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Published on February 8, 2008

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Quizfaq.com How To Design A Map Quiz That Even A Cartographer Would Love Q. How can I design an interesting map quiz? A. You can't. At least you can't if you intend to design a map quiz where you draw some geographical areas and then ask quot;Where is South America?quot;. While that would definitely qualify as a map quiz, it wouldn't make the grade of an quot;interestingquot; map quiz. There is a thin line between geography quiz and map quiz. Once you cross that line, and get away from the simple geography, you can make a map quiz downright interesting. For example, you might design a map quiz that asks questions about how maps are actually made. A lot of people don't realize the magic that is needed to represent a round world on a flat piece of paper. Questions along this line could be very enlightening. Another great set of map quiz questions could deal with how to navigate a ship using charts and a pair of dividers. You could ask them to determine how many nautical miles it is between two points. Maybe you'd like to combine a map quiz with a scavenger or treasure hunt. Bury something valuable somewhere and then create treasure maps. The map quiz could ask questions that can only be answered by reading the map. As each question gets answered the person gets closer to finding the prize. Another great idea would be to present a complex problem that has to be solved by being able to read and understand a map thoroughly. Here's an example: You have 10 days vacation and decide to take a car trip around the United States. You can drive no more than 10 hours per day and you can drive no faster than 55 miles per hour. Your trip must start and end in the same State. Other than that, you may not visit any state more than once. You must exit a state at the opposite border that you entered it from. For

Quizfaq.com example, if you entered a state from the North, you must exit from the South. if you entered from the Northeast, you must exit from the Southwest. At the end of each 10 hour period you must spend the night (14 hours) in a town or city whose name contains the letter quot;equot;. Using the map, mark your daily route, including the number of miles driven, and circle the name of the town or city that you spent the night in. Be sure to write the day # as well. The person who visits the most states in the 10 day period wins. That ought to be a map quiz that will be remembered for some time to come. Remember, a map quiz doesn't have to be dull and boring; use your imagination to develop a map quiz that challenges and stimulates.

Quizfaq.com Would Chopin Have Passed A Music Quiz? Q. My children are very interested in playing music. Is there such a thing as a music quiz for kids? A. Sure there's such a thing as a music quiz, and you can find one right inside of your head. Just reach up there, pull it out, and put it down on paper. I'm serious. Who knows where your children's musical interests lie better than you? Right -- no one; so instead of finding some pre-made music quiz, which may or may not challenge them at the levels that you want them to be challenged, go ahead and write your own. The key to writing you own music quiz is... quot;Gquot;. OK, just kidding. The key to writing your own music quiz is to come up with questions that will interest and challenge your children. Make the quiz a mixture of technical, factual, and trivial (which is a lot like factual but with subjects that are more fun). Let's suppose that your son plays the guitar and your daughter plays the flute. Yes, I know that I'm using stereotypes but it's just too hard to be politically correct when you're a simple Quizmaster. A technical question for your son might be: quot;What does 'playing harmonics' mean?quot; While your daughter's technical music quiz question might be: quot;What is acoustic impedance and why is it important to a flute player?quot; By asking questions that go beyond what their music teacher asks you are helping your child develop a 360 degree view into their instrument. They'll be naturally better players when they understand how and why those notes are produced and how to stretch their instrument to its limits by manipulating and understanding the laws of physics that control the instruments. Physics? Can a music quiz teach physics? You bet it can. Since your children are interested in music, and you're going to be taking the time to write a music quiz, why not fool them into learning other subjects by using music as the entry point into a learning experience? You may just find that what started out as a simple music quiz becomes a lesson

Quizfaq.com in understanding how science and mathematics interact with everything that we touch, see, and think. With a little bit of thought your music quiz can become a a major cornerstone of knowledge for a couple of musically inclined kids.

