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Published on April 14, 2008

Author: Demetrio


Slide1:  The Wabash Valley’s Premier Internet Service Provider HI-99 and WWVR Ad Ideas:  HI-99 and WWVR Ad Ideas Joink, The Gold Medal Contender:  Joink, The Gold Medal Contender Mature Male Voice, Very Enthusiastic Announcer. Olympic Theme. “The Olympic games, a quest to become the best of the best. Joink Internet Service strives to be the Premier Internet Service Provider in the Wabash Valley. Joink is a very promising gold medal contender with broadband solutions, dependable dial-up service, virus scanning, monthly giveaways and more. Visit or your local, authorized Joink Internet dealer today.” Possible Billboard with the Olympic Torch passing in front of Joink with our mission statement and URL. Joink and Bacon:  Joink and Bacon Young, Female Voice. Bacon frying sound effects. “You wouldn’t choose to fry bacon in the nude. You also wouldn’t choose to have a bad Internet connection. Joink Internet provides quality Internet service to the residents and businesses of the Wabash Valley. You can get a broadband or dial-up connection that is second-to-none, and you won’t get burned! For more information, visit or your local, authorized Joink Internet dealer today.” Possible Billboard with skillet on a stovetop and a Tube of Aloe Vera cream beside it with Joink’s mission statement and URL. Joink Balls:  Joink Balls Young girl: “Hey, nice balls! Where can I get balls like that?” Young boy: “My daddy got these balls when he signed up for Joink Internet even though mom told him not too.” Young girl: “Why did he do it if she told him not too?” Young boy: “’cause dad said they were the best.” Mature male: “Joink Internet, the fastest, most dependable Internet connection in the Wabash Valley. To locate your local dealer visit our website at or call 888-31-Joink today.” Young girl: “Maybe my dad should get Joink Internet, so he can get new balls. He’s always mumbling about getting his off of the shelf and dusting them off!” Joink, The Best!:  Joink, The Best! Theme from Rocky in the background “Joink Internet Service strives to be the best. A certain young man from French Lick didn’t start out his career as the best basketball player to come from Indiana. He had to grow as a player, which took hard work. Joink Internet works hard for you, the people of the Wabash Valley, to provide the fast, dependable Internet Services that you deserve. We provide knowledgeable technicians until midnight every day of the week to meet your support needs, and Joink offers high-speed Internet to more people in the Wabash Valley than any other provider. For more information, call 888-31-JOINK or visit for the Authorized Dealer in your area. Get the best; Get Joink Internet today!” Possible Billboard with Joink basketball about to fall through the hoop and a large crowd in the background cheering. Also include our URL and mission statement. The Joink Comparison:  The Joink Comparison Music: “Simply the Best” “Apples and oranges, black and white. It’s easy to compare the differences in some things. You know a racehorse is better than a pony. A Corvette is better than a Cavalier, and a Lear Jet is better than an old bi-plane. You know what all of these things have in common besides the fact that they’re better? That’s right; they’re faster just like Joink Internet services. Call 888-31-JOINK or visit for your local, Authorized Joink Internet Dealer. Then you’ll know. Joink Internet. Faster. Better. It doesn’t even compare. Get Joink Internet today!” Joink Virus Protection:  Joink Virus Protection “You wouldn’t go deer hunting without wearing orange. You wouldn’t let your sixteen year-old take your car without knowing every last detail. You also wouldn’t fry bacon in the nude unless you were at least wearing an apron. So why would you not take precautions before you get on the Internet? You wouldn’t. Joink Internet service knows that you want to be as safe as possible everywhere, even on the Internet, and that’s why we provide virus scanning. Signing up for our Internet service is the fastest, easiest thing you can do to give yourself an added layer of protection on-line. So call 888-31-JOINK today or see your local Joink authorized dealer.” ! Joink Wars:  Joink Wars Lightsaber-like sound effects with theme similar to Star Wars playing in the background. “Joink Internet is on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s technology. We’re determined to be the Premier Internet Service Provider here in the Wabash Valley. Joink is also blazing the trail for high-speed internet in rural areas. We currently have local bases throughout west-central Indiana and are beginning to advance the front into Illinois. You no longer need to fight the battle against busy signals and disconnects, with our cutting-edge software, we’ll do that for you. For more information, Call 888-31-JOINK or visit for the Authorized Dealer in your area. Get Joink Internet today!” Possible Billboard with the slogan “The Wabash Valley’s Premier Internet Service.”

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