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Published on March 16, 2016

Author: ChristopherMartin106


1. Questionnaire for Teacher/Guidance Councilor The following questionnaire is designed to gather data about the effectiveness of the school board when responding to complaints of extreme bullying/child harassment; note not related to one time incidents of or school related violence between. Please consider this a project to study the effectiveness of consistent and extreme incidents of bullying/child harassment. For the purpose of this project, we define “extreme cases of bullying/child harassment as an incident involving a child (ages 4-17) being repeatedly and physically assaulted, verbally abused, psychologically tortured or isolated by another student , group of students or parties while at school, after school or by parties they are associated through school or during school related activities. Please take the time to think about your responses and give as much feedback as possible. Note; your responses will be shared with the school board (Potentially other organizations for the purpose of data analysis) your identity will remain confidential. 1. How long have you been employed with the in an education/support role with youth? 2. During your tenure in education/support role, have you encountered acomplaint from students (parent/guardian) regarding bullying? 3. Keeping the definition in mind, have you encountered a case or cases of extreme bullying/child harassment? If so, approximately how many were they? ( if not skip to question number 7)

2. 4. Once becoming aware of a problem among students, how do you typically handle it? Do you report? Do you find your methods effective? 5. Once you became aware of the case of extreme bullying/child harassment, what steps did the school take in effectively resolving the issue or the case? 6. Is there an avenue for the school staff to elevate the response to address the concern if the behavior continues 7. Please provide any further comments, suggestionson how to improve the overall system on how issuesgetresolved regardingbullyingin schools.Thisresponse isencouraged.The more specific you are the better the response will be.

3. 8. Do you find that bullying is a major issue in schools? 9. How prevalent would you say bullying and cyber bullying is in schools? 10. What types of bullying you have seen in your school? How prevalent is exclusion? 11. Do you feel that bullying is a symptom of a deeper problem in our society? I.E social relationships, respect. 12. What are some of the negative consequences of bullying? 13. What are some of the supports offered to victims of bullying? What about the person doing the bullying?

4. 14. Do you feel thatschoolsprovide enoughresourcesonhow to take precautionsagainstcyber- bullying? 15. Do you have the resources to deal with cyber bullying?

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