Quizfaq.com Bring Out The Wizard In Kids With A Harry Potter Quiz Q. I think that Harry Potter provides an excellent learning opportunity for my kids. How can I take advantage of his popularity to teach my children something? A. You're on the right track here I think. A Harry Potter quiz would be an outstanding vehicle to teach your children logic. You don't necessarily have to focus on particular scenes from any of the books or movies, you can use a Harry Potter quiz as a foothold into a wider learning experience. For example, you could devise a Harry Potter quiz that sets up a scenario where Harry Potter is faced with a problem that needs to be solved. He can use 1/3 magic, 1/3 math, and 1/3 logic to solve the problem. For example: You could create a Harry Potter quiz question that says: quot;Harry Potter is lost in the Forbidden Forrest. He has forgotten his magic wand and his spell book. All he has is his watch, a telescope, and one spell that lets him understand what animals are saying but doesn't let them understand him. Help Harry Potter get back to Hogwarts.quot; Let me just say that I'm not sure that this particular Harry potter quiz question can even be answered. It's your job to write the quiz, I'm only here to give you ideas. What you want to make sure is that you don't just go for the easy answer and create a Harry Potter trivia quiz. That won't do anything for your goal of creating a Harry Potter quiz that will teach your children something. Be creative and imaginative. The results of a well-crafted Harry Potter quiz will be magical if you do it right.

Quizfaq.com You Don't Have To Be A Rocket Scientist To Pass An IQ Quiz Q. Can you really tell anything about someone's intelligence by having them take an IQ quiz? A. The answer to this question requires a bit of background information, so let me put my professor hat on and tell you a story. An IQ quiz measures a person's Intelligence Quotient (IQ). IQ is calculated using this formula: IQ = 100 MA/CA where MA = Mental Age and CA = Chronological Age. The IQ test was originated back in 1905 by French psychologist Alfred Binet and his physician research partner Dr. Theodore Simon. These two guys came up with the quot;Binet Simon Testquot;. This test's purpose was to measure the intelligence of retarded children. The test was based upon several observations: 1. Children grow more mentally capable as they grow older 2. Some children perform at higher grade and age levels than their actual grade and age level. While other children are just the opposite. The mental age (MA) portion of the formula is the age level that the child is found to perform at. For example, a 6-year-old who performed at the level of an 8-year- old, is assigned a MA of 8 and, of course, a CA of 6. Conversely, an 8-year-old, who performed at the level of a 6-year-old, is given a CA of 8 and a MA of 6. With me so far? If you are then you've already passed my IQ test because I'm starting to get confused and I'm the one who is writing this article! 3. Binet and Simpson also discovered that these gaps between MA and CA grew wider as the children aged. Our child who had a MA of 8 when he was 6, was found to have a MA of 12 by the time that he reached age 8. Conversely, the child who had a MA of 6 when he was 9, had a MA of 8 when he reached 12. 4. They also noticed that although the MA/CA gap widened as the children grew older, the ratio of MA:CA remained constant. This constant ratio was called the quot;Intelligence Quotientquot;.

Quizfaq.com The IQ quiz, or IQ test, was developed as a way of determining the MA:CA ratio of any person at any age. So, what (if anything) can be deduced about a person based upon the results of an IQ quiz? According to an article quot;The General Intelligence Factorquot;, Scientific American Presents quot;Exploring Intelligencequot;, pg. 24, 1999, author Linda Gottfredson writes: quot;Adults in the bottom 5% of the IQ distribution (below 75) are very difficult to train and are not competitive for any occupation on the basis of ability. Serious problems in training low-IQ military recruits during World War II led Congress to ban enlistment from the lowest 10% (below 80) of the population, and no civilian occupation in modern economies routinely recruits its workers from that below-80 range.quot; quot;Current military enlistment standards exclude any individual whose IQ is below about 85.quot; quot;Persons of average IQ (between 90 and 100) are not competitive for most professional and executive-level work but are easily trained for the bulk of jobs in the American economy. By contrast, individuals in the top 5 percent of the adult population can essentially train themselves, and few occupations are beyond their reach mentally.quot; quot;People with IQs between 75 and 90 are 88 times more likely to drop out of high school, seven times more likely to be jailed, and five times more likely as adults to live in poverty than people with IQs between 110 and 125. The 75-to-90 IQ woman is eight times more likely to become a chronic welfare recipient, and four times as likely to bear an illegitimate child than the 110-to-125-IQ woman.quot; Wow, those are some pretty dramatic conclusions that are based solely upon IQ as determined by an IQ quiz. If you believe what Ms. Gottfredson writes, then the answer to your question of quot;Can you really tell anything about someone's intelligence by having them take an IQ quiz?quot; is: It would appear so. Like any quiz, however, don't feel too bad if you quot;failquot; an IQ Quiz. Some people just suck at taking tests!

