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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: asmediab13


Question 6 What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I used a professional camera when taking photos for my magazine. I experimented with the flash and zoom on the camera as well as trying out different shot types in order to create more interesting professional photos Photoshop is the software I used in order to edit my photos, I made adjustments such as changing the brightness, hue and saturation of the photos. I also had to develop skills in how to change the colour of certain things in the photos and crop out parts which I did not want. InDesign was the software I used when creating my double page spread. I was unfamiliar with this software so therefore I had to develop many skills in order to create a proffesional looking double page spread, such as creating columns and page margins.

I also enhanced the artists eye colour by editing the hue and making her eyes colour a more intense green In order to edit this photo I had to gain skills on Photoshop for example I first cropped the photo so that it was the correct size for the page, in order to add dimension and make the image appear professional I gained skills on how to edit the hue and saturation and alter the brightness, I decreased the brightness and increased the contrast. I also had to learn how to select certain areas using the lasso tool and add colour to the lips make it look as if she was wearing lipstick

I had to use various skills when editing my photos for my double page spread. I had to make the image black and while and changing the brightness of the image to create a deeper, dark background. I then had to enhance the model in order to make her and out, and appear more vibrant I also had to remove the shadow on the left hand side buy learning how to replicate the bricks using the various tools on photo show such as the clone stamp tool.

I also had to incorporate an image from a website and crop it in order to use the name ‘Aliyah’ on the article as this type of font is not found on the software I used the software in design to create my double page spread, I gained skills on hot to create columns of different sizes using various pin points and had to e precise with the height and width which took awhile I also used the rectangle tool to create a page margin at the bottom of the double page spread which is where I added the magazines logo and page number I developed my skills of creating rectangles by creating an oval shape which would be used as a flash on the magazine. I had to change the arrangement and bring the shape to the front so that it wasn’t lost under the columns or page margin

Presenting my work! In order to present the work I had carried out I used various sources such as scribd, slide share and prezi, in order to make my blog more creative and interactive I used scribd to present the work that was more written based, as it was hard to present certain pieces of work in a more interactive way. I had to make my work on a power point and upload it to scribd which formatted it and presented my work in a more formal way, this is similar to slide share Prezi is much more interactive and fun, I had to develop skills in how to create different paths and change the theme of the presentation as well as uploading my work in the right format which the software would accept

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