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Published on April 3, 2014

Author: charchamberlainn



BUENA VISTA Beuna Vista is a brand name frequently used for divisions of The Walt Disney Company, the offices are located on Buena Vista Street in Burbank. BVS is a motion picture and television feature distributor in the United States. It was founded in 1953.

DISTRIBUTED BY BUENA A lot of the releases include a variety of genres. They have engaged with well known actors and actresses. Buena do produce and distribute thriller/horror films but it seems they are also trying to reach out to new target audiences to increase their portfolios.

SIXTH SENSE Sixth Sense was produced and distributed by Buena Vista film Distribution company. This film was released in 1999 starring Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment. It is a psychological thriller that tests peoples minds. I can compare my film to Sixth Sense as the main character has the ability to see dead people. In my film my main character; the mother has flashbacks of seeing the dead daughter therefore Buena know how to handle a film with this narrative.

MARKETING Once again, there is only a silhouette in the poster, this keeps the audience intrigued. There is light around the boy in a humble sort of sense with the number 6, which is obviously well known for the devils number. Production Budget £40,000,000 Worldwide box office £672,802,292 Prints and Advertising budgets £25,000,000 Humans have sixth senses: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch. As this film is called Sixth Sense this insinuates someone in the film have another sense… But what is the sense?

THE INVISIBLE The Invisible is another film Distributed by Buena Vista. This film is a thriller revolved around a man who has to unravel the reasoning for his death. Produced and Distributed in 2007 this film is a remake of Swedish film, Den Osynlige. This is simular to mine as the audience would not know the reason why the daughter died, and would have to work this out as the film went on.

MARKETING Bueno Vista released posters to keep the audience intrigued about the film, they have a silhouette of person in the centre of the screen. “Life, death, and something in-between” allows us too be intrigued about the storyline and what will go on throughout the film. Money spent on marketing is important as this process is based around attracting the target audience to the film. By having Buena Vista support this would result in more finance for my film and the marketing. Domestic DVD sales £14,228,134 Worldwide Box Office £23,540,266 Domestic box office £20,568,319

WHY BUENA VISTA SHOULD D IST RIBUT E G UILT RID D E N By looking at the films that are distributed by Buena Vista they do distribute psychological thrillers therefore I believe because of this my film would be successful by being distributed by Buena Vista. I do feel like the thrillers are in a way similar to my film, they follow some of the same conventions such as the lighting and editing etc. In my opinion sixth sense is more similar to my film as its more psychological and tests your mind and pushes you to the edge of your seat. Because of this it may attract the same sort of audience towards my film and the same fan base due to the psychological thrill of the film.

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