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Published on December 15, 2017

Author: gcmohanta29

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slide 1: INNOVATION RD MANAGEMENT – ASSIGNMENTS MBA – II Year - By Dr. G C Mohanta Unit – I 1. a What is RD b What are the purposes or objectives of RD 2. a What is Research and Development RD Management b Discuss RD Management and the Industrial Context. 3. a How does RD investment affect company growth b How do you classify RD 4. a Discuss RD and its Link with Business Strategy. b Discuss the Strategic Pressures on RD. Unit – II 1. a Discuss the Changing Nature of RD Management. b How do you to carry out Effective Research Development Management c What is Technology Acquisition d Discuss the different types of technology acquisition. 2. a What is External Technology Acquisition b Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of External Technology Acquisition. c Discuss the Steps to be taken in External Technology Acquisition. d Discuss the Factors affecting the External Technology Acquisition. 3. a Discuss the need for External Technology Acquisition. b Discuss the Barriers to External Technology Acquisition. c How do you overcome the Barriers to External Technology Acquisition 4. a Discuss the product innovation process. b Discuss the steps in linking with the product innovation process and funding RD. c Discuss the various methods for evaluating RD. Unit – III 1. a How do you assess Knowledge Discuss in detail. b Discuss the Accumulation of Knowledge in detail. 2. a Why is RD important b How do you leverage knowledge Discuss in detail. 3. a What are the typical RD functions in Business b Discuss the typical business strategy of a company. 4. a Is there any need to integrate RD to overall business strategy b Discuss the Business Context for RD. Unit – IV slide 2: 1. a What is Technology Absorption b Discuss the differences between Technology Acquisition and Technology Absorption. c Discuss the Structure/Components of Technology Absorption. d How do organizations manage technology absorption e What is Technology Diffusion f Discuss the Reasons for Technology Adaptation. 2. a How do you improve Externally Acquired Technology b Discuss the phases to be followed by a firm to improve the externally acquired technology. c What is Innovation and Invention d Discuss the Characteristics and Goals of Innovation. e Discuss the types of Innovation and the Components of Innovation. f Discuss the Innovation Process and Innovation Process Models. 3. a What is Technology Development/Generation b What are the activities involved in Technology Generation c Discuss Technology Generation Process. d Discuss S Curve of Technology Evolution. 4. Write Short Notes on: a In-house RD b Cooperative RD c RD Collaboration d Research Societies e Research Companies f R D Process g Corporate RD and its objectives. Unit – V 1. a Define Strategy. b Define Strategic Management of RD. c Discuss Strategic Management of RD in detail. 2. a Discuss the Core Competencies. b Give some examples of Core Competencies. 3. a Discuss the criteria Core Competencies have for sustainable competitive advantage b Give examples of Core Competencies for some firms. 4. What is the Competitor Framework Discuss in detail.

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