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Published on August 3, 2009

Author: IKEAdragon

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Raffles Archery : Raffles Archery Introduction : Introduction Raffles Archery is an absolute 1337 archery club whose membership is awarded to only the highest of the highest. We have weathered dark storms of self doubt, chastisement from teachers, and harsh critique from our peers..only to ultimately emerge as championic hardcore archers and to pwn all n00bz. Having endured an immense amount of PT comprising T-forms, jumping jacks, Korean, 20-20-10 and 5-second push ups, bow training with 30lbs bows and aimless running in the hot sun, we eventually succumb and retreat into the cool haven of ours in Potong Pasir to enjoy some much-needed air con. After an entire year of being members, have we then earned our ‘Raffles Archer’ windbreakers which we wear with pride to all the lecture theatres and classrooms. We are conspicuous. In the same way, we have developed an innate radar and an attractive force to fellow archers, which works at its best in the school canteen. Thus it is uncommon to see an archer alone, also because we are not sad people and we have friends. Introducing the team and the memories we have shared together: Presenting the Raffles Archers of 2009. Slide 3: Archer CHOW Barbara Alias: Barbie Status: Still whining Preferred Choice of Weapon: Pouting History: Dubiously related to a Yap Zhan Ming. Is rumoured to be able to bench press 80 lbs easily. Unable to keep time while doing jumping jacks. Believes in the combined power of coloured contacts and glasses. Deathly afraid of public transport. Quote: “If there are (n-1) number of classrooms…” (ironic considering her Math grades.) .: Biodata :. 001 Slide 4: Archer CHUA Zhi Wei Alias: Bridge enthusiast Status: Skipping Lunch Preferred Choice of Weapon: Evil Camera History: Violent reactions when poked. Derives much pleasure from taking photos of anything, anyone, anywhere. Pecks at food placed in front of her. Also does not seem to obtain essential nutrients from normal food; a likely theory is that they are absorbed through the skin from the surrounding air. Quote: “Yes yes yes! Let’s play Bridge!” 002 .: Biodata :. Slide 5: Archer DEVANDRAN Arathi Alias: Queen Status: Perpetually on sick leave Preferred Choice of Weapon: Sarcasm History: Has piercing glares which kills victims instantly. Long and complicated relationship with J W Tan (ref: Archer 015). Hell bent on world domination; all the world will bow and worship their queen. Quote: “Ugh, puh-lease!” (with the poise befitting a queen) 003 .: Biodata :. Slide 6: Archer DU Xiaoxi Alias: China, GC Status: Skinny Preferred Choice of Weapon: Brainpower History: Was a TI-84+ in her past life. Will make a terrific loanshark. Randomly tries to calculate sin-1 (insert random decimal) during warm up stretches. Quote: “You mean the clicker clicks?” 004 .: Biodata :. Slide 7: Archer FONG Douglas Alias: Dougie Status: Mugging Preferred Choice of Weapon: Never-ending Lame Jokes History: Needs IQ stability supplements frequently. Jokes are lethal within ten seconds. Is grounded most of the time. Has own study group. Quote: “No I don’t dye my hair. It just turns white nearing the CT periods, then turns black again over the holidays, and brown for the in between.” 005 .: Biodata :. Slide 8: Archer GOH Alvin Alias: None Status: Straight-faced Preferred Choice of Weapon: Observation History: Able to throw a stone to a spot which is a 5-minute walk away. Extremely serious in everything he does. Quote: “It’s just a stone’s throw away. Roughly five minutes’ walk..no problem.” 006 .: Biodata :. Slide 9: Archer GOH Justine Alias: Cartoon Queen Status: Grinning away Preferred Choice of Weapon: Tricep Power History: Powdered the most number of people. Her nemesis is anything which can capture her in action, be it still- shots or videos. Makes unintelligible noises when provoked to the amusement of everybody. Quote: “I want to punch him in the face, slam him against the wall and put him behind the door and open and close it a lot of times.” 