Quantum Physics - Line Spectral

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Information about Quantum Physics - Line Spectral

Published on March 2, 2014

Author: tatlee08

Source: slideshare.net

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Quantum Physics : The word quantum derives from quantity and refers to a small packet of action or process, the smallest unit of either that can be ...
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Spectral Lines At the end of 19th century, physicists knew there were electrons inside atoms, and that the wiggling of these electrons gave off light and ...
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Spectral lines are the result of interaction between a quantum system (usually atoms, but sometimes molecules or atomic nuclei) and a single photon.
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The Rydberg formula is used in atomic physics to describe the ... of the behavior of spectral lines, ... quantum 1908 explanation for the ...
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Section 13. Term Series, Quantum Defects, and Spectral-line Series. 13. ... The quantum defect in general also has an energy dependence that must be taken ...
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HyperPhysics***** Quantum Physics : ... The three prominent hydrogen lines are shown at the right of the ... More extensive table of spectral lines: Index
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spectrum. The Quantum Explanation of Spectral Lines. The explanation for exact spectral lines for each substance was provided by the quantum theory.
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