation of our products, but the foundation of the company. Seeds are natures RAIN Cycle, and SEEDS is our basis for the RAIN Cycle. It’s acronym is:

Simple Effective Educational Duplicable System.

The Rain Cycle
01: The Fuel
02: The Foundation
03: The Launch
04: The Message
05: The Result
06: The Lifestyle

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01 RAIN Cycle MAKE IT RAIN The RAIN Cycle is the proven, step-by-step process by which you can attain success and help others to do the same. By working with your sponsor - or someone who has experience - study, understand and practice the steps of the RAIN Cycle. As you come to understand it, begin to train others. Your success in reaching your goals will be contingent not only upon your understanding of the RAIN Cycle, but upon your ability to train others to follow these very simple, proven steps to success. Rain is all about SEEDS. They are not only the foundation of our products, but the foundation of the company. Seeds are natures RAIN Cycle, and SEEDS is our basis for the RAIN Cycle. It’s acronym is: Simple Effective Educational Duplicable System. The Rain Cycle 01 01: The Fuel 06 02: The Foundation 03: The Launch 04: The Message 05 02 05: The Result 06: The Lifestyle 03 04 DT200.010100

02 NOTES DT200.010100

03 THE FUEL Name:__________________________________________ Date: __________________ Rain ID:___________________________ _______________________ First 48 Hours Complete the Commitment Letter with your sponsor. Study all of the information contained in your Starter Kit daily. Begin to build your “Foundation” for your business (see pages 7-13). Have everything in place to share and start “Launching” your business (see page 15). Use Rain products daily. Make sure your autoship is set up correctly in your back office. Make sure your option to receive commissions is set up in your back office and that your preferred payment option is selected and correct. Begin your daily communication with your sponsor. Follow your 90 day Rain Freedom Challenge. (Make sure this challenge is in place). First Week (Continue to execute your Launch Plan) Establish clearly defined “written goals”, your “why” and contact your support team. Track each person you share/follow up with and log this information on your Accountability & Tracking sheet (see page 19). Always make sure you and your sponsor are accountable to each other. Have at least one Launch meeting. Order personalized RAIN business cards (see Prepare your schedule and participate in corporate calls and webinars. Set up conference calls or participate in another organization’s calls until you and your Sponsor set up your own. Date: ____________________________ Time:_____________________ Date: ____________________________ Time:_____________________ Schedule and participate in all of your apprenticeship Calls and webinars with your upline. Review the Rain International website at Plan to attend the next Rain Leadership Training Event. DT200.010100

04 THE FUEL Dream Building Take about twenty minutes, and answer the following questions in a notebook. What dreams do you have for your life as far as relationships, income, travel, career, and material possessions are concerned? After completing your dream list, please go on to the next question. 1. Set a clean sheet of paper next to your dreams list. In one or two sentences, describe why you want each specific dream. Don’t spend time on a dream you can’t find time for. Simply move on to the next one. Take 5 to 10 min for this exercise. Begin now. 2. Cross out all the dreams you couldn’t find a reason for. These dreams will stay on the “backburner” for now. Next to the remaining dreams, write 1 yr, 5 yrs, 10 yrs, or 20 yrs depending on when you optimistically think you can reach that goal! Take five minutes. Begin now. 3. On a third sheet, write one or two sentences on what could come between you and each of your dreams. (Example: Lose 20lb./eat too many sweets. Earn $150,000 per year/not willing to work more hours. Buy house/fearful of overwhelming process.) Take five minutes. Begin now. 4. On a fourth sheet, divide the paper into four boxes. At the top of each box, write one of the four of your most important dreams by which you marked 1 year. For example: Lose 20 lb. Read 20 books this year Earn $150,000 Spend more time w/ family 5. In each quadrant, write all the reasons why you absolutely must reach your goal or dream. Write down all the pain you will feel if you don’t achieve your dream and all the pleasure you will get if you do. Finally, in the lower third of each quadrant, write as a positive affirmation as well as what you will do every day to drive yourself to your dream, Do this now. This is a proven system of goal setting that has been used in one form or another by great leaders as Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, W. Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill, and other people who are focused on what their life is about and know what they want. DT200.010100

