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Published on December 10, 2008

Author: ABWatt



A quick introduction to the Minoans and Mycenaeans

Greek Timeline Welcome Back!

Mount Olympus

Vertical Geography • Greece is a land of many mountains • Mt. Olympus, the highest, is 9,570’ high. • Mountains divide Greece into many small regions • These regions become the basis for the city- states of ancient Greece

Cape Sounion, Attica

Relations with the Sea • Greece has a rough coastline. • There are many islands, as well. • No place is more than about 30 miles from the sea. • Transport is easier by water than by land in ancient times.

The Island of Crete

The Islands of Greece • Settled by the Pelasgians? • Possibly about 2500 BCE • Brought pigs, wheat, barley, oats, grapes and other crops to the islands • Built un-walled towns, set up villages

Pelasgian Harp/Lyre player • carved of marble, around 2500 BCE, and found on the island of Keros, Greece. This figure is about 3 inches high

Female Figure of Cycladic origin • created about 2800 BCE and found on the island of Paros, Greece.

Kamares Ware • Pottery style from 1800 BCE, named after the town where it was first found. • This came from Phaistos, Crete

The Islands of Greece • Eventually conquered or united under the Minoan civilization. • The Minoans were centered on Crete • They built elaborate palaces and irrigation systems • The culture flourished about 1650 BCE.

Mainland Greece • Mainland Greece is a land of wild mountains and dry but fertile valleys. • There is little water, but winters tend to be relatively mild. • Grapes, wheat, and olives formed the base of an early economy.

Mainland Greece

Meteora in north Greece

Boeotia & Mt. Helicon

Greek Sacred Sites • Delphi was the oldest and most important. • It may have come into being around 3000 BCE • It was definitely dedicated to Apollo by about 1500 BCE.

Delphi: the Oracle • The oracle breathed fumes coming from a crack in the rock • Once high, she could tell the future. • The prophecies came at first from Gaia (mother Earth), but later from Apollo)

Olympia: The Games • Where Delphi was mountainous and rocky, • Olympia was flat and next to a river • Both places shaped Greek identity for 4,000 years.

Eleusis: The Mysteries • Near Athens, initiates drank a sacred drink after nine days of fasting. • Then they met the goddess Demeter face to face in the same field where corn was first planted.

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