007 .: Biodata :. Slide 10: Archer KIM Kristin Alias: Korean Status: chow keng Preferred Choice of Weapon: Stunstare History: Able to curse in Mandarin and Hokkien with a unique Korean accent. Is very meticulous and packs pretty gifts for everyone. Looks like in a trance while thinking. Quote: “Chou ji dan.” 008 .: Biodata :. Slide 11: Archer LAU Serene Alias: Ser Status: Requires hugs Preferred Choice of Weapon: Ponytail Swish History: Sole female gamer. Liable to disintegrate without daily dosage of hugs. Loves books. Has many bubbles to protect herself from the cruelty of this dark world. Self-proclaimed geeky girl. Quote: “…Can I have a hughug?” 009 .: Biodata :. Slide 12: Archer LU Daniel Alias: D.Lu / Lulu Status: Readily helps with homework Preferred Choice of Weapon: High pitched shriek History: Has extremely long fingers. Fascinated with DotA mechanics. Does not study ‘A’ Level Physics but somehow knows more Physics than some ‘A’ Level Physics students themselves. Quote: “How many Macs can a Mac fag fag, if a Mac fag could fag Macs? As many Macs as a Mac fag can, if a Mac fag could fag Macs.” 010 .: Biodata :. Slide 13: Archer MOHD Muzhaffar Alias: Muz muz Status: Omnipresent Preferred Choice of Weapon: Real life demonstration of Sand King’s Epicenter History: Randomly breaks out into song. Ability to bend light towards himself. Annihilated his first dozen of Platinum Pluses. Life goal is to rule the world. Suspected not to have any joints in his body. Destructive regarding lighters. Also a known pyromaniac. Quote: “…And I shall rule the world.” 011 .: Biodata :. Slide 14: Archer MUHD Amin Alias: Achmin, the undead terrorist Status: Chocolate-coloured Preferred Choice of Weapon: Evil quips at perfect timings History: Extremely susceptible to jaw cramps. Has morphed from an innocent to an evil, corrupted soul due to bad company. Invents new words like ‘running machine’ and ‘electric water cooker’. Quote: “You put the water in the..the..electric water cooker la!” 012 .: Biodata :. Slide 15: Archer PHANG Jennifer Alias: Jen, fur Status: Scandalous Preferred Choice of Weapon: “What the HIAO?!” History: Has the most number of scandals. Somehow possesses extra eyes and thumbs (thams). Mixes her grammar up to create new descriptions such as ‘evil and evil more’. Is exceedingly well-connected and has a vast social network. Quote: “Edmund’s the most boyish, except that he’s too tall. But if you cut off his head (o.o) and put on someone else’s body..” 013 .: Biodata :. Slide 16: Archer SIAU Edmund Alias: Boyboy Status: Heir of a vast business empire Preferred Choice of Weapon: Boyboy Grin History: Used to be extra nice but is now progressively getting evil. Has a characteristic tan line behind neck. Unable to sit still and fidgets constantly. Is a bookworm. Makes patronising noises when asked to hughug. Smile is known to brighten up days of others. Quote: “Say please first!” (please..) “Okie :D I’ll bring your case down for you.” 014 .: Biodata :. Slide 17: Archer TAN Jun Wen Alias: (Book) Werm Status: Either eating or sleeping Preferred Choice of Weapon: Monster grins and horrifying facial expressions History: Frequents Thailand for suspicious activities. Member of The Sisterhood due to said suspicious activities. The Nicest Guy. Has a bottomless pit hidden deep in the recesses of his tummy. Amazing ability to sleep anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Reddens extremely easily. Quote: “I don’t care if others don’t eat, but if I don’t eat, the world is about to end!” 015 .: Biodata :. Slide 18: Archer TAN Michelle Alias: Michy Status: Compact Dynamite Preferred Choice of Weapon: Hyperactivity History: Is dangerous if bullied. Arts student. No scandals as of now. Has lots of cute hair bands and bags. Shortest draw length of the team at 25”. Quote: “Ha ha! I take H1 Ma-ath~” 016 .: Biodata :. Slide 19: Archer TAN Yan Wei Alias: shuai-ge/ahpek Status: Fitness Maniac Preferred Choice of Weapon: Free weights History: Requires high-end protein powder. Marathon runner to-be. Can be extraordinarily sweet at times when sugar cubes are thrown at him. Known audiophile. Has a shirt which proclaims his hotbod to the world. Quote: “Suicide is your only option.” 