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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: shanna16



question 1, powerpoint 2. Media a2.

Image manipulation to interest audience. Channel 4 logo on right hand side of print advert. Scheduling information at bottom, left hand corner Website address on bottom right hand corner

I think that we have followed the codes and conventions of a print advert and also followed how Channel 4 posters . We have created a visually manipulated image using Photoshop. Switching the heads of the dog and human have created a visual connection to the title of the programme. The connotations of the image show that the Dog is now in control, this has created a connection to our Documentary which is all about how dogs have affected our lives and changed them for the good, we wanted to create a positive outlook on Dog’s which reflects the bad image they are constantly being perceived as in the Media. We have added the Channel 4 logo on the right hand side of the print advert which is a code and convention, as well as using graphics in the left, bottom hand corner with a colour block behind so the audience can clearly see when the programme is scheduled so they can tune in and watch it, this destroys the need to look in a TV magazine to find the scheduling information. The advert size is also the right shape and is landscape to provide a broad space to use creatively.

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