Quizfaq.com Trying to Talk to Reach Teens? Maybe a Teen Quiz can Help Q. I'm a new 8th grade teacher and I don't have a lot of experience with teens. Could you help me with a teen quiz that will get them thinking? A. Before I help you with a teen quiz, let me say quot;good for youquot;! Many new teachers start out in elementary school and then work their way up to the big leagues. You jumped right into the deep water and I'm proud of you. I love teachers. So, you want to reach teens and you're hoping that a teen quiz will get you some results. One of the key concepts to keep in mind is that you don't want your teens thinking that you're trying to be one of them, or that you're invading their age group. Remember, even if you're in your mid 20's, you're quot;oldquot; to someone who is 13. You need to design a teen quiz that makes them think that you respect their opinions and that you are treating them like an quot;adultquot;. That means instead of a teen quiz that asks quot;which one of the MTV VJ's wear the most bling blingquot;, you want to ask questions that allow them to show your their intellectual and emotional sides. At the same time you need to keep in mind that the word quot;quizquot; smells an awful lot like the word quot;testquot; and we all know how much kids hate taking tests. Maybe instead of calling it a teen quiz, you'd get more mileage out of calling it a Teen Opinion Poll. Now that you've disguised the teen quiz, you can go on to fool them into actually thinking about whatever subject you're responsible for teaching them. For example, a question such as quot;What makes people want to plant car bombs?quot; opens up multiple discussion opportunities. You can talk about hate, racism, anti- semitism, religious intolerance, political intrigue, current events and historical events. See how just one well designed question can start a meaningful discussion? Imagine if you had time for even one teen quiz a week, and you could pick one question that would stretch the boundaries of their everyday thoughts and conversations. By the end of the year your teen quiz will likely result in a more aware and educated child than you might have if you just crammed knowledge down their throats every day. A teen quiz can be the key that unlocks their mind. Good luck and thanks for

Quizfaq.com being a teacher!

Quizfaq.com If You Really Need A Dating Quiz, Maybe You Shouldn't Be Dating Q. My boyfriend failed a dating quiz. Should I dump him? A. If you're the type that hates to be dumped, then you should dump him before he finds out that you even asked this question. If you put so much value on a dating quiz that you're willing to break off a relationship because someone quot;failedquot; it, then maybe you're not ready for dating yet. You see, a dating quiz is written for entertainment purposes only. I'm not trying to be sexist here, but they are usually written for girls and young woman, and they are designed to prey upon your natural insecurities. They are biased towards some unrealistic viewpoint of what the perfect partner is and the perfect partner doesn't exist. I remember a dating quiz that asked if my girlfriend reached over to unlock the driver's door after I let her into the passenger door. If I answered quot;Yesquot; then she would make a perfect wife. If I answered quot;Noquot; then I should run away! Come on, get real. If that's all it took to be a perfect wife there would never be any divorces. My point, at the risk of repeating myself, is that a dating quiz shouldn't be taken seriously. In fact, there is a good chance that they shouldn't be taken at all. Your common sense knows whether or not you are dating someone who is good or bad for you. You don't need some overworked writer, working against a deadline to fill up some white space in a magazine, or on a web site, to tell you whether or not you should dump someone on the basis of your answers to a dating quiz. Not if you're anyone who is worth dating, that is.