017 .: Biodata :. Slide 20: Archer TENG Ker Sheng Alias: Kersh Status: Lives in the RI Art Room Preferred Choice of Weapon: Spouting bull History: Has an extensive music library collection. Lankiest of all. Sometimes high on crack and goes crazy. Goes to the range when he is in the transition period between stoned and madness. Quote: “Got art stuff.” 018 .: Biodata :. Slide 21: Archer THAM Andrew Alias: Droo Status: Once gay, now repented Preferred Choice of Weapon: Flashing his boxers History: Malaysian Captain of the team. Delusional about his outer appearance. Sole member of the ‘Banging Brother’. Claims to have abs under..all that. Quote: “Igloos are made of ice cubes, and on top of Christmas trees there are bird’s nests!” 019 .: Biodata :. Slide 22: 020 .: Biodata :. Archer THAM Kevin Alias: Kevintham Status: Scandalous Preferred Choice of Weapon: Blinding Darlie smile History: Resident chicken. Boasts an insta-megawatt smile. Has numerous scandals. The Hardcore Tham. Is renowned for the ability to space out while having meals. Enjoys poking and is also best friends with K J SIAU (ref Archer 014). King of shooting; blames equipment if score is poor. On his chin, he has The Mark of the King. Quote: “I need to wash my hands, where’s the washing machine?” Slide 23: Archer VUONG Minh Trung Alias: Toom Status: Viet Gorilla Preferred Choice of Weapon: Nickname calling History: Lithe and strong. Tends to mix words up; exalted for exhausted. Invents new words like ‘heart-stroke’. Art student. Extremely heavy Vietnamese accent. Irrevocably twisted in mind, body and soul. Ex- gymnast. Quote: “Idiots can never change.” 021 .: Biodata :. Slide 24: It all started in 2008 with Our Initiation and the Farewell Party for the seniors. Because there was food, we also congregated at Patrick’s place for a National Day barbeque. The very first adventure we had was Pesta Sukan 2008 where there was mud and rain galore. Soon after that we embarked on a different mission: Studying. The horrors of the Promotional Examinations were fully unleashed on the poor sort-of unsuspecting us. Next was truckloads of fun Night Cycling in the Bedok/East Coast area, Yanwei’s place, as well as numerous post-Promos outings. We ended the year with a Christmas Parteh at Edmund’s place followed by the next big adventure: AAS annual EOY shoot which we screwed up bad =\ The start of a new year meant moar kids joining us at the range. Orientation Camp 2009 was a blast. Then came Sembawang Open 2009 where we bagged all the girls’ team medals (: A week later, we finished with the NJC Invitational Shoot where we got our first Compound medal :D Our journey continues as some of us continued competing.. Our Portfolio Slide 25: Our Initiation 2008 Slide 26: Farewell Party Slide 27: Patrick’s Place Slide 28: Even the weather was against us. Back when we were noobs.. Pesta Sukan Slide 29: DotA ! Studying Slide 30: Night Cycling Slide 31: Yanwei’s Place Slide 32: Post Promos Outings Slide 33: Edmund’s Place Slide 34: AAS Slide 35: 2009 See imbalanced triceps :O   And the face ._. Orientation Camp Slide 36: Sembawang Open Slide 37: 1/8 IKO elimination round! Memorable 1/4 Compound IKO against Ting Hao NJC 2nd Invitational Shoot Slide 38: People have said… How did you get that cut on your lip? ..half awake and shaver in my hand. Stop it or I’ll powder you! I’m going to the..to the place where...you put paper in.. ...The photocopy shop? Ah, yes yes, there. Eh shit, my foot stuck in table! -tries to pull his leg from under the table- The SPA was damn chayboon la! EH EH, stop swearing, got kids. From now on, I shall look at you with a different eye. Let’s do trunk rotation next. From now on, she will be known as.. The Samsui Woman. Slide 39: Coach Ken (Evil) Ang And these are the memories we hold so dear… P.S. Check out the videos we included in the CD (: Raffles Archery : Raffles Archery Some people come into our lives and quickly go.  Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.  ~Flavia Weedn, Forever So long, and thanks for all the memories.

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