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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: matheuskoerich



Questionnaire & Blank Paper Challenge

The biggest challenge is not being selected to do something, but being selected and create and built something strong that might last to next. Is not only about AIESEC, but taking in consideration what is going to be the mark you want to left somewhere, that I contributed to something big. What drives me is sense of purpose. I still continue because I identify myself with the mission and values. Purpose to create a better place. My purpose is to create a positive environment specially when I am talking to ‘localization’. What I mean by localization is the concept of globalization, but in local perspective. My contribution to my city, even to my relatives is through that: purpose. My vision is that I believe anything is possible, not related to a simple ‘market’ and ‘cliched’ quotation, but in terms that I saw it happening. How? Through our product that is unique and simple. We often say to members that we are the result of what we do, and this result is connected with what I mean by our product, which is also related to us. We see that through capacity, which is people, plus resources we can create a enormous sense of purpose. Giving the right reasons, generating the right choices for individuals. Every part of this statement is connected with what I want to do later on. My dream, to be honest with you, is: to be responsible in a football department in terms of hires (players) and marketing. This is what I know I will do later. I am sure of it, because it is my dream and I will make it happen, because I studied for it. But, for that to happen, I need to understand how to manage change in a Global Association. And AIESEC for me today is that. Is my platform to build more than my analytical skills for a short and long term, but that will help me to take from this experience the vision and the capability to make it happen in my near future. W1. hat is driving you to continue in AIESEC? Why have you decided to stand for AIESEC International? And what do you expect to take out of this experience? W2. hat does aiesec give to the world? Which trends do you see shaping the world in the following years and what opportunities and threats do they represent for us? Embedded BI begins to emerge The biggest need nowadays not only for AIESEC members, but for any organization or entrepreneur is the capability to embed BI to any kind of “production”, is something vital. End-users, as we are called, are requiring a better understanding of our customers data. More action through information is needed mainly because availability of information as a must for decision making. Opportunities I see it in software among data and management plans and even Seamless Integration. Everything brings a ‘Expert’ and Professional service for Customer Success (for a better orientation through that strategy). Threat that I see is the time to deliver it in a year term, connected to its design for the user, delivering of real time reports (if not outsourced properly) and the easiness of integration the APIs with current platforms of any entity (AI and Mcs). of our message for our public to take action. Threat: what I see is more under traditional storytelling, which is not taken serious and we lose power to convert it into our programmes. It is related to not use it properly as a strategic tool for communications and construction of one identity and a community. Mobile business intelligence becomes the primary interaction The opportunity that I see is that internet is huge part of youth daily life, and the usage increases if we make it more interactive, specially when it is about a students organization that aims to engage more and more young people. A threat is improving the experience in mobile application, and still meeting the needs of the mobile-user, which nowadays is not patient if something goes wrong or not in the way they would like to see. So, a very important step is to be in the way you interact in the 1st visit, and how you engage them for next visits, creating a real customer. A friend of mine told me sometime ago: “I just don’t want to be another mom.” This quote for me was so powerful, that has clicked on me not what I also thought before by myself, but made me r a lot that I am making the right choices. Being 4-5 years in the organization are not a bad option – at all. To be honest, after joining AIESEC and being surrounded by different cultures and backgrounds (which can sound cliché) it helped me to open my eyes. I understand that we create leaders, individuals that can contribute to the society by taking leadership standards, but further more, AIESEC helps us to understand about values, attitudes and perceptions. About trends shaping, with opportunities and threats, considering it globally I see the three points as below: Storytelling becomes a priority It is a way with authenticity, creativity and way to make emotional and personal connection with the audience you are dealing with (If students, companies or other stakeholders). Opportunities: increment of revenue,