Quizfaq.com What Does It Really Mean When You quot;Pass or Failquot; A Relationship Quiz? Q. It seems that no matter what magazine I am reading there is always some new relationship quiz being published. Aren't these a bunch of baloney? A. Well, even baloney has a purpose if you're looking for a quick sandwich. The honest answer is that it depends upon the quiz. A relationship quiz that is written by a certified relationship professional, such as a licensed marriage counsellor or a psychologist, has a better chance of providing insight to a relationship than does one that is written by a magazine writer who was told to fill 1200 words of white space with a relationship quiz. Of course, like anything else, garbage in, garbage out. What I mean is that no matter how structured or professional a relationship quiz is, the answers can be skewed by answering the questions dishonestly. So, if you're one of those people who want to quot;read their partner's mindquot; by having them take a relationship quiz, the chances are that the savvy partner is going to answer with whatever THEY think YOU want the answer to be. A relationship quiz works best when you take it by yourself and you answer every question honestly. It's imperative that you keep in mind that these quizzes, and their corresponding quot;correctquot; answers, are written for a generic audience and the results may not be typical of your personal circumstances. Here's a real honest quot;for examplequot;. My wife and I are very Italian and we both have a quick quot;Romanquot; temper. When one of us lights the spark in the other one, we can go from peaceful to a full-fledged screaming and ranting argument in under 1 minute. Twenty minutes later, it's all over and you'd never know it happened. Now, it's very likely that if either of us took a quiz that centered on disagreements and how they are handled, the end results would be: RUN AWAY! But let me tell you this, after 20 years together, we're both still very much in love and everyone in our lives knows it! My point here is that while a relationship quiz might be fun to take, don't call a lawyer, or a preacher, simply because you quot;passedquot; or quot;failedquot; it. Love is far too complicated to base your future on the results of a relationship quiz.

Quizfaq.com How To Tell A Test Quiz Before It Bites You On The Nose Q. My teacher says that we are going to have a test quiz next week. Isn't that term a bit redundant? What in the world is a test quiz? A. Ah, the wiley test quiz. It's an odd creature indeed and it is very rarely encountered in the wild. In fact, you are a very lucky student to have a teacher that even knows what a test quiz is much less is wiling to administer one. A test quiz is a preparatory quiz that is given in advance of a major test. Its purpose is to familiarize you with the type of questions that are going to be asked on the major test without revealing the actual questions that will be asked. For example, if you've ever taken the PSAT test, then you've taken a test quiz. The PSAT test is designed to prepare you to take the actual SAT tests that many colleges require high school students to take before applying for admission. The fact that your teacher is willing to give you a test quiz means that he or she truly cares about you and wants you to do well on the actual test that will soon follow. If you read between the lines, you might also see where your teacher is saying words to the effect of quot;the actual test is going to be tough folks so I'm going to give you a test quiz, in advance, so you'll have a better idea what you'll need to study.quot; There aren't many teachers who are willing to take the time to write a test quiz and that's the reason why most students will never see one in the quot;wildquot;. Take advantage of you teacher's generosity and study well for your test quiz. The chances are you'll see the same concepts in the actual test that you saw in the test quiz. If you do well on the test quiz then you'll probably do well on the test itself. If you fail the test quiz, however, you'd better hits the books harder and leave the partying until after the test.

Quizfaq.com Should You Make A Career Decision Based Upon A Career Quiz? Q. I'm about to graduate High School and I don't know what I want to be quot;when I grow upquot;. Do you think that a career quiz might help me decide? A. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! But maybe not for the reasons that you think. You see, as the great Quizmaster, I've found one thing to be true: A career quiz, or any quiz for that matter, is always biased towards the thoughts and belief's of the person who wrote it. Usually a career quiz is written for entertainment purposes only. Now, if you are calling it a career quiz, but you really mean some sort of standardized occupational guidance test like professional career counsellors and the military use, then those are typically valid assessments of your career capabilities. However, since you are asking the question here, and I am definitely not a career counsellor, then I'm going to assume that you are talking about your run-of-the- mill career quiz like the type that you find in typical magazines and on a variety of general audience web sites. So, the reason that I said quot;Yes, yes, a thousand times yesquot; is because anything that gets someone thinking about career options is a good thing. A well-written career quiz has the effect of causing you to brainstorm over your career options. What you want to be quot;when you grow upquot; may be a moving target for you. Most people evolve as they mature and their goals change. What sounds like a good idea now may be far away from what you will eventually become. However, as I said, a career quiz gets you thinking and that's a start! When looking for a career quiz take a good look at the type of questions that are being asked. Remember what I said about the author's bias earlier? You want to find a career quiz that asks quot;horizontalquot; questions rather than quot;verticalquot; ones. For example, a horizontal question might be: quot;Do you enjoy working against deadlines?quot;, while I vertical question might be quot;do you prefer the precision of hand tools versus the speed of power tools?quot;. Horizontal career quiz questions are designed to explore general career likes and dislikes while quot;verticalquot; questions tends to try and shoehorn you into a particular career path. Now don't get me wrong, there is a place for a vertical career quiz. For example, if you are thinking about a career in woodworking, and you are

