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Published on March 16, 2014

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Question 7: Question 7 Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the main task? Researching: Researching From the very beginning I had to do a lot of research into the thriller genre. For the various tasks that I did throughout the process I had to research specific aspects that would help me, such as; thriller release dates, the feedback they received, profits they made, sub-genres, casting, and plotlines. All of these different aspects helped to improve my knowledge for the genre as well as the different films that were released within the genre. From all of the research I did I was able to come up with better ideas as I had a better understanding for the genre and what was involved within it. I was able to get better ideas for the plotline of the product, the type of cast I’d want for it, the costumes. I also researched different locations used and was able to find some really good location ideas that I could easily use inspiration from for my product. This newly found knowledge that learnt could help me with future products. Plot Line: Plot Line Since making my preliminary task I’ve learnt a lot more when it comes to deciding on plot lines and the actual idea of the task and what the best ways are to expand on them and give them more detail and depth. With my preliminary task the plot line was quite rushed and was not captured in a way that helped to convey its intentions to the audience; it was about two agents, one trying to protect a case of money and one trying to get it. However, with my main task a lot more time was spent on the plot line; which in the end helped to make it much more detailed, as it was about was about a bad past catching up on a family and potentially putting them all in danger, and this helped a lot more when it came to deciding the best ways to bring it across to the audience when I came to capturing the footage. Two agents ‘Innocent’ family Preliminary Task Final Task Planning: Planning With my preliminary task not as much planning went into it as it did for my main task. Seeing the outcome of both tasks it’s clear to see that a lot of planning needs to go into something in order to get the best outcome. When comparing the two tasks you can see how one is much stronger than the other and how there are several aspects that are much clearer for the audience to see and due to all of the planning taken you can see how all of the different aspects have come together to work off each other and highlight different features; making it a much stronger outcome in comparison. Blog that shows planning Planning section Capturing: Capturing Another aspect that I’ve learnt in the progression is the way of capturing the video footage; both with the footage captured and the way it’s captured. Although I’d already had prior knowledge on it with practice better results were achieved. When comparing the two tasks together you can see that the main task is much more interesting in comparison. An aspect to this is due to the different camera angles and shots used; they’ve helped to make it more interesting and have stopped a lot of the repetition that seems to occur in the preliminary task. Another is due to the aspects that you’re capturing; the greater the originality between them the more interesting it will be. Low angle shot First person shot Final Task Final Task Editing: Editing The way in which I edit is another thing that I have learnt to do; both in terms of the footage and the audio. More time was spent on it and more knowledge was known with helped to produce a much stronger outcome overall. I’ve learnt from the preliminary task that you need to make the individual sections of footage work well together. When they just appear one after the other the video can appear quite ‘choppy’ and doesn’t flow very well. In the main task after different sections of footage that differed greatly from the next clip video transitions were added that helped to make it appear much smoother and flowed better overall; make the overall video a much better outcome. There were also other effects that I knew in the main task that I didn’t know previously; such as fading in and fading out text, which created a much more professional look. Preliminary Task Final Task Confusing camera angles Different effects Audio/Music/Sound: Audio/Music/Sound When re-watching my preliminary task I noticed that the original audio had not been taken out and could be heard over the music. There were also parts in the music when it just stopped and there was a pause before the music started again. Due to this I learnt all of the different aspects that I could do to my main task that would make it a much better outcome than my preliminary task. I also had more of an understanding on the editing software that was used to make the music; this helped as unlike the preliminary task where the music was already pre-made and was just added into the video, the vocals were recorded and edited and the music was created on Garageband in the main task. Therefore giving the main task a much more personal touch to it rather than just finding something else. Deadlines: Deadlines When working on my product I had various different deadlines that I had to work towards. I feel that by working to these deadlines I was able to learn different techniques to improve the speed in which I worked at without affecting the quality in which I worked at. In terms of filming I had a deadline that I needed to work to, but with a detailed plan and production schedule I was able to film earlier than the deadline and so was able to start editing earlier. Due to this when I came across some issues I still had time to go and reshoot certain scenes so that the product was as good as it could be. I also had to make sure that I worked to the deadline of a first edit. I had to make sure that I had the product roughly edited so that I had a chance to show it to my target audience in order to receive feedback for the improvements that could have been made. Specific Requirements:  Specific Requirements Throughout the entirety of the project I’ve had to work to very specific requirements. Some of these requirements involve making sure that the product made was an opening sequence and also making sure that it was of the thriller genre and also to make sure that the product was not over two minutes long. I feel that from working with these specific requirements I’ve learnt ways of achieving certain requirements and feel that I’d be much more able to do so in the future if necessary. As I’ve already successfully worked to specific requirements that have been given to me I feel I’d be able to take the skills I’ve learnt from this project, such as; adding specific details, adding specific images for emphasise, getting my point across and various other aspects.

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