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Published on January 8, 2008

Author: Michelangelo

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Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology:  Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology April 13, 1998 International Nuclear Safety Program Program Objectives:  Program Objectives Enhance nuclear safety and regulatory infrastructure Strengthen operational and physical plant conditions Enhance safety culture DOE-NE International Nuclear Safety Program:  DOE-NE International Nuclear Safety Program Objectives Conduct safety evaluations that meet international standards Improve the physical condition of plants and install safety equipment Establish a nuclear safety culture in which safety takes priority over power production Develop improved safety procedures and train operators in their use Establish regional training centers for reactor personnel Develop a legislative and regulatory framework for nuclear plant design, construction and operation that meets international requirements. DOE-NE International Nuclear Safety Program (Cont.):  DOE-NE International Nuclear Safety Program (Cont.) Conduct of operations Operator exchanges Configuration management Training Simulator development Emergency operating instructions Event reporting and analysis DOE-NE International Nuclear Safety Program (Cont.):  DOE-NE International Nuclear Safety Program (Cont.) Quality assurance Nondestructive examination Safety systems upgrades and assessments Nuclear fuel management improvements Regulatory / institutional framework development Slide6:  U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology Policy & Guidance • Russia • Ukraine • Bulgaria • Czech Republic • Hungary • Lithuania • Slovakia • Armenia Program Implementation Lead Technical and Administrative Support Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Host Country Organizations and Nuclear Power Plants U.S. Industrial Organizations U.S. National Laboratories Participating Countries Coordination with G-7, International Financial Institutions U.S. Department of State U.S. Agency for International Development U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Program Participants • Kazakhstan Program Participants:  Program Participants United States Participants Government Agencies National Laboratories Electric Utilities Industrial Organizations Reactor Vendor Firms Architect-Engineer Firms Equipment Vendor Firms Consultant Firms Program Participants (Cont.):  Program Participants (Cont.) Host Country Participants Government Agencies Scientific Institutes Reactor Owners/Operators Industrial Organizations Reactor Vendor Firms Architect-Engineer Firms Testing Facilities Organizations and Roles:  Organizations and Roles State, AID, NRC Roles: • Policy • Funding Source • Negotiation/Agreement G-7 and European Union Countries Roles: • Partners in Former Soviet Union Country Activities Host Countries: Former Soviet Union Countries and Other Nations Cooperating on Nuclear Issues Roles: • Defines Program Needs • Technical Project Implementation • Recipients of Technology Transfer Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology Office of International Nuclear Safety Roles: • Policy/Program Management • Technical Oversight • Budget/Financial Oversight • Government Negotiations/Agreements Soviet-Designed Nuclear Reactors:  Soviet-Designed Nuclear Reactors International Nuclear Safety Program:  International Nuclear Safety Program Nuclear Safety Shutdown and Decommissioning Chornobyl Heat Plant Capacity Factor Improvements Chornobyl Safety Center Total Funds for Ukraine Funds Allocated Through FY 1998 Current Nuclear Energy Projects in Ukraine ($ millions) Bilateral Shelter Projects 146.50 3.55 9.00 0.85 6.40 16.60 182.90 U.S. Nuclear Safety Support in Ukraine:  U.S. Nuclear Safety Support in Ukraine Chornobyl Projects:  Chornobyl Projects 1. Site replacement Heat Plant 2. Unit 1 shutdown and deactivation 3. Shelter implementation plan and bilateral projects 4. Chornobyl Center Chornobyl – Nuclear Power Plant:  Chornobyl – Nuclear Power Plant Chornobyl Site Replacement Heat Plant:  Chornobyl Site Replacement Heat Plant One of the nine facilities needed for site heating and Chornobyl decommissioning; U.S. commitment to G-7 Other facilities being funded by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Commission Joint DOE/Ukraine cost-shared project; U.S. $12.5 million, Ukraine & $7.5 million U.S. payments tied to 30 performance-based milestones 290 MWt facility to be commissioned by March 2000 Construction to be completed in two phases Phase 1 by August 1998 Phase 2 by October 1999 Overall project management responsibility with Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant; oversight by DOE/PNNL and subcontractors ChNPP project management group staffed and mobilized Chornobyl Site Replacement Heat Plant – (Cont.):  Chornobyl Site Replacement Heat Plant – (Cont.) FY 1996 $6.0M FY 1997 FY 1998 $3.0M FY 1999 $3.5M Funding Chornobyl Site Replacement Heat Plant – (Cont.) :  Chornobyl Site Replacement Heat Plant – (Cont.) Unit 1 Shutdown and Deactivation:  Unit 1 Shutdown and Deactivation December 1995 Memorandum of Understanding between G-7 and government of Ukraine to close Chornobyl reactors by 2000; G-7 agree to help Ukraine in Chornobyl closure August 1995 decommissioning plan developed by AEA Technologies under European Commission Tacis -- 540 MECU cost Nine major facilities needed for decommissioning Westinghouse lead Project Management Unit under EBRD funding for design and construction of liquid radwaste facilities SGN and AEA Technologies On-Site Assistance Team under Tacis responsible for developing licensing and detailed D&D plan and solid waste facilities EBRD, EC, and U.S. close coordination to avoid duplication of efforts U.S. support focused on Unit 1 permanent shutdown and deactivation; EBRD and EC support focused on D&D plans, safety cases, and facilities Unit 1 Shutdown and Deactivation – (Cont.):  Unit 1 Shutdown and Deactivation – (Cont.) U.S. bilateral project initially focused on front end work for developing requirements for: D&D needs Detailed D&D plan Safety analysis report Comprehensive radiation and engineering