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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: elliemoran


Q1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? The masthead is a convention you will see on any magazine and it clearly shows that it is the name of the magazine. I chose to use the colour black for the masthead because I conducted from my research that this was the most popular colour for a rock magazine and it also goes with the colour scheme of black, red and grey. I chose the font ‘Stencil’ because I think it has an edge to it and it suits the type of magazine in which I wanted to produce. The main image is such an important convention of a magazine as it is the first thing you focus on when you first look at the front cover. I have stuck to the colour scheme with my main image as the member of the band Frequency is wearing grey, black and red clothing. She is also wearing red lipstick showing she has an edgy/rocky look which fits in with the style of my magazine. I developed the strip at the bottom of the front cover which is a convention that not all magazines use. I used it to show some of the bands/artists that are featured in this issue and this also attracts the audience as they will be more tempted to buy the magazine if they see that a band they like is featured in it . The cover lines on a magazines front cover are an extremely important convention because they attract the audience as they reveal what is featured inside the issue. I have used my colour scheme of black and grey for my cover lines as this colour scheme is through out the whole magazine. Like most magazines, I have placed the cover lines around the main image on both the left and right side. The main cover line is always tied in with the main image and is usually a quote from the person/people in the main image. This main cover line gives you an insight as to what the main image is about. It should also be bolder and stand out more than the other cover lines, which mine has. I chose this font because it is clear and bold. The barcode on a magazine is a typical convention of a magazine. I challenged the convention because I placed the barcode in the bottom right corner instead of copying where other magazines place theirs.

Q1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? For the title of the contents page I have copied the title of magazine and also added the word contents to show what it is. I have chose to use the colour red for the word contents because it ties in with the colour scheme. I have used sub titles on my contents page to break up the text into two categories- Regulars and Features. This makes the contents easier to read for the audience as it isn’t just one massive list of what is in the magazine. The regular content and feature content is what is regular to the magazine every month and what is only featured in each issue. The photos I have used on my contents page are all relevant to the content that’s listed on the contents page. I have also stated the page number on the photos to show which page the reader can find the article related to the picture on. I have listed the page numbers next to the content to clearly show the reader where they can find the content they want to read. I chose to list the page numbers in red so that it stands out and so that it also ties in with the colour scheme which carries on throughout the whole magazine.

Q1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? The title of my double The image for my page spread is bold double page spread is and catches your eye of the band member straight away. The who I interviewed for band the double page the article. I used this spread is wrote on are image because it looks called ‘Sly Digs’ which like he is facing the text is why the title is and it fits in well with “MAKING A SLY DIG”. I the whole page. chose this font because it looks I have used a drop professional and the capital to start my colour white has been article because this used because it goes signals to the reader with the colour where to start reading scheme of the article from. and the magazine. The positioning statement is placed underneath the title and it basically sums up what the article is all about. This is to attract the reader as they get a tiny insight as to what is in the actual article and if they like the sound of it from the positioning statement then they are more likely to read it.

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