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Published on November 4, 2014

Author: wlaufs




1. Magazine color scheme Black and yellow 60% Red and white 30% Blue and yellow 10%

2. Picture type on front page Medium Shot 40% Medium Close Up 50% Close Up 10%

3. Color of headline Black 30% Red 20% Gold 50%

4. Magazine layout More Pictures 50% More Text 0% Even Mix 50%

5. Style of contents page Chronological order 40% In order of Importance 40% Mixed up 20%

6. Content on double page spread Interview 50% Event summary 30% Neither 20%

7. Price of magazine Under £4 30% Between £4-6 50% Over £6 20%

8. Style of magazine Neat and Tidy 30% Normal 40% A bit messy 30%

9. Gender of Person on the Frontcover Man 60% Woman 30% Doesn’t matter 10%

10. Style of writing Formal 20% Casual 50% Some where in between 30%

11. Conclusion In this questionnaire I asked people some questions about their opinions on what a good magazine is like. I think the questionnaire went very well, as it gave me clear results about what my magazine should be like. For example I have now decided that I will use a gold title on my magazine, and to match that, I will set the main colour scheme of my magazine, as Gold and Black. Also I have found out that people prefer to have a medium close up picture on the front cover of magazine, compared to a medium shot or a close up, which are the most frequently used pictures. The questionnaire results also told me that in a music magazine people prefer to have more pictures, compared to having more text. In some cases my opinion was strongly over ruled by the majority of people which did my questionnaire, this then allowed me to improve my initial idea of what the magazine should look like. For example although I originally wanted to have the magazine a bit messy to suit the Hip-Hop and Rap genre, I know decided that it would be better to set it up normally, and to convey the genre in a different form. Also initially I thought I was going to write the whole magazine in a very normal style, but due to my questionnaire, I have decided that it would be better to write it in a casual style, to make the reader feel more relaxed when reading.

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