Quizfaq.com trying to decide if you want to be a cabinet maker or a house framer, a vertical career quiz is exactly what you need. The important thing to remember is to never make a career decision based solely upon the results of some career quiz that you happen to come across. If the quiz gets you to thinking that you might enjoy some particular career, then research that option more fully. A career quiz is simply another tool to help you navigate the pathways of life. Good luck!

Quizfaq.com Can You Become A Better Friend After Taking A Friendship Quiz? Q. Does a friendship quiz really work? A. That depends upon what results you are seeking from a friendship quiz. If you are seeking to learn how to become a better friend, then the real results are found more in understanding the lessons that are hidden in the question rather than trying to pick the right answer. In fact, if the friendship quiz is well designed, the answer to each question will be very apparent without even having to guess. There are certain well-defined traits that make a person a good friend, and there are other quot;variablequot; issues that get thrown into the mix. Some of the well-defined traits include loyalty, honesty, the ability to listen, and the ability to understand your friend's feelings. A friendship quiz should give you a way to measure whether or not you have those traits. These kinds of well-defined traits are easy to work into a friendship quiz. What's not so easy are the quot;variablequot; traits that I mentioned. For example, knowing when to quot;butt outquot; of your friend's business is a trait that no friendship quiz can measure. Likewise, knowing when to say quot;Noquot; to a friend's request is another vague concept that no friendship quiz is likely to be able to quantify. The real issue is: Do you actually need to take a friendship quiz to figure out if you are a good friend? Maybe yes, maybe no. If you think of the friendship quiz as a quot;checklistquot;, then you can run down that checklist to see if you seem to be meeting the basic requirements. However, if you quot;failquot; the friendship quiz that doesn't mean that you aren't a good friend. A friendship quiz, like any quiz, has a built-in bias since it measures what the quiz's author thinks are valuable traits of friendship. The author may be all wrong in that the friendship quiz may measure things that aren't important to you and your friends. My advice is to consider a friendship quiz as an quot;entertainment onlyquot; device and not something that will cause you to become a hermit if you don't score 100%. The best friendship quiz is one that only your head and your heart knows the answers to. Treat your friends like you would want to be treated and you won't

Quizfaq.com need a friendship quiz to keep score.

Quizfaq.com Can You Actually Fail A Personality Quiz? Q. I didn't get a job that I interviewed for. The employer told me that I had quot;failedquot; the personality quiz. How is that possible? Does this mean that I have no personality? A. quot;Failquot; is a pretty strong word when it comes to taking a personality quiz. In fact, it is so strong that it makes me wonder about the professionalism of the potential employer that administered the personality quiz to you. There is no pass/fail in a personality quiz; especially an employment personality quiz. There are simply factors that are important to the employer that either are, or are not, present in your personality. To say that you quot;failedquot; the personality quiz is a misnomer. You simply did not have some personality traits that the employer deemed important for the particular job that you applied for. Other than the fact that they insulted you, they probably did you a favor by giving you that personality quiz. By screening you out based upon a certain personality profile, they saved you from accepting a job that you would probably have ended up hating and leaving after a short while. A personality quiz is an interesting animal. There are actually many different types. You've already encountered a pre-employment personality quiz, but that's not the only type out there. Before we go off into the subject of a personality quiz, it's important that we agree upon the definition of the term personality. Let's keep it short: Your personality consists of all the traits and behaviours that make you unique and that determine how you are likely to act in any given situation. Given that this definition is true, then a personality quiz is designed to measure those traits and to quantify them into some meaningful profile that enables someone to predict how you will behave. Is that really possible? Yes, in most instances it is possible to accurately how someone is LIKELY to behave under a given set of circumstances. The key word here is LIKELY. We've all seen or read about people who have exhibited extraordinary acts of heroism who were otherwise thought of as a most unlikely

