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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: ScottFuqua


Radiology Benefit Management Radiology Benefit Management is a system set up by Relevant Healthcare to better manage the cost and service of highly utilized and expensive diagnostic procedures such as MRIs, CTs and P.E.T. Scans. Through our actively managed Radiology Network, we direct patients to credentialed imaging facilities at greatly reduced rates and pass these savings on to you. Relevant includes an executive management team and scheduling department with a combined experience of over 250,000 diagnostic claims managed which resulted in more than $250 million in savings.      NO FEES! This program is 100% free to implement and utilize. No PEPM, no percentage of savings, implementation or per bill fees whatsoever Average diagnostic test savings of 50% per procedure (see link to help determine your potential, average savings) Includes concierge service to ensure efficiency, accuracy, convenience and a positive patient experience Quality guarantee on all radiological images ordered through the Relevant program Nationwide Coverage CASE STUDY This case study is from a self funded employer with 10 locations using an Aetna PPO with 1,700 total lives. WITHOUT Relevant Healthcare ° Their 2011 Advanced Radiology billed charges totaled $1,500,000 ° AFTER their PPO discount, the employer paid $1,000,000 WITH Relevant Healthcare ° The SAME procedures in the SAME markets using Relevant Healthcare = $546,000 ° Their Annual, FREE savings potential = $454,000 per year ° Cost to implement and use program = $0 For an assessment of your current radiology services management cost, please contact us at (855) 328-5100 Relevant Healthcare Cost Containment Phone (855) 328-5100 FAX (708) 390-3891

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