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Published on January 29, 2016

Author: BartoszMogilan


1. This shows me that mymagazine shouldbe aimed at both males andfemales. This means that the colours, pictures and writingusedis suitable for bothgenders andshould involve things that bothgenders enjoy. This suggests that teenagers read magazines quite often.

2. This shows that the magazine that most teenagers read are sport. This means that my magazineshould be sportorientated but at the same time fashion is a topic thatis often discussed by females. Furthermore since my magazineis aimed at both sexes I need to involvesportfor the males and fashion for the females. This shows that the most popular colour betweenmales andfemales is redtherefore this will be the colour I will use for the cover of mymagazine since it willattract the most attention.

3. This shows that the majorityof peopleare willingto paybetween £3-4 for the magazine. This means that I will set the price of £3.50 for the magazine. This shows that the mainfocus ofthe magazine is the front page. I have to make thispart of the magazine appealing to everyone. This suggest that mymagazine should involve bothgrime andR&B in order to satisfythe needs of the consumers.

4. This shows that vibe is the most popular magazine. It alsoshows that myname should be quick and snappyto grasp the reader’s attentionstraight away.

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