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Published on February 28, 2014

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Media A2

Documentary Questionnaire (NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN BOLD) Age: 0-15, 16/18, 19/21, 22+ (Circle one) 1/26/0/3 Gender: Male/Female 19/11 When do you watch TV? Morning 2 Midday 3 Evening 25 What channel do you watch the most? BBC1 8 BBC2 0 ITV 1 Channel 4 8 Channel 5 1Other:………………………………… 12 What is your favourite type of TV programme? (Circle one) Children's 2 Comedy 14 Drama & Soaps 4 Documentary 1 Entertainment 0 Factual 3 Films 1 Learning 1 Lifestyle& Leisure 0 Music 2 News & Current Affairs 0 Religion& Ethics 1 Sport 1

Do you use BBC iplayer? Yes/No 19/11 How often do you watch the news? Not at all/1-2 hours week/3-4 hours a week/ 5+ hours a week 11/12/2/4 Who is your favourite news presenter from the list below? Susannah Reid 11 Bill Turnbull 3 Claudia Liza 1 Moira Stuart 2 Gavin Esler 1 Other 12 Would you be interested in seeing a documentary behind the scenes of the BBC? Yes/No 20/10 Do you watch Strictly Come Dancing? Yes/No 5/25 If Yes, Would you be interested in one of the celebrities being featured in a documentary? Yes /No 5/25………………………………………………………………………………………………………

What is your favourite type of TV programme? 14 12 10 8 6 What is your favourite type of TV programme? 4 2 0 From this we can see that the comedy genre is clearly the most popular with the people who answered the questionnaire. Documentaries have scored low in this question When do you watch TV? 25 20 15 10 When do you watch TV? 5 0 Morning Midday Evening This was a key part to our research as it shows that the best time to air the documentary would be in the evenings as this clearly shows the time that most people watch TV is in the evening.

What channel do you watch the most? Other Five Channel 4 What channel do you watch the most? ITV BBC2 BBC1 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 This question was important to our research as there is a strong link between the interest that people would have in a documentary on the BBC and how many people watch BBC1. So the fact that BBC1 was one of the most frequently watched channels means that there is an audience for a documentary on the BBC. Do you use BBC iPlayer? Yes No We asked this question to get a rough idea of how many people use this programme and catch up on BBC programmes that they initially missed so that if we did show our documentary on BBC one we would know that some viewing figures could come from the BBC catch up programme BBC iPlayer.

14 12 10 Not At All 8 1-2 Hours a Week 6 3-4 Hours a Week 5+ Hours a Week 4 2 0 How Often Do You Watch The News? This is key to our research as we are arranging an interview with one of North West tonight’s main presenters and wanted to get a good idea of how many people would recognise the presenter. Also we wanted to see how if our target audience would be interested on a feature about the news during the documentary. Age 22+ 19-21 Age 16-18 0-15 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 We asked for everyone’s age to find out how old the majority of the people answering our questionnaires and see who our target audience might be. However we did this survey mostly in college so we found that most people we asked were within the 16-18 age range.

Gender Male Female We used this question to determine the amount of males and females that answered our questionnaire. 25 20 15 No Yes 10 5 0 Would you be interested in seeing a documentary behind the scenes of the BBC This question was asked to see how many people would be interested in seeing a documentary on the BBC and we found that two thirds of people would be interested to see it and the other quarter did not. This is quite positive towards our topic as it shows that there would be an audience for it.

Who is your favourite presenter? Other Gavin Esler Moira stuart Who is your favourite presenter? Claudia Liza Bill Turnbull Susannah Reid 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 From this we can see that the best presenters to get an interview with would be Susannah Reid and Bill Turnbull as these seem to be the most popular with the people questioned. However these will be the hardest people to interview as they are usually the busiest. 25 20 No 15 Yes 10 5 0 Do you watch strictly come dancing? We used this to see how many people would be interested in seeing an interview with Susannah Reid in our documentary.

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