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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: Shauna_97


Question 2 Music Magazine Evaluation How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Social Group • My target audience are young people aged 15-24, who are mostly graduates and students with part time jobs, or are just starting to work full time. I have represented my target audience by using models of a similar age and alike values and interests.

Similar images My magazine:Real media product:

Mise En Scene: Props • The picture in my magazine and the Select magazine are similar as they both feature a union jack flag however, in my magazine the model has the flag draped over them and in Select it is behind him. • The union jack suggests patriotisms which both images posses however, the flag is behind Anderson in select which highlights his importance whereas my model looks more proud, with connotations of a victorious athlete in the Olympics. • In both images the flag is obscured which suggests that there is confidence that people will know what it is, this furthers the patriotism as it suggests that everyone will recognise the flag as its so well known and important. • It also highlights the target audience of British citizens and creates a sense of community through common knowledge and pride.

Mise en Scene: Clothing, colours and stance • Both people are presented very differently. • In my magazine, the model is wearing smart clothes; his body language suggests that he is non-threatening and thoughtful as his head is tilted to one side. • Whereas in select, Anderson is wearing dark clothes and a leather jacket, he is also showing his stomach which suggests he is confident and rebellious. His pose shows confidence and is perhaps an odd posture for a man as it’s quite feminine and sexualised. The shot has been taken from a low angle and he’s looking down which makes him seem powerful and threatening • Neither people are really smiling which suggests they are serious. • Both of the characters have dark hair, however my model’s is lighter and his skin tone is darker whereas Select features cool colours with black hair and pale skin.

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