05 ENROLLMENT PROCESS ENROLL ONLINE To enroll someone online, simply log on to the sponsors site at or the corporate site at and select “Enroll Now” at the top of the home page. OR For Help, Call Customer Service at 855.724.6606 THINGS TO KNOW WHEN ENROLLING: 1. The sponsor’s I.D. Number 2. Name of enrollee 3. Identification number for tax purposes. 4. Mailing and billing address 5. E-mail address and telephone number 6. The starter kit 7. The Auto-ship order 8. Set up a method of payment Several different Auto-ship options are available, each with varying price levels and commission eligibility. The recommended Auto-ship order for business builders is the 100cv or the +6 Program. DT200.010100

06 NOTES DT200.010100

07 THE FOUNDATION Any building is only as strong as what it’s build upon; the same holds true to your organization. That foundation will shape the rest of your business. In order to build it, you need to have a strategy and a plan. Follow the steps below and identify your network by creating a list of people who you know and associate with. The “ Memory Jogger” on page ?? will help remind you of the people in your network, then follow the steps below and Build Your Foundation. In the beginning, don’t try to figure out who will or will not be interested (it’s very important not to pre-judge), just write the names of every person you can think of. You can talk later with your sponsor about how to categorize the names and the best approach to take with them. Some you may choose not to contact. Build Your Foundation: Step 1 - List your contacts into groups. FAMILY FRIENDS DT200.010100

08 Build Your Foundation: Step 1 - List your contacts into groups. BUSINESS COMMUNITY DT200.010100

09 Step 2 - From the groups in Step 1, now go through and put them into sub-groups of “who knows whom”. FAMILY - sub-group FRIENDS - sub-group DT200.010100

10 BUSINESS - sub-group COMMUNITY - sub-group DT200.010100

11 Step 3 - Now that you have the sub-groups, go through each group again and re-order them in order them according to who has more influence within each group. FAMILY (RE-ORDER) NAME PHONE EMAIL FRIENDS (RE-ORDER) NAME PHONE EMAIL DT200.010100


13 MEMORY JOGGER Below are ideas of people and places where many top prospects can be found. This list is meant to serve as a lead-generator, by bringing many of your current and former associations to mind, and to stretch your thoughts so you can come up with as many names as possible. It is estimated that the average person knows 250 people, and each of those people know, in turn, another 250 people. This means that for each new person you talk to, you gain access to a potential pool of 62,500 people separated from you by just two degrees! Business Friends Succeeded in network marketing Entrepreneurial minded Didn’t achieve what they wanted in network marketing Ex-bosses/collegues Insurance sales people Local business owners Business / Money motivated Saved business cards Sell Avon or Mary Kay Money problems Owns their own business Friends from vacation Friends from college Friends of parents and in-laws From high school Old friends you’ve lost touch with Old Room Mates Parents of your children’s friends Your mentor / people you look up to People from your social networking sites (i.e. facebook, linkedin, blogspot, etc.) Current friends and aquaintances Friends from current / former jobs Community General Bank Tellers Car Sales People General sales people Dentists Do fund Raisers Do volunteer work / humanitarian Doctors / nurses Grocery checkers In the military Members of church Mortgage people People at the gym Real Estate agents Restaurant servers The mail person Travel agents Wealthy people you know Mechanics Your accountant Your Hairstylist Career Women Your children’s teachers/ sports instructors Your electrician/plumber/landscaper Your neighbors Construction worker Stay-at-home Moms. Baby boomers Buy bottled water Buy supplements Concerned with aging Ex-girlfriends or boyfriends Fast food workers Has a lot of friends Health conscious people Help support you Very Social Fitness driven Health problems The park The beach The grocery store The mall Your softball (or other sports) team Work Co-workers People out of work People who are retired Consultants Business trips DT200.010100

