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Information about Questions and its types

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: AleeenaFarooq



What is question? How many types does it have?

Questions And Its Types. Question: (Interrogative Sentence) A question is a statement or a sentence that is asked to inquire about something and in return an answer is provided.

Types Of Questions. There are Three Main Types of Questions; that are given below: 1. Questions that start with an inquiring word like: what, how, which, who, etc. 2. Questions that start with an Auxiliary Verb like: Is, Am, Are, etc. 3. Question Tags that are asked for confirmation and have two patterns like: Auxiliary + n’t + subject OR Auxiliary + Subject.

1. Questions starting with an inquiring word. These types of questions start with an inquiring/question word. A list of Inquiring/question words is given below: • What • Where • When • Who • Which • Whose • Why • How

Examples: Where do you live? Which one is better? How old are you? What are you doing? When are you leaving? Who was with you? Why are you so late? Whose bag is this?

2. Questions starting with an Auxiliary Verb (Helping Verb) These types of questions start with an Auxiliary Verb/ Helping Verb. Some common Auxiliary Verbs used are: Examples Is Will Was Am Would Were Are Shall Does Did Can Have Could Has Do

Examples: Is it raining? Am I looking good? Are you feeling alright? Will you marry me? Would you mind replying me? Shall we leave now? Can you come tomorrow? Did you clean your room? Was she okay? Does she like you?

3. Question Tags. These types of Questions are asked for confirmation. These questions have two patterns according to their positivity and negativity. 1: Positive Question tags: Positive question tags have a pattern like: Auxiliary + n’t + subject. 2. Negative question tags: Negative question tags have a pattern like: Auxiliary + subject.

Examples of Positive question tags:  It’s a lovely weather, isn’t it?  You broke the glass, didn’t you?  You will come to the party, won’t you?  She dances gracefully, doesn’t she?  You are free, aren’t you?  You’ve done your work, haven’t you?

Examples of Negative Question Tags.  You aren’t listening to me, are you?  She can’t dance, can she?  You wont go there, will you?  She doesn’t like him, does she?  You didn’t complete your work, did you?  You haven’t seen her, have you?

Further types of Questions. There are further types of Questions that are given below. 1. Yes/No Questions OR Short Answer Questions.

Yes/No Questions -OR -Short Answer Questions • These Questions are the questions which begin which auxiliaries and require an answer, either Yes or No. These are short answer questions that require a very short answer, with a Yes or a No.

Formation Of Yes/No OR Short Answer Questions. • These Questions start with An Auxiliary Verb, and their answers have patterns based on their Positivity and negativity.

Formation of answers. • Formation of Positive Short Answers: A positive short answer is: Yes + a pronoun + an auxiliary. • Formation of Negative Short Answers: A negative short answer is: No + a pronoun + an auxiliary + n’t.

Examples. Positive short answers’ examples:  Are you sleepy? Yes, I am.  Has she got a pet? Yes, she has.  Did you bring the reports? Yes, I did. Negative short answers’ examples: Will you marry me? No, I won’t. Am I looking good? No, you aren’t. Do you like him? No, I don’t.

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