Quizfaq.com hero due to being timid, shy, young, or whatever. It is not possible to totally predict anyone's behaviour no matter how sophisticated a test is or how educated the person who designed it was. While the pre-employment personality quiz is designed to match candidates with job vacancies and predict the likelyhood of that candidate thriving in that particular business' culture, there are also other types of personality quiz that are used for other purposes. Closely aligned to the pre-employment personality quiz is the promotion candidate personality quiz. A quiz of this type is designed to match the personality of an existing employee, who is being considered for promotion, to the type pf personality that is needed to survive in the position for which there is a vacancy. A relationship personality quiz is designed to test the compatibility factors between two people. It measures those traits that have been determined to promote a long term relationship. There is also a type pf personality quiz that measures a person's sanity. It is typically used by the legal system to determine if someone is quot;legally insanequot; and can be held accountable for their actions in a court of law. And then there is the personality quiz that is designed for entertainment purposes only. These are typically found in magazines and are developed by writers for the sole purpose of amusing their readership if not for simply filling pages. You shouldn't put too much weight on your scores for this type of personality quiz. The questions are rarely scientific and there is no sense getting your panties in a wad over something that has no real merit. As far as the quot;scientificquot; personality quiz is concerned, none of them are 100% accurate and a skilled quiz taker, or a pathological lier, can skew a personality quiz to meed their own purposes. Like anything else that can't be seen, touched, or smelled, take these personality quiz results with a grain of salt.

Quizfaq.com There's Never a Bad Time To Start Helping To Spread The Word of God Q. What's the right age to start giving a Bible quiz to my child? A. The moment that she is able to recognize pictures or symbols. It's never too soon to start teaching a child about God, and a Bible quiz is an outstanding way to do it. When most people think of a quiz they think of a series of written questions and multiple choice answers. While that may be the way most quizzes work, there's no law that says it's the only way. And even if there is such a law, I, the Great Quizmaster, hereby decree that such law is rescinded! Even if a child cannot read, they are able to identify pictures, shapes, and colors very early. They also learn to listen, and reason, long before they even learn to talk. With this in mind, you can design a Bible quiz that appeals to any age group. Hey, why focus on just children? Anyone of any age will surely benefit from a Bible quiz. The easiest way to design a Bible quiz for small children is to tie it in to an age appropriate Bible story. You can find pictures and drawings on the Internet that match concepts that were explained in the story. Print the pictures and paste them to a piece of paper. Then ask your child questions and have them point to the picture that corresponds to the question. As the child gets older you can replace the picture quiz with a standard Bible quiz that has questions which are appropriate for the child's reading level. If you want to design a bible quiz for older children or adults, then you need a whole different type of Bible quiz. Rather than designing a quiz that forces them to remember specific Bible passages, you might find that it is easier to keep their attention if you focus on conceptual Bible issues. For example, you may want to ask what the significance of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey was. This enables you to design a bible quiz that tests the quiz taker's understanding of the Bible rather than their ability to memorize passages that they may not understand. If you find that you have a knack for creating a good Bible quiz, you might want to ask your Pastor or Priest if you can have the Bible quiz posted on the Church's

Quizfaq.com web site or printed in the weekly bulletin. People love quizzes and a Bible quiz is a wonderful way to entertain and bring the love and power of God into someone's life. The Bible says quot;God's Word never returns to Him void but accomplishes that whereunto it was sentquot;. With that in mind, who knows what will be accomplished when you send a Bible quiz out in God's name.

