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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: jademelvin


1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Selling MagazinesCodes and Conventions

Masthead- Each masthead on the front covers all follow the codes and conventions. NME and Q are kept to the top left of the page where as Classic Rock and Kerrang are spread across the top. Font- The masthead has its own unique font meaning that no other text in the magazine will be the same. Image- Images on a front cover always have a direct address towards an audience . House style- Each magazine follows a certain house style which will run throughout the magazine.

- Magazine contents pages are mostly dominated my images of different artists which are within the magazine later on. - The main divide within the 2/3 columns are main features which feature either every week/fortnight or monthly and then feature articles. - When listing the articles the order is just the number, bold text then a short explanation in roman.

- Main image- takes up one image and bleeds onto the other Title- this may sometimes grab attention to tease the audience Stand first- introducing the article and artist Drop capitals- breaks up text 2/3 columns Sometimes uses a pull out quote to break up the text Smaller images of the band/artist.

My Media ProductCodes and Conventions

My Front Cover My front cover uses and develops the codes and conventions of a selling product by: - The masthead has it’s own unique text which is not used anywhere else in the magazine. It is also behind the image so it doesn’t cover anything making the image the main thing that attracts the audience. - The main image uses direct address. - House style is red black and white but the yellow used gives it an extra detail so that it doesn’t look dull. - A pull out quote is used for the artist on my front cover which conveys their attitude and personality.

My Contents Page My contents page uses and develops the codes and conventions of a selling product in a variety of ways. • The main split between the columns is the feature articles and the regular content which is clearly shown. Each article is numbered not following an even pattern with bold and roman text. • The house style(red, black and white) still runs onto the contents page so that there is a clear theme. • The page is dominated by images of bands, objects or artists that are involved later on within the magazine which will draw attention to the readers.

My Double Page Spread My double page spread also uses and develops codes and conventions of a selling product. - The main image bleeds onto two pages so that it draws the most attention making the audience want to read on. - The name of the band is the biggest text on the double page spread so that it also draws attention to the audience. - I have also included the stand first which introduces the band and gives a subtle description of what the article is about. - My article starts off with a drop capital breaking the article up and spreads across the two pages in 6 columns.

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