Queuing Theory

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Information about Queuing Theory

Published on June 27, 2009

Author: jewleecomo

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: Q u e i n u g T h e o r y Slide 3: Queuing System Queue Channel Service Slide 4: Queuing System Queue Channel Service Standardization Slide 5: Queuing System Queue Channel Service Non-Standardization Slide 6: Queuing Model ? = Arrival Rate ? = Service Rate Average wait time in a system Slide 7: Avg. Total Time In A Standardized System WS(George) = ? ? Arrival Rate (?) = 1 customer every minute Service Rate (?) = 1 customer every 18 seconds = 3.33 customers every minute 1 ? - ? 1 1 = .43 3.33 Slide 8: WS(Elaine) = ? ? Arrival Rate (?) = 1 customer every minute Service Rate (?) = 1 customer every 38 seconds = 1.58 customers every minute 1 ? - ? 1 1 = 1.72 1.58 Avg. Total Time In A Non-Standardized System Slide 9: George vs. Elaine

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