Quizfaq.com You Don't Have To Be Famous To Pass A Movie Quiz Q. I run a movie review web site and I'm thinking about putting up a movie quiz. Do you have any tips for me? A. What a great idea! What better place for a movie quiz than a movie review site. When you are thinking about what type of movie quiz to develop, try to think a bit outside of the box. While the temptation is strong to take the easy way out by asking the quot;no brainerquot; questions like quot;Which movie won best Picture in 2003?quot;, you're likely to find that you won't draw very many quiz participants. A good movie quiz is challenging in the same way that a good crossword puzzle is. Opt for questions that will make people think hard, or actually have to search the Internet for the answer. For example, how many people would know the answer to this question off the top of their head? quot;What famous rock star was paid to come and watch the Beatles perform when he was a young boy?quot; The answer? I'm not going to tell you. But I'll tell you this, you can find out on the Internet. Now if you can come up with killer movie quiz questions like that one, and maybe offer a cash prize to each month's winner (be sure to change the questions each month), then your movie review site is going to get a great reputation as a butt- kicking movie quiz site as well. I guess you could consider having a different movie quiz for different skill levels. You could take it all the way down to simple kid's movie quiz for the youngsters in your audience. Be careful about collecting names and addresses of children 13 and younger though, th U.S. Government frowns on that practice even if it's for something as innocent as a movie quiz. I hope that I've given you a start in the right direction. If you put some thought into it, I'm sure you'll come up with a movie quiz that could win an Oscar!

Quizfaq.com Taking the Love Quiz Q. Is there anything real behind a love quiz? A. Good question. The answer is quot;maybe, maybe notquot;. You see, the value of a love quiz depends upon who designed it and what the purpose of the love quiz is. If it was written by a magazine writer, for entertainment purposes, then that's a good example of the quot;maybe notquot; category. However, if the love quiz was written by a professional who is trained in behavioral sciences, psychology, or relationship counseling, then you might be over into the quot;maybe soquot; side of the answer. You see, a love quiz can be based upon real, substantive issues, questions that really matter and answers that provide insight, or they can be frivolous and designed to give a few yucks to a group of bored girls. If your love quiz has questions such as: quot;How important to you is quality time apart in a relationship?quot;, or quot;Could you forgive infidelity if you were partially to blame for the act being committed?quot;, then the love quiz is attempting to identify core relationship issues that tell you something about yourself and/or your significant other. If, on the other hand, the love quiz has questions like: quot;Could you date a guy who wore braces?quot;, or quot;What would you do if your crush burped in front of you?quot;, then you're probably reading a teen magazine love quiz that has no significant value. Even a love quiz that is written with the best intentions can provide misleading results if taken in an uncontrolled environment where the quiz taker may not understand a particular question or where the possible answers are confusing or poorly worded. For the best results, a genuine love quiz should be administered by a professional and the answers analyzed afterwards. That way issues can be explored and answers clarified. The true purpose behind a professionally designed love quiz, especially a love quiz that is taken by both people in the relationship, is to determine whether or not the relationship has a long-term chance of survival based upon quantifiable personality characteristics that have been determined to be important in committed relationships. These characteristics include all of the traits that you might expect such as: honesty, integrity, understanding, forgiveness, drive, ambition, moral strength, religious views, political affiliations, money management skills, sense of humor,

Quizfaq.com and the importance of physical attractiveness to the other person. By taking a love quiz that explores these issues, and having the results mediated by a qualified professional, a couple has the opportunity to make decisions about the viability of a long term relationship based upon their view of what is important to each other. If a love quiz results in one partner having viewpoints that are too far apart form the other partner's, then a red flag should be raised. An entertaining love quiz, on the other hand, is best reviewed by a bunch of friends chatting on AOL Instant Messenger or their cell phones. Whether the love quiz is for real, or for enjoyment only, the quiz takers should be cautioned against putting too much value in the final results. No one should make long term relationship decisions based upon someone else's standards. In the end it is the magic and chemistry between two people that provides the answers to the only love quiz that really matters!

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Quizfaq.com If You Really Need A Dating Quiz, Maybe You Shouldn't Be Dating Q. My boyfriend failed a dating quiz. Should I dump him? A. If you're the type ...
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If You Really Need A Dating Quiz, Maybe You Shouldn't Be ...

If You Really Need A Dating Quiz, ... If you put so much value on a dating quiz that you're willing to break off a ... http://www.QuizFaq.com Quiz Faq ...
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Love Quiz , Love Test & True Love Test - Streetdirectory.com

In the end it is the magic and chemistry between two people that provides the answers to the only love quiz ... Dating ยป Love Quiz. ... QuizFaq.com Quiz ...
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If You Really Need A Dating Quiz, Maybe You Shouldnt Be ...

Q. My boyfriend failed a dating quiz. Should I dump him? A. If you're the type that hates to be dumped, then you should dump him before he finds out that ...
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