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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: Laurensmith009


What kind of media institution might distribute your media products and why?

Media Institute? A media institute is an established and often a profit based organisation that deal with the creation, distribution of advertising, entertainment and information services of media products. It also describes the people who have a role in the production process of media texts, especially the companies or organizations they represent.

Bauer Media – Bauer Media Group My magazine is a alternative/rock magazine. I have looked into Bauer media as ‘kerrang’ a similar rock magazine are published by Bauer and are extremely successful in the This company are Europe's largest privately owned publisher group and offers over 300 magazines in 15 countries. Bauer not only offer magazines but online, TV, radio stations. Bauer media joined the group in 2008 so have been a successful running publishers for 6 years. An issue with publishing MY magazine with Bauer is that they also publish very successful music magazines similar to my own. These are Kerrang, Q and MOJO. This means that there will be a lot of competition within the media group and no gap in that market.

IPC Media However, IPC media publishing has more than 60 iconic media brands and creates content for multiple platforms including; print, online, mobile, tablets. IPC media is the UK’s leading consumer magazine publisher and its portfolio of websites reach over 25 million users global every month. I have chosen this intuition to consider to distribute my magazine as the only other music magazine especially similar to mine is NME. This is an indie/rock magazine and so offers a slightly different alternative to my own. This means that there will be a gap in the market for an audience for my media product and therefore will be more likely to sell. I also think that IPC media will be a good publisher for my magazine as within my product it features a female artist as displayed on the cover and article about her, combined with my DPS of a boy band so appeals to both male and females. IPC engage with 26 million UK, two thirds of these being women and over 40% being men. This means that because of the content within my magazine and it being mixed gender, IPC will be a more appropriate publisher due to the people it reaches in the UK.

My magazine will be available to buy in a music store. This is because it will attract people interested in music and so has a more likely chance of being sold. Although a supermarket may have more footfall, meaning more people will see it or walk by it, there is a smaller percentage that will actually be interested in music magazines. This is because most people go to the supermarket to shop for food. So by selling at a music store most of my target audiences aim will be to look at the magazines being sold.

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