Radiant Floor Heating

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Information about Radiant Floor Heating
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Published on November 12, 2009

Author: gtglobe

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It is increasingly becoming a choice as a material to be used for radiant flooring heating for houses and other commercial applications.

Better heating systems with PEX PEX has been used in variety of places like domestic water piping, insulation for high- tension electrical cables, chemical transportation, transportation of sewage and slurries. It is increasingly becoming a choice as a material to be used for radiant flooring heating for houses and other commercial applications. Radiant flooring heat is perhaps the most widely recognized and viable option for floor heating. Leaving apart the fact that PEX tubing settings make it easier to install, it is also very economical to use, and hence lot of industries are looking forward to it for their radiant floor heating needs. It is already used widely used in China and Korea because of its economic viability. Although, it isn’t always cheaper than most people believe. PEX radiant floor heating is good for houses that are medium size to houses which are already well insulated and use advanced construction methods. Also, using PEX products for radiant floor heating make best sense when the energy requirements of the house are designed in accordance with the tubing and flooring designs, which in turn saves lot of heating capacity, which in turn will save lots of fuel. Installation is one thing that can make or break a PEX system using radiant floor heating to make life warmer. For saving energy, radiant floor heating must use separate insulation system for more effectiveness; the insulation's may be using one of the available PEX insulation's. One has to be careful while buying the right kind of insulation for the house. A radiant flooring heat system, when designed and installed properly, can turn out to be the most effective and economic heating solution that you may have ever come across. And, also, an effectively designed PEX radiant system should use the most efficient heat source. PEX tubing is the ideal choice for carrying the radiant systems as there are no compatibility issues when doing so. Some of the advantages of using PEX systems for radiant floor heating systems are: •Possibility of even distribution of heat instead of localized heating •As compared to forced system of heating, no humidification is needed •The heat produced is very comfortable when compared to other systems •PEX radiant floor heating systems are definitely less expensive in the long term •PEX systems are environment friendly •The noise produced with such systems is minimum •PEX systems retain heat for longer periods of time compared to other systems

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