W3. ith less than 2 years left of the midterm ambition, how do you see AIESEC 2015 from creation until today. What is needed for the organisation to achieve its ambition? As global entity we deeply changed. And this is something we aim, year by year. And changes in this case are the ones needed, we are covering issues, but we are more connected as global association. I used to see one organization which was a bit closed, but with will to open for more people, to new partners and even to our alumni that contributed so much in the past years and feel the need to still connect but don’t have clear opportunities. Related to the midterm ambition I see six points. For that, I will explain the needs. Talent Capacity: for this strategy, the main point behind is to assure that we unleash a potential in the organization never noticed before. Everything under TC can be connected to managing transformations of individuals (membership) to leverage the operations, and through this, delivering more experiences developing leadership globally. Other matters to take in consideration, are the Sales Development Programme we have, mainly created in the term 12-13 and before that: attracting, selecting, engaging, developing and retaining our members. This is related to Organizational Flow, Team Flow and the Individual aiming more productivity, more experiences and more development through GIP and GCDP Growth, making ef ciency a reality through capacity and learning & W4. hat, in your opinion, is the most important global strategy or direction of AIESEC International for next year and why? What do you see your contribution being part of the team? My father has no bachelor degree. He is a “soils/ground technician”, responsible to asphalt highways. Besides that, he serves in this segment for +30 years, but 90% of the time he performed this in the city government, which doesn’t pay so good, and sometimes doesn’t act with the right attitudes. The other 10% that he “has” for free time, he is not wasting, but working for private companies, in south of Brazil, for example. Doing it by himself, with help from 1 or 2 workers, that have a contribution, getting a proper pay for each of their duties (being a tech or a worker). What we, ‘kids’, always asked my father to do, because he is very good in what he does, was to set his own business regarding that, because he is one of the only people in Brazil doing it the right way, calculating each metric to have the best pavement in highways or in any kind of road in our region. His answer back was always: “I don’t see really how, and I don’t have people enough to help me on that”. His will was that my brother and me would be with him working on it, but sometimes in families, kids don’t follow parents’ path, and it is more than normal. capacity and learning & development. Brand & Marketing: the most suitable points for midterm ambition considering this are under online solutions, customer orientation and understanding which are able to help in the creation of strong market campaigns, and to be aligned with front and back of ce strategies the importance of synergies, functions: making goals setting and division of responsibilities clear. Summing up: Having Branding as a promised delivered and Marketing as the process responsible to identify, anticipate and satisfy our customers requirements properly. Supply & Demand: one of the most important strategies and ways to make it happen in the organization, it is the strength of any entity, representing clearly how many opportunities are available and the demand for that. Acting fast in S&D is a key solution, bringing fast results considering the leadership we want to provide. It drives performance and creates foundation for growth, capacity and among segments and markets, leveraging diagnostics and benchmarking among LCs and other markets, scenario-based strategies and lean principles to improve operational . Quality of Experiences: delivering the promess related to anything ‘we sell’ for me is the most important thing we need to take care of. Aiming higher for membership we need to take care of. Aiming higher for membership development is something that we see in LCs daily, focusing specially in new skills and even insertion later on in the labor market. QoE is a subjective measure from any Customer in any service. While not always numerically is the most single factor in a real- world evaluation of the user experience and our way to take care of it is in daily basis, specially connected to Learning & Development Initiatives to any area. Financial Sustainability: Everything under this point should be able to sustainably enable entities to run its core programmes/activities without collapse even if there is no donor from any parts. The strategies that might be taken to keep it are under developing and maintaining strong stakeholders relationships, obtaining a range of types of funding, building nancial reserves, assessing and managing risks and strategically managing and overhead costs. Business Intelligence: I believe, which makes us doing more with fewer resources. BI helps us to understand our customer needs to make the right decisions in order to have better processes, in order to really create Customer Centric Processes. Through that, all analysis can provide “views” for providing current and predict business operations quickly through analytical processing.

Please ev5. aluate the impact of AIESEC International 2013/14 in terms of global strategy and implementation in the network. What should be kept and what would be improvement points for 2014/15? According to top LCPs globally and talks with some national entities that I had during my preparation is implementation, health and innovation (big entities want more to simplify , which lacks among membership in LCs and MCs. When I think about strategies, I foresee that all of them will continue somehow with small adjustments, because one of the main roles within AI strategies are transition and continuity, with some points related to innovation, but in this case is more about managing what is good to become better. (which connects withLeadership in Every Experience Leadership in our Programmes and AIESEC as the Youth Leadership provider of the World just need small adjustments to make it clear for LCs Implementation and MCs translating it to make it happen. Ensuring this strategy through clearer steps in global plan is a improvement for transparency to the network and also for local entities having it how to do it step-by-step. The point related to Leadership Provider is also a matter of showcasing what we already have among alumni community, even if is a start-up or something. Grow Like Never Before: Global GCDP Projects; GIP Growth in Sub-Products; GCDP Growth Based on Issue Segments. Issue Segmentation and Sub-Products are already implemented globally, specially in top entities who drive innovation, missing adjustments. The main thing to focus in a big growth is focused totally in Global GCDP Projects as a priority and effectiveness is needed to reach organizations and sponsors to make it happen together with AI, and not in a long-term perspective, unless we won’t achieve 2015. Also, the way we deliver GIPs can have small changes, shortening experiences and delivering quickly as a GCDP delivering quickly as a GCDP Project. Talent Capacity for Growth; Fast and Simple Processes; Listening to our customers. (Customer Loyalty for Students and Or 21st Century Information Systems; Business Intelligence for Growth; Team Programmes Evolution; Simple processes are connected truly with our platforms (Global and Opportunities Portal. For that, all related to CLO and CLS would run smoothly, because is a consequence of daily work. The same works related to the new GIS and BI for Growth. This two last points must continue evolving because Team Programmes Evolution is only possible if we continue with the idea of having BIG AIESEC through this platforms, making us more present online globally, interacting with new stakeholders. Where do I want to get with this story? For me, connected to everything I mentioned, understanding about your product is the 1st thing – for that, micro strategies inside of Talent Management such as Sales & Development Programme are a key for success. You can’t be the only individual selling and doing the delivery of a product by your own: You need Talent Capacity for Growth. The thing my father believed that was stopping him can’t be our excuse. And related to strategy or direction, this is number one, and something I would take for development and evolution for the term 14-15. Adding value to AIESEC International Team 2014- 15 for me is bringing a practical vision and effective. My contribution for the team towards pr and according to the vision of the strategy that might continue which I see as Talent Capacity is very related to my characteristics as a creative, innovative and focused on results individual. Points that I learned in my experiences, in AIESEC and in companies I’ve worked. I have the ability to connect and interact with people and easily communicate to different public – independent on the age, and nationality. I have strong Implementation skills and I’ve had other experiences in companies, government and I used to have a company myself. I know how to handle and implement ideas in a network because I was there as LCVP and running the programmes in 2 different and big entities (Brazil and P Another point to stress as a contribution is the ability to handle crisis. I used to manage the biggest portfolio of AIESEC in Brazil, #2 globally, in GCDP OGX in a period where we faced the biggest strikes of Brazil as country among public universities, still having growth in the term 2012-13.

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