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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: sarahsalehleytona2


Q2 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? Sarah Saleh

Our three products works in together extremely well. This is mainly due to the common theme of the hooded figure that spearheads the whole product. The macabre theme brought by the figure is the element that we focused the most on, which is heavily reflected by the poster. The dark tone that we wanted to create was one of the main reason we chose to use the universal archetype of a hooded baddie, in a stance that paid homage to horror /thriller franchises such as Freddy (Friday The 13th) We also were very particular with the pictures we used for the review as we wanted to convey the same theme to create a better package rather than just individual products. With this in mind the picture we chose fit our vision as it depicted the runner who turns out to become the victim as being scared, with the hooded figure behind him.

The colour scheme of the products was an extremely important element of the package. Basing a lot of it from case studies that we used, and with the macabre overarching theme of the short, we decided to use dark colours. All of our chosen case studies were very simplistic in a sense, as they all had a minimal amount of colour used, with white being the most common colour. This element was heavily implemented into our poster. Although, the short film does differ from the dark colour scheme, as the flashback scenes occur during the day. However, it was done intentionally as the contrast of day emphasised the redness of the blood, which was another one of our colour scheme, marking it as the most significant scene of the film. Colour scheme Black Red & White

If we were to go forth with this product and market our short film, we could follow in path of the many thriller/horror genre films that have been released in recent times. In particular the marketing strategy of the slash thriller “You’re Next” released in late 2013. This would be the most suitable film as it was released recently and was made and promoted on a low budget, whilst also achieving impressive success, both critically and in the box office. We would use social networks such as Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter to our advantage by interacting and promoting our film, helping us to garner our target audience which ranges from 15-35 years. Much like You’re Next and Cabin in the woods, the social network promoting will spread into promotion through word of mouth.

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