survey Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers and Nuclear Regulatory Administration have recently required ChNPP to develop and implement shutdown and quality assurance plan, and prepare safety analysis for Unit 1 U.S. support has been redirected to assist ChNPP in development and implementation of activities for Unit 1 shutdown to: Establish and document existing Plant configuration, physical condition and radiation levels Develop safety analysis report/technical specifications/procedures to support deactivation of unecessary system Funding FY 1997 $3.55M DOE Involvement at Chornobyl Shelter:  DOE Involvement at Chornobyl Shelter Objective: To assist in international effort to convert Chornobyl Shelter and destroyed reactor Unit 4 into a stable, environmentally safe, manageable system Approach: Provide urgent operational safety improvements Support international program Avoid conflicts and duplication Chornobyl:  Chornobyl 26 April 1986 Damaged Unit Chornobyl – Unit 4 (sarcophagus construction):  Chornobyl – Unit 4 (sarcophagus construction) Chornobyl:  Chornobyl Completion of SARCOPHAGUS November 1986 Basis for DOE-NE Involvement with Shelter:  Basis for DOE-NE Involvement with Shelter December 1995 Memorandum of Understanding between Ukraine and G-7 countries Commits Ukraine to Chornobyl closure by 2000 Commits G-7 to assistance and compensation for power replacement Conversion of Shelter to safe stable confinement Energy replacement Restructuring of energy sector Social and economic recovery programs Shelter Project Chronology:  Shelter Project Chronology International Competition, 1992 – 1993 Study: Alliance-Shelter Study (EC-TACIS), 1994–1995 Memorandum of Understanding (G-7 - Ukraine), December 1995 Study: Short- and Long-Term Measures (EC-TACIS+US-DOE), 1996 Study: Shelter Implementation Plan (EC-TACIS+US-DOE), 1997 SIP-Approval (G-7-Ukraine), June 1997 Shelter Implementation Plan:  Shelter Implementation Plan The SIP is a logic-based program based on Shelter information, analyses, and assessments available to date and featuring: Early Biddable Projects (EBPs) to develop the bases for optimizing and finalizing design decisions Also define and initiate balance of required infrastructure improvements 10 milestones (3 key) to integrate and drive final decisions Long-term tasks to achieve safe confinement compatible with FCM removal strategy / decisions Shelter Implementation Plan :  Shelter Implementation Plan Criteria for Selection and Specification of Early Biddable Projects:  Criteria for Selection and Specification of Early Biddable Projects Urgent to risk management Essential to improve levels of knowledge and engineering to support decision making Critical path Readily implementable Created construction infrastructure Early Biddable Projects – (Cont.):  Early Biddable Projects – (Cont.) Civil Engineering Stabilization, design integration and mobilization Structural investigation and monitoring Geotechnical investigation Safe confinement strategy Operations and Monitoring Seismic characterization and monitoring Radiological protection program Industrial safety, fire protection, infrastructure and access control Integrated monitoring system Integrated database/configuration management Early Biddable Projects – (Cont.):  Early Biddable Projects – (Cont.) Emergency Systems Emergency preparedness Dust management Emergency dust suppression system Criticality control and nuclear safety Contained water management Fuel Containing Material Fuel containing material (FCM) initial characterization FCM removal and waste management strategy FCM removal technology development Early Biddable Project Cash Flow Analysis:  Early Biddable Project Cash Flow Analysis SIP Schedule Overview:  SIP Schedule Overview SIP approved by G7/GOU 5/97 G-7 pledges $300M (U.S. = $78M) 6/97 Ukrainians pledge $50M 7/97 PMU/EBP expressions of interest 8/15 - 9/15/97 ROW pledges $37M 11/97 PMU RFPs 12/15/97 - 2/15/98 EBP RFPs 12/15/97 - 3/15/98 EBP awards/performance 6/98 - 1/4/99 Key decision PI 3/99 (Stabilization & shielding strategy) Long-term projects 4/99 - 3/06 SIP Project Structure:  SIP Project Structure EBRD EBRD Monitor International Advisory Group NRA Liaison Group EPO 1 EPO 2 EPO 3 G-7 R0W Ch NPP $ $ PMU ChNPP Consultant Donors Fund Administration Beneficiary Executing Agency Architect Engineers Contractors/suppliers U.S. Bilateral Chornobyl Shelter Projects:  U.S. Bilateral Chornobyl Shelter Projects Objective: To provide materials, equipment, and training needed improve worker safety ~$9.9M Support international efforts Equipment needs projects Dose reduction Neutron (criticality) monitoring Dust suppression Industrial safety Chornobyl Shelter Project U.S. Early Start Projects:  Chornobyl Shelter Project U.S. Early Start Projects Objective: Complete front-end studies and urgent safety measures that enhance or accelerate SIP implementation ~$2.6M Unit 3/4 vent stack stabilization Preliminary studies and assessments (modeling needs assessment, robotics needs assessment, structural background information, emergency planning assessment) International Chornobyl Center:  International Chornobyl Center A New Collaborative Research Center Will Help Ukraine Safely Manage Nuclear Activities and Solve Environmental Cleanup Problems Chornobyl Center:  Chornobyl Center Chornobyl Center established with the following objectives: Provide a means to address environmental, ecological, and health issues for areas affected by the Chornobyl accident Help to mitigate the socioeconomic impacts associated with the closure of the Chornobyl plant Develop sustainable operational safety programs that support Ukrainian nuclear power plants Help develop and maintain in-country expertise in nuclear sciences Address decontamination and decommissioning, spent fuel, and waste management issues at Chornobyl and elsewhere in Ukraine. Chornobyl Initiative (Cont.):  Chornobyl Initiative (Cont.) April 1996, Ukraine established International Chornobyl Center for Nuclear Safety, Radioactive Waste and Radioecology in Slavutich DOE helped start up Center and has initiated several projects Satellite communications established between Slavutich and Richland, Washington

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