14 NOTES DT200.010100

15 THE LAUNCH It’s time to get your hands dirty, to get things moving on your own Grand Opening. This is where your new business will get off the ground and begin to rise. Follow this system as close as possible and watch your business continue to grow every week! First 14 days With in the first 14 days you need to complete 2-4 launches. Hold these meetings within 2-3 days of each other. These Launch meetings can be a mixture of (2) launch types: Launch Meetings, or Launch Calls. 1. Launch Meeting: (Local) A Launch Meeting is the opportunity for you to invite people who you would like to be a part of your business to preview the opportunity, products and company. Remember you are the messenger not the message. Use your upline and a standardized presentation (tip: don’t present to your own people, it’s always more powerful coming form someone else). 2. Launch Call: (long distance) This is for people who are not close enough or not able to attend your Launch Meeting. First set up specific time with your upline for a Launch Call or web meeting. Next invite your prospects so they can hear the details about the product and company from your upline. DATE TIME LOCATION In between your Launches, take the time to share RAIN with people individually pas well. You can do this by: 3. *The Three Step System: Step 1 – Invite them two listen to the Rain Information line 801-724-6605 (opt. 1) Step 2 – Invite them to listen two or watch a more detailed presentation. Step 3 - Call them back with one of you partners on the line with you 4. *Drop By’s: Drop By’s are effective when you have not been able to connect properly with a prospect. Always bring your sponsor to help. Keep these short and to the point. This is one of the most effective ways to share the opportunity. A lot of times it is a little bit harder to get people to come to a presentation or to meet you somewhere. In this scenario we are going to them, we can also give our full attention to the person or couple we are meeting with. Although it is a lot more time consuming it is very effective. We do drop by’s with people we have a good or close relationship with, not with someone we haven’t seen or talked to in years. There are other ways to prospect in those situations. *Remember to keep it simple and to not say too much!! DT200.010100

16 THE LAUNCH 5. Online: Your online Launch can happen anytime and can help you gain prospect who are not in your area. Use your social media site and e-mails as a way to get your prospects interested. Remember to keep control of the message. Don’t give blind info and hope that someone will take the time. Always speak with your prospect before and after you send them a link to a video or send them any information. TIPS: 1. Keep your Launch Meetings to a 45 minute maximum and remove all distractions so you and your prospects can focus on the presentation. 2. It is easier to build fast than slow in this business, speed and momentum help fuel your growth, so take your Launches seriously. 3. Always use the most up to date standardized materials and tools. 4. Make good use of your upline and corporate tools. Both are there for your use and should be relied upon heavily. 5. Have fun, but be professional. Make sure to have applications and other materials on hand. 6. Refer back to The Foundation often and review your prospects and goals. 7. Be prompt, begin on time and always dress the part. 8. Keep furniture normal for a Launch Meeting. Move things around or add chairs only as needed when people arrive. 9. Focus on the guests who are there and not those who didn’t make it. *For more information on these processes, look under training in the document library of the back office. DT200.010100

17 THE LAUNCH - SHARE Properly inviting someone to look at Rain is a crucial skill. Do it well, and you’ll have people looking at the products and business - which directly leads to enrollments of business partners and customers. FOLLOW THE 5 C’s Create Curiosity – With a few sentences share what it going on and why you are so excited. Control Yourself – Remember you are the messenger not the message…. Compliment – Let them know why you genuinely thought of them. Commit – Set the time up for them to get the detailed information Confirm – Right before the conversation ends reconfirm the details of the time set. Note: When talking with someone go through the normal pleasantries you would when starting a conversation before you dive into the 5 C’s, but don’t take too long. Make sure you get to the point. EXAMPLES 1. You: Hello Tim, the main reason I’m calling you is (Create Curiosity) I’m working on a project and have the chance to help expand and take a revolutionary product through out the region (Control Yourself). (Compliment) I know that you are business minded and that’s why I want you to see this. (Commit) When is the soonest you have 20 minutes we can sit down and show you more? Tim: I have some time tonight 8:00 would work. You: (Confirm) Perfect I’ll drop by at 8:00 tonight, see you then. 2. You: Hi Kristy what are you doing tonight at 7:00? Kristy: I’ll be around why? You: (Create Curiosity) I want to stop by and tell you about this new product I have been taking. It’s a breakthrough in nutrition and has made a huge difference in how I feel (Control Yourself). (Compliment) You have always been a great example of someone who lives a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I thought of you. (Commit) I want to drop off a sample of this for you to try and will be in your area around 7:00 does that work for you? Kristy: Sure You: (Confirm) Alight I’ll see you at 7:00. DT200.010100

