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Published on February 19, 2009

Author: amieforest



This is a presentation on Radio Engage, a Knight News Challenge winning project of Quiddities Dev Inc., given at the Public Media Conference in Atlanta February 18, 2009.

RADIO•engage IMA – Atlanta CMS Roundtable

CMS – who cares? CMS Benefits Control - Control your content from creation to consumption Task Distribution - Ability to distribute tasks throughout the organization and NOT rely on already resource strapped web team (web dev resources are extremely constrained within pub radio stations) Findability - Provide searchable content repositories

CMS – is it worth the effort? CMS Value Proposition What if your CMS could expand your reach? Are there age demographics you aren’t reaching? Are there geographic locations your aren’t reaching? Are there minorities you aren’t reaching?

CMS – is it worth the effort? CMS Value Proposition What if your CMS increased your web traffic? –  Imagine a resource that would allow users to contribute content –  Imagine a resource that would allow users to be heard

CMS – is it worth the effort? CMS Value Proposition Expanded reach + increase web traffic = ? –  You have built a marketable web property that can be monetized through the traditional means of underwriting –  You have built a web property that connects members to their radio station and creates an affection for your brand

Why Drupal? Why’s everyone talking about Drupal? •  Traditionally the selection of a software vendor is based on an assessment of the value and quality of the product, the support reputation and their ability to grow the product. (Hint: use the same criteria for open source tools and you’ll see why Drupal installs are growing at a rapid pace) •  Global research and development team •  Active user community that is growing year over year •  International developer conference twice a year •  User groups across the country with monthly meetups and regional conferences •  Acquia is providing commercially supported Drupal

Why NOT Drupal? I’ve heard Drupal is … (fill in the blank) •  Robust, but difficult to learn •  Comprehensive, but the user interface stinks! (show eyeball tracker of drupal admin screen) •  It’s a swiss army knife, but it isn’t built specifically for public media

Enter RADIO•engage Creating a Turn-key Software solution for Radio Drupal •  We’ve done the research •  We’ve identified the best selection of Drupal modules to support a public media station •  We’re providing an installation profile with the Drupal modules, content types and roles preconfigured and ready to go -- we are flattening the the steep learning curve for public media •  We’re providing a more intuitive administration interface that is specific to station roles (producer, volunteer, member) •  We’ve incorporated a philosophy of engagement; leveraging Drupal functionality and 3rd party social media tools – Your CMS is now a conversation platform

What is RADIO•engage? Station Management Member Tools Targeted Underwriting Member Profiles Acquia support Communities of Interest Audio Storage Engagement Tools Audio Management Blogs Audio Archive Comments Twitter Content Tools Friendfeed Site Content Utterli News Aggregation Flickr Community YouTube Calendar Facebook Program Profiles UserVoice

Why Engage? Be the digital heart of your community •  Social Media was all a ‘twitter in 2008 •  Local is the opportunity for 2009 •  Local stations (especially the small to midsize markets) have the opportunity to be the digital heart of your community •  e opportunity is at your doorstep •  Give them a reason to participate •  Live the mission – public radio FOR the public •  Public radio is the right place for democratizing media

Why Public Radio? e time is now •  Your audience is ready •  ey are listening … now … but for how long? •  Give them a reason to participate •  Live the mission – public radio FOR the public •  Public radio is the right place for democratizing media

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