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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: yourlandlinks



So you're considering purchase of some property, what are some of the questions you would have to consider before buying the land? check them out here


Question 1: What Is The Size of The Land? A. You want as much land for your buck as you can get. Here at land links, we offer a variety of sizes ranging from small sq.ft lots to acres of land. • Instead of hustling going to and fro for that specific size for yourself, visit and just browse for it.

Question 2: Are there any vegetation restrictions on the property? A. Many cities have restrictions on what you can and can’t do with plants and trees on your land. • At, information on such restrictions have already been provided prior to purchase and one has ample time to read through and make an informed choice.

Question 3: What is the zoning of the property? A. A zoning system is used in all States to control the type of property or industry which can exist in certain areas. They give clarity to the purpose of the area and are hard to alter. This information is also provided in our website so you don’t have to buy land with construction dreams only to realise you can’t build on it.

Question 4: Does the property flood? A. Buying land in a flood zone is not the brightest thing to do. But people do it every day because they don’t ask this question. At, we answer this question even before you ask it. Imagine buying some land, without this knowledge. If it is not disclosed to your insurance company until after it floods, you may lose the claim for insurance. should it flood.

Question 5: How far is the property from train/bus transport? A. Considering the distance and time factor, if a property is located near a railway or a bus terminus, the information is provided in If it is not near any of this, then it is indicated in the site.

Question 6: How far is the property from education centres and hospitals? A. Hospitals and schools are actually mini‐ towns and are major tenant generators, even more so than some reasonable sized regional towns. Imagine buying land through for development purposes. Now imagine the revenue stream as a result of the info you got while purchasing the land…

Question7: What did the current owners pay for the property? A. This is a powerful question if you can get the true answer. If the agent or seller doesn’t disclose it, at, you get the info you need when buying land through us.

Question 8: How long has the property been on the market? A. We’ve found out that properties, especially over‐priced ones, do go stale and prices do get more negotiable. Here at yourlandlinks, we specialise in negotiable, fulfilling all your land dreams.

Question 9: Is There Immediate Access to a Water Source? If Not, Can You Drill a Well (and at What Cost)? A. Many properties don’t have access to a municipal water supply. This isn’t necessarily a problem IF you can drill a well to access a clean water source beneath the surface.

Question 10: Is there a Moratorium on Building? A. some states will impose a temporary moratorium on building from time to time Meaning no one can build over a given duration. – you can call the local planning & zoning department to see if this is an issue in your area or just visit

Question 11: What is the Topography of the Property? A. the topography of the land can have a huge impact on the build-ability of a property that’s why at, we define the topography with a picture so that you see for yourself before even considering.

Question 12: Tax Bill – What is the Annual Tax Obligation? A. If you intend to hold onto a property for any length of time, beware of a super high tax bill relative to the actual value of the property itself. This information is readily available on our site just to give give you a heads up on uncle sam’s tactic.

Question 13: Does the Property Have Any Usage Restrictions? A. Most cities and townships impose very reasonable restrictions, and most home owner’s associations will intentionally put even more stringent restrictions in place to help maintain an element of formality and “predictability” in the neighborhood.

Okay, so how much? A.This question gets a response that may make you happy or sad but at, we always respond with two, the answer and the offer. So…

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