Quitting smoking with electronic cigarettes

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Information about Quitting smoking with electronic cigarettes

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: marandamoses

Source: slideshare.net

Quitting Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes A decade ago, e-cigarettes came into existence in China where they were founded by a pharmacist named Hon Lik. Since a short span of time, ecigs or electronic cigarettes have sharply expanded across the world smoking markets and has given a great threat to conventional tobacco smoking which was earlier known as the main smoking product. However, there are several drawbacks of traditional smoking which includes physical deterioration consisting of dangerous lung diseases and other diseases. Not only this, further use of tobacco cigarettes such as paper cigarette results in environmental degradation and is injurious to passive smokers as well. Moreover, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart burn, Psychological disorders, etc are the common resultants of conventional smoking. E-cigarette is far more sophisticated, balanced, eco-friendly and health sustainable in comparison to tobacco smoking and is largely seen as a perfect substitute to paper cigarettes and other forms of tobacco smoking. When you buy e-cigarette, you feel a sensational charm of having a smoke anywhere with more sustainable health and pleasure! Millions of people round the world have preferred e cigs as the beat cigarette ever produced which greatly helps in reducing further usage of tobacco cigarettes which is glorious. Besides this, e-cigarette reduces dependence on paper cigarettes and acts as a catalyst in quitting tobacco smoking permanently. One can buy e-cigarette at any shop or even can purchase them online at various internet stores. Nic Hit ecigs is one of the leading brands which deal in quality best ecigs round the globe at an affordable price. Most of the e-cigarette producing companies operate in China but now the trend has greatly shifted to the western world where there has been a sharp increase in the consumption of ecigs and more companies have entered into this business and are enjoying more profits than ever before! Some estimates reveal the fact that the retail and internet sales of e-cigarette has crosses multi million business across the world within a very short span of time and this is an incredible stuff! The basic composition of e-cigarette includes a mouthpiece, a battery, an atomizer or the heating element, a cartridge containing nicotine solution, and some electronic circuits. Most of the ecigs are available in automatic models with a Light Emission Diode (LED) which works as an indicator when the device becomes operative. Ecigs are usually long tube shaped or can be the shape of a ball pen. The battery attached to it is interchangeable and normally comes in a pair. When a smoker inhales, the heating element heats the nicotine solution which turns into a vapor and is directly inhaled and during the whole process, there is no combustion at all, which is magnificent. E-cigarette is a non-combustible product and does not emit fumes of dangerous toxins which are found in traditional tobacco smoking. Ecigs are safe and give a smoker more pleasure with good health and upkeeps environment standards. Ecigs have emerged as a strong counterpart to tobacco cigarettes and give the smoker a unique style of smoking which satisfies his regular nicotine dosage without smoke at all!

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