18 EXAMPLES 3. You: Ben when is the soonest you could be in front of the Internet for 15 minutes. (Create Curiosity) I am working with some friends that have something truly unique that is helping a lot of people with their health (Control Yourself). (Compliment) I know how much time you spend helping people and I thought to myself, I need to share this with you. Ben: After I put the kids to bed tonight at 9:00 I’ll have a few minutes. You: (Commit) So how about I call you back at 9:15 when you are in front of the computer. Ben: That will work You: (Confirm) Sounds great I’ll call you back at 9:15. Thanks Ben I’ll talk to you then. TIPS Set aside specific time just for inviting. You have more control over the conversation if you invite over the phone. Review your dreams; make sure you are in the right mind-set. Smile big and always be positive – people can feel your energy 1000 miles away. Make sure the call isn’t longer than 5 minutes. Invite both spouses, or all decision makers to learn more. If you want to make sure someone comes to a local meeting, meet them beforehand or go and pick them up. Don’t call to reconfirm the appointment this will invite cancellations. Things to say when asked what it is. You can always start by saying in a nice way “like I mentioned” and then repeat what you initially stated to create curiosity. You can follow that by using some of the phrases below. • It’s about making a real difference in people’s lives • It’s about making money, and a way to create real additional cash flow • It’s about taking a 90 day freedom challenge that can change your life • It’s a new project I’m working on that is just starting, and there is nothing else like it • Well it’s a lot easier for me to show you then tell you, that’s why…. • This might not be for you, I’m not sure but when you see this I know you’ll see why I’m so excited about it. • I’m new so I don’t know how to explain it that’s why I’d like you to… • I’m sure once you sit down and see this, you’ll be as excited as I am • I don’t feel any pressure; it may not be for you. I just want you to see this, and have the facts so you can make an educated decision. Some of your best prospects can come through referrals. DT200.010100

19 PROJECT TRACKING SHEET On the lines below, record the names of people who you have invited to look at Rain. Also record the names of those with whom you follow-up. Record the date of these activities and any notes about their progress. Remember, It typically takes multiple exposures and following-up with your contacts before they enroll. Be patient but persistent as you work with them. DATE NAME I = Invite P = Present PHONE/EMAIL F = Followup I E = Enroll P F E T T = Train DT200.010100

20 NOTES DT200.010100

21 MEETING TRACKING SHEET In the table below, keep accurate records of the people to whom you give presentations as a sponsor. DATE NAME PHONE EMAIL DT200.010100

22 NOTES DT200.010100

23 THE MESSAGE When people are looking at an opportunity, they ask themselves two things: 1. Do I like what I see? 2. Do I think I can do it? Through the Message you want to make sure you answer these two questions. They need to see how RAIN can benefit them. Show them ANYONE CAN DO THIS - how it’s about the RAIN systems and tools, not them. KNOW YOUR ROLE Presenter: This is your business partner who helped you enroll in Rain. He / She takes the lead and gives the presentation. Inviter: This is the team member who invited the guest. He / She has the critical role of edifying. Client: This is the guest who was invited by the ‘Inviter’. WHAT/WHY 01 02 03 Name (first and Last) Discuss the Rain difference (i.e. specialized products grounded in real science that come from the source of nutrition - SEEDS) Share the PROFIT system (keep it simple and direct, unless more in-depth questions come up). YOUR STORY Where you live (city and State) Professional Background (what you do or did for a living. Do not say full-time network marketer, use your profession before you went full-time in the industry.) Why RAIN? 1. Share your personal reason for starting your RAIN business. 2. Describe the dilemma between your goals / dreams and your current situation. 3. What has happened since you joined RAIN? COMPANY STORY The Next Generation of Nutritional Performance: An all-natural, great-tasting, comprehensive solution to your health (results that are measurable - benefits you can feel!) The Stars are Aligned: Rain is the perfect company in the perfect industry, at the perfect time. Discuss the Rain Team Advantage (systems, tools, training etc) HOW TO MAKE MONEY Discuss the ‘RAIN Freedom Challenge’ (i.e. with the help of your sponsor, make the cost of your Auto-ship free have an experience with the product and start making continual money within 90 days). Emphasize that NOW is the time to get involved. Now help your new partner start their challenge. [Use standardized Presentation] *Refer to your member packet or the company website for additional ideas on how to tell the company story. [Use standardized Presentation] DT200.010100

