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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: 07scannellak


The combination between my ancillary texts and the main product which of course was the music video seemed to be very successful and effective indeed. Myself and my group used a variety of different skills and techniques to make the music video and the ancillary tasks look effective. Of course this did require us to work as a team and show no lack of commitment and teamwork. Throughout this evaluation question, I will be going through the different elements, skills, techniques and media terminologies myself and our group used to obtain a unique music video. This will involve me discussing about the use of construction, research and planning giving clear examples in order to back up my points. The use of technology will also be discussed throughout this question.

Our music video seemed to have showed a lot of effectiveness and creativity throughout the whole clip. There are many reasons for this. The purpose for us making a music video is to make our band ‘Bass Monkeys’ fit into the genre of rock. The first reason is the use of energy that our group used for our music video. The energy was used for our performance to make the music video look more successful and more advanced. The band members were showing energy whilst they were playing the instruments and singing. The energy was mostly coming from the lead vocalist (Andrew Ducasse) as he was showing body movement and using the space effectively as well as just singing which of course is very useful to a rock video. Mise en Scene elements such as props and costume also made our music video rather successful. Props like instrumentation is a perfect example to show how a rock video must be revealed as most rock videos around the world contain instrumentation. Boxes was also effective because it was part of our narrative as Andrew was getting kicked out of his own house. Our music video contained a variety of different editing effects. Editing effects such as split screen and cut-to-the-beat were two of the editing techniques we used for our music video. We used split screen to show myself and the guitarist (Lee Delves) playing both of our instruments. The split screen was cutting between one another revealing the drummer and the guitarist playing on the beat of the music. Our group also used cut-to-the-beat to cut in between different shots making the music stay in time with the cutaways. Our music video required us to use a lot of equipment. Equipment such as a camera, tripod, mic stand, mic, guitar and drum kit was the main pieces of equipment we needed for the music video. We especially needed instruments for our music video because it relates back to the typical elements used in rock music videos. The use of the equipment seemed to be fairly effectively as it gave us the opportunity to become more creative with our work.

Our advertisement also revealed a variety of effectively and creativity. There are many reasons for this. The first reason is that we used different icons on the bottom of the advertisement to show that people can access on to our websites and see our information. The advertisement is revealing a shape of a monkey singing into the mic giving the image that the lead vocalist is singing. This personally seem to have made the advertisement successful because it shows the same level of importance that the band members obtain as well as the lead vocalist. The advertisement is also revealing the release date for the album giving the audience a clearer understanding of when the album is going to come out. Also the use of text was really effective. The text revealed our band name which of course is 'The Bass Monkeys' and the album name ’Choking'. Editing was of course required to put the text and the icon pictures in a reasonable position for the poster. Finally the background for the advertisement poster seems to be very effective as it shows an urban/concrete background. This in my opinion is very useful as it again relates to the genre of rock as the genre usually uses this type of background. Overall I personally think the poster does look really well effective and successful simply because of the amount of focus, the use of editing that we used and also the team work that our group showed in order to create an amazing advertisement poster. Comparing the advertisement poster to the music video and the CD cover, the colour seems very reasonable. The use of text at the top and the icons at the bottom of the image makes the colouring look less dull and more eye-catching for the audience to witness. Our music video however also involved colour but not as much varieties as the poster image. The CD cover seemed to be the most effective out of the three. The reason for this is because it revealed a olden fashioned image. This is shown as the use of colour looks historian. Some of the images on the CD cover have sharp colouring effects to make the whole image itself stand out to show more interest for our target audience.

Our CD cover revealed so much effectiveness as our group used a variety of media techniques to make the CD cover look successful. The first reason on how we made the CD cover look successful is that our group used editing effects to make the CD cover look sharp and old- fashioned. The CD cover contained 6 different images corresponding to the same scenario. One image revealed our band logo which was important. The reason why it was important is because our audience can then recognise who we are as a band and to also have a clearer understanding of our logo. The CD cover also revealed each of our band members. This is also important because it reveals who is playing in the band. The use of shots that our group used for our CD cover was quite the same, especially when its revealing the band members. This in my opinion is relevant to other rock bands because it reveals images that other rock bands use for their CD cover. Images like the band logo, name of the band and the band members are on of the main images that rock bands tend to use to make their CD cover look successful and fully effective. Here is a picture below revealing our CD cover. Like the advertisement poster, the costume is very similar as all two out of the three band members are wearing our jackets apart from myself whereas I was wearing a black, grey and white jumper. The reason for this is because we want to show our target audience how rock should be presented by using the right and suitable costume for this situation. We also used the same costume because we wanted both of these images to be plain and simple so nothing looks different and too confusing. The costume in our music video however is slightly different in our music video as the location for the video was based in Andrew’s house. This meant it wouldn’t be suitable for us to wear jackets inside the house so instead we wore smart shirts and blazers. This again are other costumes that is mostly used in other rock music around the world so we decided to go for these costumes when located in Andrew’s house. Costumes from music video. Costumes from the CD cover.

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