Quantum Computers and Games: a new research direction in Finland

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Information about Quantum Computers and Games: a new research direction in Finland

Published on March 16, 2014

Author: SM588

Source: slideshare.net


What can quantum computers do for Games and what can games do for quantum information science

Quantum Computers and Games a new research direction in Finland www.openquantum.com Sabrina Maniscalco Department of Physics and Astronomy University ofTurku

Two major societal and scientific revolutions

The rise of the Games

Game player 13h / week playing

1 year of = 12

Quantum Technologies

Google/NASA buys Dwave QC for US$10million

Fold it “The challenge of designing scientific discovery games”, Cooper et al. + 57,000 Foldit players


O.T. Brown, et al.,“Serious Games for Quantum Research” Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8101, 178 (2013)

N = p x q prime numbers Factoring problem

15 = 3 x 5 prime numbers

RSA-768 1230186684530117755130494958384962720 7728535695953347921973224521517264005 0726365751874520219978646938995647494 2774063845925192557326303453731548268 5079170261221429134616704292143116022 2124047927473779408066535141959745985 6902143413 RSA-768 has 232 decimal digits (768 bits)

RSA-768 334780716989568987860441698482126908177047949837 137685689124313889828837938780022876147116525317 43087737814467999489 × 367460436667995904282446337996279526322791581643 430876426760322838157396665112792333734171433968 10270092798736308917

N = p x q x mod N, x2 mod N, x3 mod N, x4 mod N,.... Factoring Period finding

N=21 2, 4, 8, 16, 11, 1, 2, 4, 8,16, ..... period: 6

21 4187 RSA-768

Scaling laws as all known classical algorithms better than any known classical algorithms as good as a quantum computer! O(ed ) O(dk ) O(d3 ) digits number

Screenshot of Mathlab programme showing a test level that factors 4187 Jacob Harper

12 billions game players

Serious Games

Collision detection

Collision detection

Gilbert, Johnson and Keerthi algorithm A B A B = {a b : a 2 A, b 2 B} Minkowski difference Configuration Space Obstacle 1988

GJK - CLASSICAL Computational time grows linearly with the number of inputs

Quantum Collision Detection Oliver Brown’s question

Quantum Collision Detection Claw finding

Claw finding f(x) = g(y)

Claw finding Grover search algorithm f(x) = g(y)

QuantumWalks on a Johnson graph collaboration with Elham Kashefi and Rik Sarkar S.Tani,“Claw finding algorithms using quantum walk”,Theoretical Computer Science, 410 (50), 5285 (2009)

RandomWalk OR

QuantumWalk |coini = c1|headi + c2|taili

Computational time grows sublinearly with the number of inputs Quantum Collision Detection O(NM)1/3

Games for Quantum Finnish Centre s.maniscalco@utu.fi




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