24 THE RESULT - RESOLVE When people have a question or concern don’t be afraid. This is actually a good thing, it indicates interest. They show that someone is genuinely considering your offer. Three Responses for any Concern. 1. How do you mean exactly? 2. Obviously you have a good reason for saying that. Do you mind if I ask what it is? 3. The Feel, Felt Found approach: A) Show empathy for their concern. B) Relate to how they are feeling by sharing a similar third party experience. C) Reinforce how Rain helped someone you know to overcome that concern. D) Always turn the concern into a benefit. TIP: Never Argue Price. It is only a perception of their perceived value. People buy what they want, not what they need. This tells us we need to do a better job of showing how amazing this really is. Example: Sue: “Everything sounds good, but I just don’t have the time.” You: (1) “How do you mean exactly? (2) I’m sure you have a good reason for saying that, do you mind if I ask what it is?” Sue: “With work and school I barely have time to sit and eat dinner with my kids” You: (3)(A) “I understand how you feel. (B) I have helped a lot of people who have felt the same way. (C) But what they found is that it didn’t take any more time, they just used some of their time differently. Instead of listening to the radio in the car on their way home from work, they used that time to make calls and plug a few people in our system; (D) which allowed them to create additional income and free up time to spend with their family.” TIP: Try and use third party validation. If someone has a concern, get them on the phone with someone who had a similar concern. Let that person share how they overcame it and what’s happened as a result. DT200.010100

25 THE RESULT - COMMITTING “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” -William Jennings Bryan Decide now that no matter what your prospects say or object to, you are going with or without them. Confidence and conviction builds 5,6 and 7 figure incomes! Decide that you will be successful, and that you will reach your goals no matter what it takes to move to the top. People want to follow someone who knows where they are going. Have vision and be persistent. Study and learn from other leaders in business who have gone before you, and do all you can to increase the belief you have in yourself, the products and the company. Your attitude, vision, and leadership are paramount to your success. You can do this! 3 Types of People: Anyone that you speak with will be in one of these three categories. 1. Customer. This is someone who wants to test out the product. 2. Small business builder. This is someone who wants to do it part time and wants to make a little extra money. 3. Big business builder. This is someone who wants to spend the time to replace and increase their income. Tie it Down: Know where your clients are. One of the biggest mistakes people make with their prospects is not finding out their interest level. You can do this by asking what type they are (see above), or ask them on a scale of 1-10 (10 being most interested). After they have been presented the information, ask if everything makes sense and if they have any questions. If they don’t, let them know the next step is to get the application filled out, their autoship set up and their RAIN Freedom Challenge in place. If someone places a concern, ask “Besides that, is there anything else holding you back?”. Continue to ask that question until all concerns are out. Once all concerns are out, ask “ Let’s suppose that...(all conditions are met), would you join?”. If they say yes, take the time NOW to meet those conditions. All we are trying to do is collect decisions. The reason we do this, is because sometimes people may string you along. A no is good, a yes is better, but maybe’s waste every ones time. TIP: By assuming that they want join RAIN; any unaddressed concerns will be brought out. DT200.010100

