Radioisotopes : Properties

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Information about Radioisotopes : Properties

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: AmanVerma028



properties of radio-isotopes


Emits Radiation ● Radioactive isotopes are unstable so they go into a radioactive decay emitting radiations. ● Till they become stable ● 3 types of radiations: Alpha particles (α) Beta particles (β) Gamma particles (γ)


Half-life (t1/2) ● ● The time taken for the activity of a radioisotope to reach half of it's original value. Thus activity decreases with time.

Half-life (t1/2) For example, suppose we had 20,000 atoms of a radioactive substance. If the half-life is 1 hour, how many atoms of that substance would be left after: Time (after) Number of atoms remaining % of atoms remaining 1 Hour (one lifetime) 10,000 50% 2 hours (Two lifetimes) 5,000 25% 3 hours (Three lifetimes) 2,500 12.5%

Half-life & Radioactivity

Penetration Property ● ● Radioactive radiations have different PENETRATING ability. Depends on ''thickness and density'' of material

Penetrating Power of Radiation α β γ n Skin & paper 5mm brass 6mm Al α = alpha β = Beta Pb & concrete Very thick concrete (2m) γ = Gamma n = Neutron

Same Chemical properties ● ● Isotopes of same element have same Chemical properties. Due to same no. of electrons in the 'Outermost Shell'.

Different Physical properties ● Differ from isotopes to isotopes. ● Based on number of neutron.

Different Physical properties ● Differ from isotopes to isotopes. ● Based on number of neutron.

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