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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: abrahamsk100

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With the break of dawn on September 1, 1939, German bombers headed to Poland. Eight days later they bombed the town of Losice, Poland.

Losice family home.

Attic hiding place.

The deportation, Losice 1942 (Source: Loshytz, Lezecher un umgekumener kehila)

Jail in Losice with holding cells where Renée and David (Rivkeh and Berko) were held.

Above: Detail of area around the farm (labeled Karbicki) which was a hiding place for 8 members of Renée’s family. Motl, a family friend and others were hidden by Wacek in Dubicze. In between was the farm where Renée’s younger brother Irving was hidden. Below: Area in western Poland, around Losice. The Bug was the dividing line between German Wehrmacht and Russian Red Army forces following the 1939 invasion of Poland in he Second World War.

The shed in which some of the members of the Losice family hid from November 1942 to July 1944. Farmer Stanisław Szczerbicki (pseudonym Karbiki in The House of Ashes) of Koszelowka and two daughters. Staska & Janka


Renée Glassner’s Holocaust Survival

The forest near Dubicze where many Jews hid.

Standing ( left to right ) - David, Malka, Henia>, Jankiel ( Jacob ) . Seated ( left to right ) - Chaim, Rywka (now Renee and the donor of these photos ), Yospa, Noah , and Moishele Losice.

Chaim Losice. Fell in battle at Normandy in August 1944

Malka (wife of Dovid) and child.

Losice (later Gewirtzman) family. Lido di Roma Italy 1947. Standing: Itzik (Irving), Berko (David), and Rywka (Renée) Seated: Yankel (Jacob) and Henia (Anna)

Members of Kibbutz BaHazit in Lido Di Roma. [Photograph #56437] Though the rest of the Kibbutz went to La Spezia harbor to board an illegal ship for Palestine, Berl and his cousin remained behind after his parents begged him to keep the family intact.

Renee (Rywka), her mother Anna (Henia), and her father Jacob (Yankel) at the lighting of Channukah light in the year 1987

Interior of the Losice family apartment, on a return visit (n 198 0s?) Current owner showing the door to the attic.

The house of the Losice family in Losice. On a return visit.

Last pre-war rare photo of the Jewish cemetery in Losice.

Renee Glassner expressing importance of Losice memorial.

Display of matzevot and Hannah Weinberg, dedication ceremony, May 2008

One of two plaques at front gate the memorial plaque in 3 languages: Polish, Hebrew, English

Far left Viktor Lewin. In front is Marisa Abrahams then Renée and Martin Glassner and far right - Barbara Hilpman

Bishop Kiernikowski and Rabbi Michael Schudrich, the chief Rabbi of Poland

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