THE RESULT - FOLLOW UP 26 TYPE 1 The first type takes place after a prospect receives some type of information about the product or business. You need to give yourself a reason to follow up (i.e. follow up with your conditional items stated above, or to get back some collateral material you have asked them to review and get back). Never leave one exposure without setting up time for another. You have 48 hours. Key Point: Make sure your prospective business partner or customer always has “homework” or something to do before your next meeting with them. For example, if your prospect attends a live meeting, you may want to send them home with samples and literature, or ask them to spend time researching the company website in preparation for the next meeting. Or, if their ‘first contact’ was through a three-way call, invite them to take the next step and meet with your sponsor. TYPE 2 The second type of follow-up involves keeping in touch with prospects on a regular basis. With those who’s timing is off or do not show interest at the moment, always keep the door open by asking them “if this thing continues to take off like it’s predicted to, is it alright it I tap you on the shoulder in the future to let you know how its going?” Put people on your “Drip List”. Your “Drip List” is a list of people who’s timing is off at the moment. These are people who you are going to “Drip” new information on anytime there is a new product, country opening or anything exciting to share. Plan on speaking (re-inviting) with your prospects every 60-90 days so you can bring them up-to-speed with the progress of your business, and reinforce your personal success to them. Continue to keep a record of each person you follow-up with by logging this information on your “Drip List”. DT200.010100

27 THE DRIP LIST In the boxes below, record the names of people who you have invited to look at RAIN but the timing was off. Continually DRIP new information regarding new products, new markets, events and anything exciting at RAIN. DATE NAME PHONE EMAIL DT200.010100

28 NOTES DT200.010100

29 THE LIFESTYLE RAIN: A lifestyle company. RAIN International is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. RAIN is place that you join based on passion, enthusiasm, and opportunity. Based on your dream lifestyle, you’re able to make RAIN a part of your daily routines; whether you are new to the industry or an experienced leader RAIN International is a safe haven, a rock where you can build your dreams. 1. Are you RAIN? Figure out what things about RAIN get you excited and concentrate on those. Seek out opportunities that are in alignment with you goals and fuze RAIN with your daily life. and BE RAIN. BE RAIN: Take RAIN Products where ever you go. Brand yourself with RAIN SWAG (i.e. Shirts, hats jackets etc) Attend all the RAIN events, and let those around you know it! Always have cards and brochures on hand. 4 presentations per week Have an active autoship of 100 CV or more monthly Read a RAIN Cycle recommended book 20 min daily 2. Set realistic expectations and goals. There is no overnight success, which means you have to build your story over time and be realistic with your goals and expectations. An unreasonable goal would be to make a million dollars tomorrow. You need to use each day as a stepping stone to build your future upon. What do you want your lifestyle to look like next year, five years from now, etc? 3. Seek the right people and be the right person. Be the person that you would like your people to be. Lead by example, be positive, energetic, and loyal. You need to set the standards of how you want your team to be. 4. Integrate the business with your life. Find ways to connect who you are, with what you do, inside and outside of the workplace. Hold events and meetup groups centered on RAIN. Get the people that you work with to do fun and entertaining activities with you, including movies, sports, and concerts. Remember that you are building a business within a business, you always want to stay part of the RAIN culture, but create a culture within your team. 5. Review your goals and have accountability. As you grow and develop as a professional, your interests and passions might change. You should constantly re-evaluate your goals and dreams. As obstacles come up, stay focused on your goals and remember all distractions are equal, the richest people in the world are problem solvers. Simple Effective Educational Duplicable System Rain is all about SEEDS. They are not only the foundation of our products, but the foundation of the company. Seeds are natures RAIN Cycle, and SEEDS is our basis for the RAIN Cycle. The S.E.E.D.S. system is your life source; it’s the way to accomplish your goals and dreams. Don’t try and change a proven system. This will cause isolation from the resources that are there to help you grow and cause confusion within your team. Grow with the system and always lead by example. Don’t get stuck in management mode - get in the trenches with your team and continue to sponsor people yourself. DT200.010100

