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Published on February 28, 2014

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Find out how to use Recruit'em - a free social recruiting tool that helps recruiters source for candidates on LinkedIn, Xing, Google+, Twitter, StackOverflow and Github for FREE!


What is Recruit’em? Recruit’em is a unique social recruiting tool that helps recruiters search for candidates on; LinkedIn, Google+, Stackoverflow, GitHub, XING & Twitter for free. Created by Clever Biscuit – a small web development collective based in Zürich, Switzerland. Check it out at: http://recruitem.net

How to use Recruit’em 1. Select a social network 2. Fill in the form with information with such as location, skill or job title that you are looking for. No field is mandatory. 3. Hit Find your People then Open in Google 4. Look through the results for the candidate profiles you need 5. Share Recruit’em with your colleagues (although we understand if you want to keep our awesome tool to yourself…)

Tips & Tricks • To combine keywords, use a comma – this acts like the search operator “AND”. We don’t support “OR” right now but you can simply edit the boolean string in your Google search box. • Get the most out of the LinkedIn search by using the tool in your browser’s “Incognito” or “Privacy” mode. Alternatively, access someone’s full public profile while you’re logged out of LinkedIn • Use our “Saved Search” feature if you’ve come up with a kick-ass search query to save you time on future visits • You can find the full user guides for each social network here

Who uses Recruit’em? • Professional recruiters; in-house and agency • Tendency towards early-adopters / social media savvy users • Slight bias toward tech recruiters • 20k searches per month for people in various industries

Industry love Positive write-ups on 20+ industry blogs including; The Undecover Recruiter, ERE.net, SourceCon, The Recruiter Files & Recruitment Buzz. Over 2.5k social shares… & lots of nice feedback “RecruitEm.net pulls better results vs LinkedIn Advanced search” [Brian] “Let me say that again, the most useful #recruitment tool for #resourcers #recruiters ever RecruitEm.net thanks to @CleverBiscuit” [Andrew] “A great tool to search IT techie talent pool in India too. Have a go recruiters!” [Sarang] “Recruiter heaven, how long will this last?” [Neale] + about 2000 more and counting…

Have questions, requests or feedback? Email us: hello@cleverbiscuit.com or Tweet us: @CleverBiscuit

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