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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: katieamoulder


In what ways does your media product develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Conventions of an Opening title sequence We have followed the conventions used in an opening title sequence, such as the length of the whole sequence, which should be between 2-3 minutes. We also thought about the order of the titles, even though we added the main title of the film in the middle of the sequence as we feel it fitted best here. Ideas for opening sequence We have developed ideas from Catch Me If You Can title sequence (even though this is not a romantic comedy). This is because they have used after effects and created a sequence, which is all animated. Although ours is not animated either, we have still used special effects in the same way they have by using different camera movements and green screen. Genre conventions used We have created the opening title sequence to a new Romantic comedy. A lot of rom-coms are distributed by big companies such as Universal, Sony, and Warner etc and so are high budgeted and use famous actors. They can be set in the city, which is the case most of the time, but can also be in the countryside such as The Holiday. We got quite a lot of ideas from Stepbrothers. They introduce the 2 main characters at the beginning who are both male. We found this interesting as this in a way challenges the convention of a rom-com already. This is why we decided to also introduce 2 girls, however it did not seem to have the same effect as Stepbrothers did. You learn a lot about the 2 males at the beginning such as what they like to do and you

immediately know that they are not the typical 40-year-old men. We liked how much you got to know the 2 characters, involving very little speaking so we took most of our ideas from this. We wanted to tell the audience as much about our two characters, Tia and Maya, as much as possible so this is why we created the pin boards for each of them. Challenging the Convention We have used an all female cast in our opening title sequence. Usually in an opening title sequence for a romantic comedy you get introduced to both the male and female character and in fact sometimes just one character with a voice over of the other sex. For example, in Definitely, Maybe you get introduced to the main male character and get a brief introduction about who he is and you get a slight idea of what his life is about and what he is going through. You can also tell a lot about this sequence from the music and the mise-en-scene (the area he is in- NY). Although this seems similar to our opening in some ways, we have challenged it a bit because you do not hear any of our characters thoughts and you get introduced to two characters and learn a lot about them in different ways. Our opening title sequence also could be viewed as being a lesbian film, which challenges the convention of a romantic comedy massively. Although it is not a lesbian film and you would see that if you carried on watching the rest of the

film, the music and the way you see two completely different girls come together may give the audience a thought that it is. For example, in The Holiday the first clip you see is a man and woman kissing. This is what people expect when watching a romantic comedy. You always know that there is going to be a man and woman who fall in love and then have some kind of argument and end up getting back at the end of the film. Whereas you cannot guess that from our film at all as it gives mixed messages about the sexuality of the entire film at the beginning. In my film you see the 2 girls appear separately doing complete opposite things, hence the name of the film, and you do not get any idea as to what is going to happen next. The music also makes it seem like these two girls have some kind of relationship. Conclusion We have challenged quite a lot of the conventions of a typical romantic comedy during the process of making our opening title sequence, but we still stuck with the main conventions in order to make sure that the viewers immediately know what type of genre the film is and I believe we achieved this.

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