30 THE LIFESTYLE Make it about the tools and the system, don’t create a dependency by making it about you. Apprenticeship The speed of the leader is the speed of the team; so set the pace for your team. Find someone in your team to work with. Having someone to stay accountable to will help your business grow quickly. Set up a weekly time for goal setting and a daily time for accountability and review. Search up for a mentor - if you’re silver find some who is gold, if you are gold, find a platinum and so on. As you’re working with people in your team always be cautious where you spend your time - always match energy for energy. As a new member, your role is to be an “apprentice.” Work closely with your sponsor and support team to master the RAIN Cycle. If your sponsor is new to the RAIN business, find a mentor in your support team. Your sponsor and your mentor’s job is to help you get results - ideally in the first 90 days. The best way to learn this business is to get out and work, with this approach you learn and get results. These principles, knowledge and skills should be transferred from your sponsor to you and from you on to your team to create duplication. The Apprenticeship Process through the RAIN Cycle You will set goals to consistently bring people to meetings / presentations. It’s important you follow the apprenticeship process, never present to your own prospects, always use a tool or your upline. Phase 1 - When your new to the business or dealing with your personal prospects, your role is to become an expert inviter. Your upline will be handling the first few presentations. Remember not to interject or speak until directed. Phase 2 - Your upline is now beginning to include you in the presentations, it is important that you begin to learn and assist your upline. You main job is to edify and to learn from your upline during these presentations. Phase 3 - You have the tools and have learned form your upline, now it is your turn to do the presentations for your downline. Remember, these are your peoples people. You should do the first few presentations by yourself while letting your people know that they are in training. Then start including your people to help with portions of the presentation. Phase 4 - Duplication now has begun, and your leaders are now teaching others on their own and teaching other to do the same. This is the most important phase and the difference between a small and big business builder. Duplication is essential in growing your team and reaching your lifestyle goals. Remember S.E.E.D.S. duplication is the key - always stick to the system and use the prerecorded presentations to help you. Focus on the big picture, be diligent, and you will find yourself reaching your goals quickly. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 SPONSOR YOU YOU PERSONALLY SPONSORED Phase 4 SPONSOR PERSONALLY SPONSORED DT200.010100

31 THE LIFESTYLE This is not just a business “It’s a Lifestyle”. Jim Rohn said it best, “for things to change, YOU need to change. For things to get better YOU need to get better.” Success doesn’t come all at once. It will come one step at a time, by doing simple things every day. Make sure you are taking the time needed daily, the most important investment you can make is the investment into yourself. It is critical that you take the time to develop yourself personally. Focus on these 3 aspects. 1. MIND - Take time to read or listen to something from the company or suggested reading list at least 20 minutes a day. This will help you become a student of the industry, learn more about the company and develop your personal character and leadership skills. 2. BODY - “Be a product of the product”. Use the RAIN products daily. Make changes in your lifestyle through exercise and proper nutrition. You can be a walking advertisement for your business. 3. SOUL - Review the goals you have set in the RAIN Cycle and make and adjust them frequently. Study and meditate on these goals and how to continually become better. Remember “A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes” -Mahatma Gandhi CROSSING THE RUBICON In the year 49 B.C., the Roman General Julius Caesar stood with his army on the banks of the Rubicon River; By Roman law, Generals were forbidden from crossing this boundary. To cross this river with a standing army was a declaration of war on Rome itself. Caesar was already facing removal from command and possible arrest from his rivals in Rome. His choices were clear: await his arrest or take his army across the river and march on Rome. The General took his army across the Rubicon and the decision was final, there was no turning back. Do you want more out of life? Are you ready for a lifestyle change? If you’re ready to make a commitment and willing to fight for it; then you are ready for’s time to Cross the Rubicon. This is a journey not a destination. Enjoy the journey. If you’re not having fun, you are doing it wrong! One drop of RAIN won’t do anything, but millions of drops will nourish and change the world. GO MAKE IT RAIN! To your success- President and Founder of Rain International DT200.010100

32 NOTES DT200.010100

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The Rain International Compensation Plan Rain International has designed its compensation plan to accomplish one very simple objective:
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Rain International Marketing Tools, Apparel, Business ...

Rain marketing tools, apparel, business cards, for promoting your Rain International MLM Business ...
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STATEMENT OF POLICIES and ... 3.26 - Separation of a Rain International Business .....25 3.27 - Sponsoring ...
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Rain International - Marketingplan Deutsch - YouTube

Rain International - Marketingplan Deutsch ... Rain International Business Präsentation - Duration: 32:29. RAIN BY DENIS DIZ 412 views. 32:29
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PM-International - Simple. Successful.

PM-International Simple. Successful. Home; Career. Distribution System ; Additional Benefits ; Become A Distributor ; Products. Quality ; Nutritional ...
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