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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: Aamna96


How did you attract/address your audience?: By Aamna Arshad How did you attract/address your audience? PowerPoint Presentation: When producing my music magazine I was cautious as to what I was going to include in to my magazine. For example, I had to make sure I added the specific aspects needed to entice my target audience and keep them interested. PowerPoint Presentation: In order for my magazine to sell I added specific features, that my target audience was looking for in a pop music magazine. My target audience are both male and female, but particularly female as my genre research showed that girls tend to listen to pop music more and buy pop music magazines more too. The ages for my magazine varies from 13-19, aimed at the younger generation. PowerPoint Presentation: When giving out my questionnaire I asked what genre most people preferred, the outcome was pop which influenced me to chose it as a genre for my music magazine. This reassured me on picking pop as a genre for my music genre, as 30% of the people I asked enjoyed listening to it. PowerPoint Presentation: I also asked a question about what teenagers preferred more in magazines, and 70% said they liked more images than text , this helped me when making me double page spread, as it reminding me not to add so much text and add pictures along the way to make it look more attractive. PowerPoint Presentation: When it came to naming my magazine I looked at real music magazine names, this is because most of the music magazines I saw had short one worded names. For example, Billboard, Vibe and Blender, these were also short and catchy allowing the audience to remember it instantly and recognize it too. This is when I came up with the name ‘Edge’ as it was short and simple making it easier to remember. PowerPoint Presentation: When it came to attracting my audiences in to buying my magazine, I knew I had to make my front cover look eye catching in order to get my audiences attention. This is because the front cover is the first page they see and it has to stand out amongst other magazine covers. PowerPoint Presentation: I used bright colours for my magazine as you normally see bright appealing colours in Pop genre magazines, as well as making it stand out from pale and plain ones. PowerPoint Presentation: I used a mid shot of my model sitting down so I could get a bit of her body posture as well as facial expression, which is crucial in defining genre. As you can see my model has a simplistic pose, this links to my story about her, which is the latest Xfactor winner, who’s giving a interview to my magazine. The pose could connote her innocence as her face is also simplistic. Her clothing is black and red, which could suggest danger and evil but also love, as the colour red is often used to connote love. My model is looking directly in to the lens creating eye contact with the audience, which could suggest that there the artist and the reader have a personal connection. For example if the artist was looking down at the reader (low angle shot) they may feel less superior rather than equal which my model is doing now. The use of make up could attract the male gaze, as she is wearing red lipstick which could connote seductiveness. PowerPoint Presentation: For my front cover, I removed the background of the picture I took of the model, this is because I wanted the model (artist) to stand out more and for people to focus on her facial reaction and body posture. PowerPoint Presentation: In my magazine I added big competitions, this is because this is very common in magazines and often attracts the audiences eye if that is there favourite singer. This is specially targeted towards my female as they are the main buyers of pop magazines and they enjoy sticking up posters in their room, like normal teenager girls. PowerPoint Presentation: The graph shows the drop of sales in music purchasing over the last few year, dropping down each year. My magazine consists of free downloads this is because most teenagers don’t buy music anymore as there are illegal music downloading websites online. Giving free music away would be better than them just downloading it from the internet which could have viruses as well as being illegal. Also when I gave my questionnaire out it said they would like free music downloads and freebies. PowerPoint Presentation: I have many side stories on my magazine article as all the different artists are supposed to attract my audience giving them a variety of artists to read about and of course artists they enjoy listening to. I added names like One Direction, Rihanna, MIA and so on, this is because these artists have big fandom's who enjoy reading about them and hearing their latest news, I found this while doing my genre research. PowerPoint Presentation: When it came to making my contents, I kept the colour scheme very basic adding some bright colours for effect and emphasis on certain parts. The colour scheme consisted of blue, pink, yellow, white and a little bit of black. I divided them up in to columns adding images and context that’ll my audiences interests. PowerPoint Presentation: In my contents I added four original images, one on a artists big comeback, another one was of a One Direction concert which will be a article on how far One Direction have come. The third image is linked to linked to the double page spread, who is about an artist who went viral on YouTube. Lastly, I added an image of a duo band of girls who are being interviewed. PowerPoint Presentation: I started my double page with a quote. Giving the reader something to think about it and maybe read on further. I didn’t want to add so much text so I kept it all on one page and a picture on the second one, to make it look more appealing. I kept the colour scheme similar to the contents so my magazine would look neutral and not random. I used quotes as another aspect to attract my targeted audience, as they may be eager on what they have to say. PowerPoint Presentation: My research showed that people want to see more personal life's of artists, such as interviews or stories. This is why I made my double page spread an interview giving readers exclusive information they wouldn’t find online. The artist is looking up which could suggest gratefulness as it links to the article on how far she has come.

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